Is Women’s Basketball “the next Pickleball” ??

Women's Basketball
April17/ 2024
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April 15, 2024


I’m probably not the best opinionator on the subjects of Women’s Basketball … or Pickleball. I’ve never played PIckleball and I don’t pay attention to Women’s Basketball unless it is impossible to avoid. That “unless” was the case recently during the Women’s Final Four hullabaloo.

Pickleball was unheard of 3-4 years ago … since then it has taken on the zealotness of Cross-Fit.  I’m not sure if “Pickleball” is mentioned in Revelation as a sign of End of Days ……. 

I think Pickleball is an ideal modification of Tennis / PIng Pong for Baby Boomers.

I probably pay less attention to “Basketball” in general now days than 95% of folks who consider themselves “sports fans”.  I haven’t watched an NBA game in at least three years … and I could not have named a single NC State player before the ACC Tournament.  I cannot name more than four ACC MBB coaches.

ESPN and its woke ilk in “sports’ media” are all predicting that WOMENS BASKETBALL is The Next Big Thing in American Sports.  OK ….

60+ years ago “sports media” was predicting that Kyle Rote Jr would lead America to embrace “Soccer” as The Next Big Thing in American Sports ….. Kyle Who ???


So Catlin Clark is “Kyle Rote Jr” circa 2024 …


A (heterosexual white) girl emerges from an Iowa cornfield in the heart of MAGA Country who can drain 3’s from 30′ like Steph Curry …. (but with. a basketball 2/3 the size of “a real basketball”. ).   WOW!

I tuned in to watch her do that … and so did many of you.   She packed college arenas wherever she played and drew record-TV audiences during two weeks of The Womens March Madness.

So …. after 20+ of being totally subsidized by The NBA and with zero teams ever even close to being profitable on their own. The WNBA is now ready to be Must See TV ????


A league – after 20+ years as a total business failure regardless of how one measure success – composed of 90% black athletes a vast majority of whom openly tout their choice of a lesbian lifestyle AND their teeth-clenching contempt for mainstream white America

are now asking a white girl from IOWA – with a boyfriend – to SAVE OUR SPORT.  


Am. I the only one to see the bizarre over-the-top humor in that ???

Let’s not even get into the Equal Pay nonsense.   If The NBA – and ESPN – want to pay WNBA players NBA-$$$$ why should I care?  I don’t.

This whole abject silliness is “America 2024” in microcosm.  It is a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party of The Absurd.

As for Women’s College Basketball … schools like NC State and UNCCH (and UConn and Tennessee have always had a cult-following of loyal supporters … due primarily to outstanding high-character coaches like Kay Yow and Sylvia Hatchell and now Wes Moore … and Gino Auriamma and Pat Summit.   That will no doubt continue.

Provocative out-spoken coaches like USoCar’s Dawn Staley and LSU’s Kim Mulkey are certainly HOF-quality coaches with multiple National Championships to their credit.  Their in-your-face style apparently appeals to their respective fan bases.

Summarizing … maybe I’m wrong and Women’s Basketball WILL be The Next PIckleball.   Caitlin Clark seems like a well-deserving role model to attract young fans.  I wish her all the best.  

As I watched The Masters last weeekend … I did wonder how many of the 40,000 “patrons” could name even one WNBA team.   I can’t … but I’m pretty sure neither yours truly or a typical Masters patron are the target market the WNBA and ESPN has in mind. ….

Speaking of The Masters … did ya notice that those 40,000 “white-privileged” elitists white folks gave standing ovations all week long to a certain black athlete …  in recognition of his outstanding career?

Wherever he is … I wonder if Kyle Rote Jr can name one WNBA team?



Over the years, I have occasionally referred to a delightfully eccentric elderly cousin of mine.  A true “character” if there ever was one.   This past week at 95+ “MaryLynn” became a delightfully eccentric angel in Heaven’s fanbase.  I already miss her. 

EVERY Fall Football Saturday for the past 5+ years, I could count on a frantic email from her around mid-morning.  

“Where in ^%$#@ can I watch ‘The %$%^&* Carolina Game’ ???” 

Try to explain the intricacies of “streaming” and a dozen ESPN channels to a 95 y/o Tar Heel zealot who has lost patience waiting for “the Next Choo Choo”.    My answer was always a version of …

“Have the warden at that Old Folks Home send over the 15 y/o “pool boy” to find The ACC Network or whatever for you.  Promise him a lemon square…” 

“MaryLynn” had a 70 year “crush” on former UNC FBer from the 50s “Sweet Jim” Lalanne and ’57 BBer Pete Brennan.  A Kenan season ticket holder since Choo Choo’s days … she sent a “Go To Hell” letter to The Rams Club about 15 years ago when they reconfigured Kenan season ticket holders based on current giving rather than decades of  loyalty.

I sure hope Heaven has a full cable / streaming service or come September, St Peter will be hearing from my dear dear cousin “MaryLynn”.


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