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December19/ 2018

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Playoffs… Payoffs… and Other Lost Causes


“… I shall fight no more forever.”

                                                                                Chief Joseph of The Nez Perce – 1877

Chief Joseph

My decision to formally end two long-standing personal crusades is not quite on the level of Chief Joseph’s surrender in 1877.

Did Chief Joseph really say his “…. fight no more forever” line?   Did Dean Smith really immortalize 9,000,000,000 Chinese?  Did Charles Shackleford really say “…. amphibious”?


These two BobLee Crusades being deep-sixed today  are … (1) Keep the college football playoffs to four teams … & (2) Should “student-athletes” be paid?

NOTE #1:  Philosophically, I still do NOT believe “student-athletes” should be paid in $$$.  Bartering a LEGITIMATE College Education for their athletic prowess is a square deal.AMC Pacer

But the number of legitimate “student-athletes” in FB / MBB in Power5 World is now fewer than the number of AMC Pacers still operating across The Fruited Plain.

The other 97+% of participants in Big Time College FB / MBB are trading their “sweat acumen”‘ in exchange for (1) showcasing their talents on a high profile stage and… (2) enjoying the carnal pleasures of being “campus gods”.   Not to belittle the values of either benefit.

Sham “Eligibility Majors” have zero intellectual nutritional value.  If THAT is all an athlete receives for his labour, he IS being cheated by “The System”..

For me to pursue either doomed crusade is to become King Canute standing on the shore and demanding the tide roll back.  It ain’t agonna happen…


College Football Playoffs… My albeit shallow reasoning for ever believing “four is enough” was based on the silly reason that expanding any playoff system would interfere with academic calendars.  Most colleges have Fall Semester exams in early/mid December.  Even typing that out in 2018 is laughable.College Football Playoffs

It’s 2018.  Academics & Athletics are mutually exclusive concepts.  Every bit as terminally disconnected as “onions and ice cream”.

Fewer and fewer legitimate students are even attending games these days and alumni / WalMart fans certainly don’t care about any “academic conflict”.  As far as the faux-student “players”, they certainly don’t care.

Whens the last time you read about any FB/ MBB player being “academically-ineligible”?  Not recently.   What “teaching assistant has the courage to keep “a campus god” out of a game? … Coaches don’t care… more games = more “bonuses” for them.

Expanding to Eight is probably the perfect number… which means “16” or “32” is inevitable. 

Each “Eight” to include one  “Cinderella” … or maybe not.   Always having “a UCF” to whine and complain about being excluded is “Soooo New Millenium America”.

High Schools playoffs currently extend the winning schools’ seasons to 15-16 games.  Colleges’ Who Cares Divisions also play 3-4-5 level playoffs which only effect schools like Mount Union and Wheaton and Multi-directional colleges in Idaho, Montana and New Mexico.

If Alabama, Clemson et al play 16-17 games, it’s not like anyone involved in those programs have any higher priority to be concerned with.

Details like the future of conference championship games (The Swoffy Bowl etc) and when/where early rounds will be played can be resolved in a ten-minute conference call among Power5 Suits… and subsequently debated to a fare-thee-well by board monkeys and ESPN screamers.

ERGO… Expand The Big Time College Football Playoffs to Eight teams effective next season.  Yes… “They” can do it that easily.

… and then let the Expand to 16 Debate begin… sigh.


Pay Big Time College FB / MBB Players… this issue DOES get the attention of more folks than “expand the playoffs” does.  But fewer and fewer of such dissenters are people whose opinions matter.   College FB / MBB will be “paid” eventually and the resultant “hues and cries” will last about 2-3 weeks at most. Time Magazine

TV executives don’t care… and 99% of current / potential TV sports viewers don’t care “how much the athletes get paid” or “where the $$$ comes from to pay them”.

So long as the TV $$$ are distributed equally to all member institutions, the schools that hardly ever win and play to lots of empty seats don’t care either.

Silly questions about Title IX and “should a transgender fencer be paid as much as a 2nd string deep-snapper” make fascinating board monkey cud to chew on; but will be resolved almost as quickly as The UNC BOG rejected “Folt’s Folly” about The Silent Sam Mausoleum & Oyster Bar.   FYI: The record time for that unanimous rejection was 32 seconds.


SURPRISE SURPRISE:  I have an incredibly simple plan for “Paying Big Time College FB / MBB Players”.   As simple as My Plan for Silent Sam.  Having incredibly simple resolutions to faux-complex issues is how Legends become Legends.


Each incoming BTColl FB / MBB youngster declares if he wants to be… “Just an athlete” or “a Student-Athlete”.  He can change his designation at any time but will be either one or the other.

“Student-Athletes” will receive what they currently are supposed to receive.  IOW… “a legitimate (?) college education experience” in exchange for their athletic services…. tuition, room, board, fees, et al.   Youngsters choosing this option will value “a college education” and pursue a curriculum with a perceived post-graduate / post-athletics market value.

A “Just an Athlete” will be PAID agreed upon $$$ and will forego the hassles of “going to class” and “studying anything other than a playbook”.

“Just an Athlete” and “Student-Athletes” WILL both be permitted to roam freely about campus trolling for winsome coeds with overly curious ethno-erotic fantasies.

The $$$ amount “Just an Athlete” receives must be an across-the-board amount… NOT based on a school’s tuition costs.  Otherwise a “Just an Athlete” choosing not to be a real-student at Duke, Stanford, etc. would receive considerably more $$$ than an in-state athlete choosing to be “Just an Athlete” at State, UNC, etc.

