The Rush Chronicles

Rush Chronicles
February27/ 2021

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Feb 27, 2021

The Rush Chronicles

For the past week I have been recalling and transcribing my memories of my 40 year friendship with Rush Limbaugh – The Rush Chronicles.  They have been posted thru my Facebook pages … generating FAR more positive feedback and appreciation than I imagined from All Across The Fruited Plain.

I offer them here to YOU because … WHY NOT!

For whatever reasons … of the now close to 2,500 commentaries here since 1999 … The Rush Chronicles – IMO – represents “as good as I can do”.  Due to the unique subject matter and my personal involvement; or maybe “sun spots” or some cosmic convergence.  I dunno …

If one of RL’s four wives had been a PDEW … THAT woulda taken the cake.

These dozen+ accounts chronicle a 40 year “journey thru time”.  A guy with an odd name walking into my office in 1980 selling “baseball game tickets” … to me eulogizing A Media Icon this past Wednesday at a VIP memorial service in Cape Girardeau, MO.   A heckuva “journey”.

Check’em out …

The Rush Chronicles – Click HERE!


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