My Eulogy at Rush’s Memorial Servicre

February25/ 2021

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Feb 25, 2021

My Eulogy at Rush’s Memorial Servicre

Wednesday night it was my privilege & pleasure to be among the featured eulogizers at a special memorial event for Rush in his home town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.   The event at Dalhousie Country Club was organized by Rush’s brother David and his cousin Judge Steve Limbaugh.

Over 100 attendees at the invitation-only event included all the members of The Limbaugh family … friends from Palm Beach … The EIB Staff including “Bo Snerdly” … Rush’s House Staff … and other special guests including Nick Searcy from the TV series Justified … and yours truly and Blondie.

FYI:  Blondie grew up in Cape Girardeau … a city of 50,000 two hours south of St Louis on the Mississippi River.

Earlier in the day Rush was buried in the Belle Fontaine Cemetery in St Louis.  A Cemetery reserved for Famous Missourians.

This was not my first eulogy as long time BLSays readers recall.  I’ve had the privilege on 4-5 occasions over the last 30 years.

I learned early on in my “eulogy career” to (1) write out your comments … (2) delete 50% of them … (3) practice the speech at least five times out loud … (4) if they are longer than 6-8 minutes MAX delete some more … (5) have your notes with you at the pulpit / lectern … (5) know your audience … (6) unless you are really good at public speaking – spare your audience and your reputation the agony of “trying to be funny”(7) unless you are the obvious “celebrity” in the room, No One is there to hear what YOU have to say …

I followed my own rules … and, by golly, I NAILED IT!

I was the only one who knew Rush from the 80s in KC so all my memories were “first time” for everyone.  I condensed several of the anecdotes I have shared with you here over the past week or so.

Nick Searcy (Justified) freaked out when he learned Rush was a Pro Wrestling fan … he is too!

When I introduced Rush’s show prep staff of “Over 100+” = “Blondie”, the shock and surprise was followed by wild applause. BLONDIE

I explained The Rumplestiltskin Miracle … of over 20 years.

At 12:05 Mon-Fri – when The Most Famous Bumper Music in Radio History BOOMED Across The Fruited Plain … Rush’s In-Box (Stack of Stuff) was ALWAYS Locked & Loaded with “news straw” from Blondie … straw that Rush’s Genius would spin into Broadcasting “Gold” over the next three hours. …

Get It – “straw into gold … Rumplestiltskin”?

When I added that Blondie created the term “Drive-by Media” … jaws were dropping across the room.

Brian – The long time EIB Broadcast Engineer – added the perfect cherry-on-top when he said that…

The very last e-mail that Rush received and printed out on his personal computer – at the end of what was His Last Show – was FROM BLONDIE … Meaning that…

Rush fully intended To Be Back the Next Day … …


That Did It … There wasn’t a dry eye in the house … including mine.  Blondie was a total wreck of course.

Blondie’s invaluable contribution to the show over the past 20+ years had been a rather closely guarded secret for various reasons. 

“… from a humble cottage on a quiet cul-de-sac in Raleigh NC …”

Only the EIB inner inner circle – and a handful of our close friends – knew.  Even they never knew How Much Blondie contributed. 

Only Blondie, Rush and I will truly know that.

I may retire from the eulogy circuit.  I don’t think I can top this one. It was Special in so many ways.  Most Special was enabling Blondie to finally be recognized for her dedication to Rush … to EIB … to America over the past 20+ years.



We are back at BLSays World HQ now … beginning our search for how Blondie’s very special talents can next be used as America struggles to survive its greatest threat Ever.


Check Out BobLee’s: The Rush Chronicles … HERE


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