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December28/ 2018

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Proppers… Skechers… and A Lot of WhatAbouts


Hope all of you are enjoying a Joyous Holiday Season with family… and with whatever “friends” you have left as America continues to split apart like a too-ripe watermelon.

Here at BLSays World HQ we eagerly await the arrival of The Dynamic Duo – Twinkle (Ruthie) & Twins Scooter (Scarlett) and their entourage AKA “Mom Kid & Dad Danny”.  ETA is New Years Day around noon EST.  Blondie is in Panic Mode fearing that Architectural Digest chooses their visit to judge our house for an upcoming cover story.

Speaking of which… Blondie & I gave each other a long-discussed complete re-do of our Master Bedroom “ensuite”… whatever that means.  I appreciate the “new look” much more than I thought I would.   I did some really cool things with the TV and with the showerhead that “made the whole ReDo come together”… IMO.

I also gave Blondie a coral bark Japanese Maple and a flowing snow Cherry tree.  Her 5-year plan to plant / landscape our entire backyard is in Year 3.

I got framed prints of my favorite Year One pics of Twinkle & Scooter… and a mini-flashlight.

Theres More.

I pass along a lot of advice here but usually make “taking it” optional.  It is your Life to muddle thru…

That said… I have found a clothing item that I INSIST you check out.  The website is … they offer military techgear and LEO clothing which may not sound all that whippy.   But they have a shirt that is – IMO – PERFECT for what I look for.


It is full-button permanent press with chest pockets AND two vertical zippered pockets ideal for carrying your smartphone.  The shirt (in a choice of five colors) comes with a straight hem for in or out wearing.  It comes in long or short sleeve.  You can even use it as an “over-shirt”.   I have four of the five colors and will probably order the 5th one.

The “zippered phone pocket” is what I LOVE.  Even better than the phone shoulder holster rig I bought a few months ago.   That sounds REALLY COOL doesn’t it?  Rather impractical however.


While I am enhancing your wardrobe, let me add Skechers.  The shoes that Howie Long amd Tony Romo shill for.  They make athletic shoes AND various styles of casual shoes and boots.  I have three pair… so far.  Their memory-foam insoles are awesome.

Theres More


Those of you who did NOT take my advice to Avoid Twitter… and choose to follow me @bobleesays… might have enjoyed an extended Rock’em Sock’em I had this very morning with The Judge Bob Orr … not to be confused with The Outlaw Josey Wales.

NOTE:  This is NOT “about politics”.  It is about me and JudgeBob (JBO) entertaining our respective Twitter followers. Trump Won

“JudgeBob” was honored recently by the Hendersonville Chapter of The Sons of Anarchy for being Patient Zero for TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome.   You may think you know someone “eat up” with Extreme Dislike for “Trump”.  I’ll put JudgeBob up against your guy and spot you Adam Schiff, James Comey AND John Brennan.

That said… our “beg to differ” volleying for over an hour basically took-over Twitter.  JBO and I keep the rubber tips on our arrows so no worry about bloodshed.

My suggestion that JBO reduce his daily intake of 200 proof Morning Joe Hater-Aid, Or at least switch to the “Diet” version… got no response.

JudgeBob is convinced that if I withdraw my support from “Trump” that his Presidency will surely collapse.  That would leave “Trump” with only 60,000,000 hard-line storm troopers, but none of’em have my influence over so much of the human race.   Hard to argue with JBO’s logic.

I probably do have more influence than Bill Kristol, Jennifer Rubin and some whack job named “Max Boot”.  Really!  Thats not saying much…

When JBO compared my debate style to Choo Choo’s downfield running style, the tone of the whole thing veered off True Causes of The Collapse of Western Civilization.

NOTE:  JudgeBob is also concerned about my frequent use of the insulting sobriquet “Chancellor Chihuahua” for his beloved alma mater’s feckless nitwit of a “leader” …LOL.

His effort to change my mind on THAT was as unsuccessful as his “Trump” effort… but we had fun doing it; and I got a bunch of “likes” and “retweets”.   Thats what Life is all about on the cusp of 2019.

Theres More


JudgeBob and I also discussed The Great Clemson Drug Thing.   TheJudge and I share a mutual contempt for All Things NCAA… but his take on this differs a bit from mine.

His opinion is if it involves a Big Game and a Star Player that the “rule” shouldn’t really count… especially if “star player” says he didn’t do it.

Hey.. it was “just a trace”… “just a sliver”… or “just a kilo”… or “just a few AK-47s and only one RPG” … YIKES!

I reminded JBO that EVERY player who flunks a drug test claims “I didn’t do nuthin’…” and claims he got it from a tainted toilet seat or some such.   And they ALL “come from wonderful families”… “love their mammas”… and “is as fine a young man as it’s ever been my honor to coach” according to whoever his panicked coach is.

Apparently the “thugs” never get caught… just the “choirboys”.  ????

JudgeBob went into Judge Roy Bean-mode claiming he would either dismiss the case or delay it until folks forgot about it…  “Legislating from the bench” is usually confined to the 9th Circuit… but JBob is The Judge.

… OR claim it was OK to take the banned substance so long as Clemson’s Football Drug Dept was offering the same banned substance to non-athletes.   OK… I made up that last part.

I don’t know, or much care, if the Clemson guy did / did not do whatever.   You know me… I just enjoy anything that creates CHAOS and causes board monkeys’ heads to explode.  This does.

There is so much rampant HYPOCRISY in Big Time College FB and MBB involving academics, recruiting and Fat Cat shenanigans.  Goofy rules about “banned substances” are ridiculous.  Throw those rules out.

Let’em take whatever they want to … mainline high octane jet fuel… chew peyote… “greenies”… Dyanabol… blood doping… etc etc etc.  So their heart blows up before they are 25… or their brain goes TILT while checking out at WalMart… or their eyes bug out and their testicles shrink.  All that matters is “playing in The Big Game” … right?

By the time they hit 30… 92% of’em are gimps limping along on bum knees & arthritic hips and no marketable education.  If/when CTE sets in, no one even remembers their name.  Who cares?  Right Mr Fat Cat?

If the Gladiators all become steroid freaks it’ll make a better show for the fans … in the stands or at home watching on TV.

Theres More


I don’t follow “movies” much these days.  I go to – maybe – two a year… maybe.  I have heard recently that there is one just out in which Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsberg and Aquaman team up to Save The Oceans from an Eeeeevil Dick Cheney.  I’ll probably skip that one.

Have I told you that THE Ruth Buzzi follows me on Twitter.  So does the lady who is The Voice of Siri.  Cool, huh?

Ruth Buzzi


Have I explained…

Why SOCCER might really be a Major Spectator Sport in America

… after only 60+ years of predicting it will “any day now”?  … Next time.



Next Time

Want some highly partisan political opinions.

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