About BobLee & Blondie


BobLee – aka “The Internet Legend” is…

BL alone

the Internet equivalent of Columbus, Marco Polo, Dan’l Boone and Neil Armstrong – a certified for-real pioneer who, in 1999, went boldly in to media frontiers where “brave men feared to tread”. BobLee was “blogging” before “blogging” was a verb.

Appearing out of the cyber fog in the waning days of the 20th century – over 2,150 incredibly insightful commentaries ago. BobLee’s humor and biting satire has been compared to Dennis Miller and the late Lewis Grizzard . His on-line commentaries have yielded two books – Braggin’ Rites and Seersucker Suits Me – and a CD anthology – Sacred Cows & Other Roadkill.

At BobLeeSays.com, BobLee writes colorful prose about Sports and other stuff about which he knows almost as much as you think you do.  The difference is he has his very own website … and you probably don’t.  BobLee is a jouster at windmills railing against the terminally pompous, arrogant and rabid bat stoopid.

BobLee, along with Blondie,  shares his very partisan political opinions  on America’s ongoing Socio-Cultural War at the SaidWHAT? page of his website.

In 2017, BobLee was recognized as The #2 Smartest Guy on The Internet.   The title of The #1 Smartest was a tie between… Everybody Else on the Internet.  The plaque  hangs in his office.

BobLee on Twitter / Facebook = @BobLeeSays .



and Blondie is… 

Blondie alone… BobLee’s “Life partner”, or; as he insists on saying – My Wife… for 37+ years.

The two of them share… (1) an addiction to audio-books… (2) strong partisan opinions about America’s ongoing Socio-Cultural-Political War… (3) a daughter – “Kid”… son-in-law “Pastor Danny”… and three amazing  grandchildren – Call Signs: “ReRe, YaYa, LD”… and (4) a total inability to suffer fools very well at all.

Having spent 10+ years in the “belly of the political beast”, Blondie has seen first-hand “how the sausage is made”.   It ain’t pretty.  Her “take-no-prisoners” style in her SaidWHAT? posts are actually tempered to how she really feels.   Uh Oh!