I propose a $30-40,000 set-amount but I don’t really care what the amount is… and neither do you.

Fans in the stands / watching on TV don’t care if the youngsters wearing their school’s uniforms are “Student Athletes” or “Just Athletes” or have outstanding warrants or…

Alls they care about if that whoever is in their school’s uniform beat the crap outta the other team so they can brag about it.

If teams switched uniforms at half-time … would YOU even notice the difference?  You are cheering for a piece of cloth on their back.

The Boosters Clubs staffs don’t care.  They will send $$$ to the school’s business office OR to the “Just Athlete”.   Makes no matter to them.

Any other “BobLee, BobLee What About…” that you can bring up about “paying college athletes”… I can solve in less than 100 words.  Try me.




If you didn’t see the petition / letter whatever that “a bunch of former UNC athletes” signed about Silent Sam, you really should read it regardless of your level of interest in SSam.

Former UNC (AfAm) Athletes on Silent Sam PLUS …  LINK …Makhtar

ANYTHING that includes the name of UNC’s  infamous Makhtar N’Diaye is Yeee Haa-worthy.  Right?

I didn’t find PJ Hairston’s name or “the youngster who was selling dope while living in Roy’s house” or “Rashad'”; but maybe I missed’em.

Sounds like “they” finally figured out my Gladiators versus Spectators analogy.  DUH…

Note:  A line I heard some years ago about The Lower Level FatCats in Dean’s Dome.  They only had two requests from Dean (and/or Roy)…

(1) Beat Duke most of the time … (2) Keep your boys away from my wife / daughters / granddaughters.  … UH OH.

Every time the camera pans “the Lower Level” I think about that second request and laugh… Diversity – UNCCH (and Duke)-style.

Their petition / letter sorta kinda threatens some sort of aggressive action against UNCCH for its decades of mistreatment (??) of UNCCH’s African-Americans especially AfAm athletes.   It sounds eerily like what happened at Univ Missouri several years ago.  THAT was and still is a total trainwreck for everyone involved.

IF that sort of OMG happens at UNC (and it easily could)… I won’t have to worry about what to write about for several months.

Who would stop a Black Lives Matter Mob from “taking over” UNCCH?  Chancellor Chihuahua and her clueless Trustees?  LOLOLOLOL….

MoreProbably the most worthwhile 18 minutes of your day.  If you don’t agree, we probably don’t agree on other stuff either.  NOTE:  Watch on as large a screen as possible… NOT on a phone screen…




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2 years ago

To pay or NOT to pay…..that is the question….whether ’tis nobler to….Yada Yada Yada. . I certainly don’t have a solution. I do totally agree that the light blue clad smurfette is almost in “IT” up to her “current cause” ribbon….or maybe higher. HOWEVER, like the obese idiot that partnered with John Edwards to fleece the UNC Center to Promote Poverty by paying exorbitant salaries (double dipping if I recall) to themselves, the UNC BOT will NOT purge the South Whatever. . I also got a little curious about the state of “solvency” of the major College/University Athletic’s Department. There… Read more »

2 years ago

We’re all hopeful the issues of playoff expansion and paying athletes will be studied and analyzed thoroughly to get everything just right and then just wait for the unmitigated disaster of unintended consequences. When was the last time a study, a committee, or a commission, or a blue ribbon panel of bureaucrats solved or created anything worthwhile? . You win. A free lifetime supply of column fodder. Any amount of time spent on these two issues that exceeds 15 minutes combined – or the time it took to write your column – will guarantee chaos. Like a belt high, batting… Read more »
2 years ago

BL, thanks for the marvelous scenery in the video. Beautiful! May God bless and keep you and your family during this season of the Christ Child!

DM Carpenter
DM Carpenter
2 years ago

I have no problem with paying players. I see it as an opportunity for ‘Afletics’ to actually provide cash to the academic side. Step 1) Make the Athletic Department a standalone, financially. Step 2) Some set percentage of every dollar that comes to the AD, from any source (TV, Fatcats, Nike, Adidas, ticket money, etc), goes to the academic side of the house. Step 3) Make the AD balance its budget. The day it goes ‘broke’, it shuts down. Oh yes, the Fat Cats can pass the hat to get their beloved FFA (Future Felons of America) Chapter solvent, but,… Read more »

2 years ago

I like your idea of having athletes and student athletes but I would make one change. I would pay them all the cost of attending their desired university then I would let them be a non student, a part time student or a full time student. If they were a non student or part time make them live off campus…..too much free time to corrupt coeds if they live on campus as non full time students athletes. . Of course this makes too much sense so it will not happen and NCAA would not like it as they could or… Read more »

2 years ago

“…trolling for winsome coeds with overtly curious ethno-erotic fantasies.”
I am going to try to use that line once a day for a week. It is just so… I’m not sure what… it just IS. I knew exactly what you meant and it goes so well with the bit about The Lower Level Fat Cats’ daughters. BRAVO!

2 years ago

I have ALWAYS felt that the college athletes WERE getting paid if they were there on ‘athletic scholarship’. AND since I had kids and they both went to college and graduated with HUGE, HUGE debt – still paying off – I feel even more firmly that the athletes ARE being ‘paid’!!!!! Just sayin’…….

2 years ago

The 8 Team CFP is a no-brainer at P-5 champions + 3.
Paying college players is anathema to me, but it’s coming so I like your bifurcated status proposal better than most I’ve heard. Still, how do we keep MORE money (illicit booster money) away from the Jimmys and Rashads? I fear the ever escalating weapons race in college football and basketball.
Side Note: Bubba The Real AD had a pretty great week.

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