“Normal” … isn’t there any more

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February28/ 2021


Feb 28, 2021


“Normal” … isn’t there any more                                                                                      

Raise your hand if you’d love for America to … just get back to Normal …

Normal being some mythical Time and Place “back before” … things got as scary and screwed up as they are now. Right?

“Back before” … November 3rd, 2020 ?

“Back before” … Donald Trump became President ?

“Back before” … You realized how fragile Freedom has always been ?

“Back before” … You realized “the media you trusted” is totally corrupt ?

“Back before” … You naively took “America” for granted ?

Whenever / Wherever you thought Normal was …

… it’s not there any more.

Pretend – like some of your neighbors are doing – that all this hubbub and brouhaha in Washington is just politics as usual.  It won’t actually affect your daily life … much.

Gas prices might go up some … … this COVID crap might stick around awhile … … What “a corrupt media” DOESN’T tell you won’t hurt you because you won’t know what they don’t tell you – right? … … All “politicians” are crooked so it doesn’t matter which bunch of crooks are “in charge”- right? … …  Those “Chinese” are on the other side of the world.  Who cares what they do? – right?

When America  just gets back to Normal

That Impeach Trump silliness is finally over.  It’s a shame about Rush Limbaugh, but Life will go on for the rest of us.  Spring will be here soon and that will be nice …

All that stoopid crap about Reparations … … and wide-spread Censorship … … and certifiably Insane Lunatics actually being in position of Power and Influence … … and Biden being just a senile puppet for some really really evil people … … and “those Chinese” … ??   None of that will matter.

When America  just gets back to Normal  … Right?

Except …         Normal … isn’t there any more!


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