Now What Larry?…. PLUS:

October02/ 2016

Well By Golly…. “Larry Who From Hattiesburg” done done it now. Got hisself that elusive Signature Win.

UNC Upsets Fla State in Tallahassee.

UNC Fans complain about kicker’s scraggly hair… sigh.


Is Larry checking real estate prices in Austin YET?

Meanwhile down in Pitt County…. Irate Patriotic Pirates are demanding their snot-nosed band geeks be “keel-hauled then skinned alive”. OH MY!


Yes…. I realize Jimbo’s Criminoles were already a once-wounded 3-1. Simultaneously at The Carter… “Dave Who From Southeast Northern one-of-those I-states” was mauling the previously 4-0 Other Dave’s Deacons Juggernaut.

Was Doeren’s mauling of The 4-0 Deacons more “signature” than Larry’s skin-of-his-teeth W at Doak Campbell over the wounded ‘Noles?  No doubt some goggle-eyed sad sack in the backroom of Amedeo’s thinks so because …… But for us double digit IQ-types lets go with Larry whuppin’ Jimbo in Tally IS A BFD for Larry.

Simultaneously out in Stillwater OK…. Boone Pickens’ O-State Cowpokes were mauling Charlie (Not-Very) Strong’s Longhorns. Charlie’s “Signature Win” in his Texas career was over a Notre Dame team that then lost at South Bend to Duke which lost at The Wally to a Virginia team that would be an underdog to Woodberry Forest.

After the ‘Horns were beaten to a pulp in Stillwater, the UT AD gave Charlie Strong the dreaded Vote of Not Much Confidence At All.

“It is our policy to evaluate all our coaches after EVERY “three and out”….. YIKES.  Don’t buy green bananas Charlie.

This means, of course, that now all the Who Will Replace Les @ LSU becomes Who Will Replace Les / Charlie…. It is a safe bet that the name Tom Herman might appear in “the media” almost as often as that skanky porn queen pig that Donald Trump called “a pig”. No, not Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley or “Monica”. Those are all Chelsea Clinton’s daddy’s bimbos that erupted back in the day….  One needs one of Obama’s teleprompters to keep all these media-celebrities straight.


My personal highlight on Saturday was, of course, “My Cardinals” nail-biter survival W over the Pirates. A W that ended with former Mike Fox catcher Jacob Stallings stranded on first base.  Jedd Gyorko IS a first ballot HoFer for sure.

“My Cardinals” now face three sudden-death must-win-or-it’s all over games. Odds NOT in “My Cardinals” favor at all but Boy Oh Boy has it been fun following them over 162 games since March. I can’t wait until Spring Training starts….


So as the coaching dominos start lining up to fall this Fall…. My thought as Nick Weller’s 54-yarder slithered within the uprights at DoakCampbell was:

“Geee, I wondered how many of the 20,000 that left Kenan early last week had also turned off their TVs when FSU scored the go-ahead TD with 30 seconds left…. Turned off IN DISGUST muttering “same old Carolina Football”.

I’ve never understood what “same ol’ Carolina Football” means but constipated board monkeys are always muttering that between misshapen yellowed teeth. Can you imagine how pleasant it must be to work for/with or live near such human hairballs?  Being related to one is too horrible to think about.

Larry Fedora has brought Carolina Football to a consistent high-performance level not seen often if ever. That he has done so under the well-documented cloud of TGU is beyond laudatory. Yes… his program has its “bad boyz” and he has “looked the other way” as often as Nick Saban and Urban Meyer and Jimbo and Art Briles “look the other way” at their bad boys being bad boys. They all Have To…. The ones who don’t, go to Whozit bowls every year.

A level-headed Carolina Athletics Dept “adult insider” has proffered that Larry Fedora has never “connected” with Carolina fans. I’m not sure what that means. He is not as congenially folksy as Mack Brown – few are – but neither were Bill Dooley, Dick Crum, or The Butcher.  They all left too…. uuummm.

The Butcher had a superficial sincerity any used-car salesman would envy; but “How many Choos in Choo Choo” kept biting him in the butt along with “Who’s John Blake?” John Bunting really really really wanted to win and be beloved but fate / cirumstance and an endless series of back-stabbing assistants kiboshed that.Larry Fedora Intense

Larry Fedora is an INTENSE fellow who would rather do bicep curls and ab-planks than play golf and blow smoke at dim-witted Fat Cats. Not too many Fat Cat Rams enjoy a butt-kickin’ two hours in the weight room.

Just my opinion but… all the 50 ppg Ws…. Signature & otherwise …. are NOT going to create “a Football culture” with Carolina fans. It ain’t ever gonna happen.   THAT, more than $$$$, will end up driving Larry Fedora to someplace else;  be it LSU, Texas, Baylor, Houston, OkState, etc etc etc ….


Just like over at Duke…. Mucho millions spent upgrading The Wally plus a Head Coach more likable than Santa Claus and the same 18-20,000 show up that showed up for Fred Goldsmith and Ted Roof. That’s all there is.  There ain’t no more.

At The Carter… they do show up with a dogged regularity that defies logic. Sure… they often extend their half-time pass-outs to a “rest-of-the-game” pass-out but they usually fill the place for the kick-off…. and, so far, they aren’t doing stoopid National Anthem crap.  That might change soon.

The Wolfpack tradition of heading into mid-November counting “how many Wins do we need to be whozit bowl eligible?” is likely to continue…. Unless Little Johnny Swofford changes up the Divisions which he ain’t ever gonna do…. Because, well we all know why not.

Wait a minute…. If The Wolfpack could get the LGBT Gender Terrorists to tell Swofford to change the ACC divisions, he would HAVE to do it. NC State being in the same division with Clemson, Louisville and FSU has to somehow be unfair to transexuals.  Surely Bre’r Kennel knows people who know people who could do that.  Make the call BK.


Funniest post-Saturday reaction I saw Sunday AM….. ECU folks are going bat-**** crazy over some of their band geeks doing the National ECU band GeeksAnthem kneeling thingy.  Where have these overly caffeinated God-Lovin’ Downeasterners been the past month ???

It’s a dozen little pin-headed BAND GEEK “snowflakes” pretending to be relevant.

Pirate faithful don’t seem to mind that their team has been blown out in every game since their “Bowl Game” W over NC State. They are beside themselves over this “Jose Can You See” kneeling thing by freakin’ band geeks. No telling what they might do if they learn we’ve had a half-black POTUS the past eight years.

Demands of irate Patriotic Pirates are ranging from “skin’em alive” to “keel haul the snot-nosed little pissants”. I thought the “keel haul” suggestion fit well with the Pirate motif.   The rest of America went thru this Tsunami of Indignant How Dare They a month go when your Aunt Gertrude first tried to pronounce “Kaepernick”.

I can only compare this delayed after-shock hitting Pitt County to “that guy” that every February insists in snarling on Facebook: “So why don’t we have a White History Month?”

The legitimacy of that question notwithstanding; we’ve kinda moved beyond that …… or have we?


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