“Normal” … isn’t there any more

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February28/ 2021


Feb 28, 2021


“Normal” … isn’t there any more                                                                                      

Raise your hand if you’d love for America to … just get back to Normal …

Normal being some mythical Time and Place “back before” … things got as scary and screwed up as they are now. Right?

“Back before” … November 3rd, 2020 ?

“Back before” … Donald Trump became President ?

“Back before” … You realized how fragile Freedom has always been ?

“Back before” … You realized “the media you trusted” is totally corrupt ?

“Back before” … You naively took “America” for granted ?

Whenever / Wherever you thought Normal was …

… it’s not there any more.

Pretend – like some of your neighbors are doing – that all this hubbub and brouhaha in Washington is just politics as usual.  It won’t actually affect your daily life … much.

Gas prices might go up some … … this COVID crap might stick around awhile … … What “a corrupt media” DOESN’T tell you won’t hurt you because you won’t know what they don’t tell you – right? … … All “politicians” are crooked so it doesn’t matter which bunch of crooks are “in charge”- right? … …  Those “Chinese” are on the other side of the world.  Who cares what they do? – right?

When America  just gets back to Normal

That Impeach Trump silliness is finally over.  It’s a shame about Rush Limbaugh, but Life will go on for the rest of us.  Spring will be here soon and that will be nice …

All that stoopid crap about Reparations … … and wide-spread Censorship … … and certifiably Insane Lunatics actually being in position of Power and Influence … … and Biden being just a senile puppet for some really really evil people … … and “those Chinese” … ??   None of that will matter.

When America  just gets back to Normal  … Right?

Except …         Normal … isn’t there any more!


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Dr Wire
4 months ago

Today’s normal in no particular order: Growing power of Social Justice self-righteousness, especially in sports Boil the frog death spiral of the internal combustion engine and all it represents Political theatre where the true liars dominate daily discourse at the expense of the facts and any opposition who can be called liars (this is not new but seems more frustratingly obvious with each day) Return to islamic terrorist du jour and sword rattling to gain power A solar panel and a windmill to our rescue no matter the weather Ignoring the influence of the sun on our weather patterns while… Read more »

Tim Callaway
Tim Callaway
4 months ago

Unfortunately you are right. What we viewed as normal Is not there now.

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