44,000,000 Ukrainians may not give a damn. … BUT

March28/ 2022
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March 28, 2022

44,000,000 Ukrainians  may not give a damn … BUT …


Yes, The Will Smith / Chris Rock Oscars Thing WAS a staged diversion to shift the planet’s attention away from UNC / Duke BIGGEST GAME EVER … nice try but it won’t work.

No, UNC/DUKE BIGGEST GAME EVER is NOT mentioned in Revelation By John. At least not in the King James Version I use.  The pretend version those loonies at Olin T. Binkley use might be different.

Maybe.  UNC/DUKE BIGGEST GAME EVER IS a diversion to divert Earth’s attention from the NCState Women vs Evil Geno’s UCONN Women being played in Geno’s backyard because The NCAA Actually DOES HATE NC State.

NOTE:  The NCSU v UCONN WBB Elite Eight game was a HUMDINGER.  Yes, the Lady Pack lost in 2 OTs but it was “A Classic”.   Most of you Not-State fans probably missed it. Too bad.  Your loss.

Facebook and Twitter have imposed a limit of 56,873,000 on number of times the word “UNCCHEATS” can appear on their platforms this week.  Violators will be beheaded.

One of the dozen reasons I avoid Super Bowl parties is having to listen to incredibly ignorant people flaunt their incredible ignorance about “the game”.  I will be avoiding THE BIGGEST GAME EVER parties for that same reason.

The for-real BIGGEST GAME EVER would, of course, be UNC v DUKE in the actual finals next Monday.  That the victor Saturday night has ANY emotion left to be competitive against Kansas or Villanova is impossible, but no one cares.

Will The SuperDome be a No Fauci Mask Zone for the cheerleaders? Bless their nubile little hearts.

Both UNC and DUKE will agree on One Thing.  The announcers Saturday night – Jim Nantz and Whoever – will be overtly biased towards “them” and against “us”.

The refs Saturday night will, of course, be “for DUKE” because Coach K will threaten them with F-bombs… 

IF DUKE wins on Saturday, it won’t matter because … beating Evil Coach K in Cameron three weeks ago was really THE BIGGEST GAME EVER and WAY More Important … Everyone (in Chapel Hill) has that silly excuse ready, right ?

At least three acquaintances you thought were rational adults will reveal themselves to be otherwise between now and midnight next Saturday.

If you always thought at least 75% of UNC fans were arrogant a**holes  … this week might cause you to adjust that % up a few points.

Jon Scheyer STILL does not have an “r” in his name.

95% of the Franklin Streeters who LOVE Hubert Davis today … wanted his and Bubba’s heads on a platter six weeks ago.  Both Hubert and Bubba are well aware of that fact.

IF UNC does play Kansas next Monday … will Ol’ Roy be wearing “that JayHawk pin” again? 

Who will get more on-camera time Saturday night … Ol’ Roy or Micki Krzyzewski?

Raise your hand if you think UNC would be in The Final Four if Ol’ Roy was still the coach?

At some point this week, ESPN race-baiters Michael Wilbon and Stephen A Smith will complain that both UNC and DUKE still have “too many white boys” on their teams … way down on the end of the bench.  Neither have noticed WhatsHisName with the red beard … yet.

Wonder what Wes Miller is thinking about all this?

No “rookie” Head Coach NOT named Guthridge or Davis has EVER taken his team to The Final Four.

No Head Coach NOT named Krzyzewski has ever taken 13 teams to The Final Four.

Will Makhtar N’Diaye be in New Orleans on Saturday?

Will Myron Pigge be in New Orleans on Saturday?

How many “State fans” will pretend they “don’t give a s***” about THE BIGGEST GAME EVER?   Am I correct that State fans HATE “UNCCHEATS” more than they HATE Duke?

Will Little Johnny Swofford be wearing Carolina Blue on Saturday?

Did you realize that … All four teams in The Final Four have a PMS shade of Blue in their school colors.  Amaze your friends with that factoid.

Observing Hubert Davis these past few weeks, I have come to realize how really tired I had gotten with Ol’ Roy’s act the past 5-6 years.  He absolutely deserves his HoF accolades but – like Dickie V – his “act” just got old.  Just my opinion, many will differ.

Who ever wins Saturday’s BIGGEST GAME EVER … will “America” still be teetering on The Abyss? Yes it will.

In Life Beyond Next Saturday … will UNC or DUKE be offering more NIL $$$ to future recruits?  Will UNC or DUKE be the first to have a He>She compete on one of their teams?


OK … It has been confirmed.  My “boots on the ground” contact at the Bass Pro Shop in Kyiv, Ukraine just called.   NOT a single one of the 44,000,000+ Ukrainians “give a damn” about THE BIGGEST GAME EVER.   One Russian tank mechanic said he would probably watch, but not being a Ukrainian, his opinion doesn’t count.

I am asking “Old Coach” to check with his Chinese neighbors … and “Thai” is surveying all the johns at the Bangkok whorehouse where he plays piano.

I will pass along their findings in Reader Comments as I get them.

This time next week, Earth will still revolve around the Sun – maybe – and I will still HATE treble hooks on fishing lures.  Stay Safe!


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