Where is BobLee ???

January09/ 2019

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Where is BobLee??….


It occurred to me this AM as I struggled to go boldly into one more new day that the last you heard from me was that I was going to have lunch with The Judge – Bob Orr.  Since then NaDa…  that was two weeks ago.   Lord knows the dire thoughts likely racing thru your mind.  No telling what those Radical TrumpHaters are capable of…

What’s a BOLO and how does one send out one?

The Judge and  I had a most fine chat… two hours at Firebird’s in North Hills.  During those two hours there was never more than a three minutes lag when one or both of us were not laughing.  The Beretta I had taped to the toilet “just in case” is probably still there.  The serial # is filed off so feel fee to use it if need-be.  Just leave it loaded for the next guy…

You may also recall that The Dynamic Duo – “Twinkle & Scooter” – were making their initial visit to “where mom grew up”.  That also went gloriously last week.  Ruthie, Scout, Kid and Danny are all safely back in Madison, Wisconsin wherever the hell that is.

Something or other happened to The Legend of Nick… and concurrently to The Legend of Dabo.  Team Doeren finished in 2nd place in their bowl game… and Team KK likewise finished 2nd to Roy in his annual visit to PNC.

Robert Mueller has probably opened an investigation of Mack Brown 2.0 “just because”.

“Fred” (of “Fred & Ethel” fame) tells me the “long knives” are out for DD with much discontent among WPC bunch.  Which, based on Fred’s track record, means he (DD) is due for an extension.


Blah Blah Yadda Yadda… I get a Monster Cold about every two years.  So the Good News is I’m not due another one until Jan 2021… ’cause I sure have one now.   


I wonder in my delirium if Bryce Harper and Manny Machado will have signed before I am feeling this miserable again.

THAT Friends and Neighbors is “where I’ve been” since last we convened here.  Like a modern day Leonidas at Thermopylae Leonidasholding back 10,000 quite evil cold germs armed only with endless boxes of Kleenex and more drugs than Pablo Escobar could move across the border in a year.

Leonidas had 299 Spartan warriors with him.  I have Doctor Blondie.  ADVANTAGE – ME!

I was doing OK through endless cycles of “runny nose” / “congestion” / “runny nose” / “congestion” / sinus headaches et all … UNTIL two days ago when – during a coughing fit – I’m pretty sure I pulled all the cartilage lose from my rib cage.   Not just “some” but “all”.   So since then, every cough or sneeze has been akin to being hit in the side with a sledgehammer.

Baby Scout

I googled “hurt ribcage while coughing”.  It’s not uncommon.  The normal recovery time is 3-5 weeks.  Oh Great!


Baby Scout does her impression of “GrandDaddy has a bad cold…”


Speaking of sneezing… when you get “the hiccups” and they last even a few minutes don’t you think about those cases you read about where a guy hiccups for three years?  I usually sneeze in 2s… maybe 3s.  On two occasions during this ordeal I have had marathon sneezing jags of a dozen or more “rattle the windows” sneezes about 5 seconds apart…  By the 5th or 6th one you are trying to yell a profanity between them but they are coming too fast.   That analogy to Leonidas starts to make sense now… huh?

Anyhoooo.  That where I’ve been.  Thats what I’ve been up to.

WHEN – not IF –  I emerge from this glorious mess, I will tell you what to think about Nick and Dabo and “The Bowls” and all that other irrelevant crap.

No, I will NOT be able to tell you a single word that Imagine Dragons “sang” (??) at halftime of Nick V Dabo.   That made me realize my plight could be worse if I had to listen to that crap 24/7.



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