Skip Bayless Leaving ESPN for _______?

Skip Bayless
April26/ 2016

I watch ESPN’s First Take very sporadically (3-4 times/month maybe and then in 10 minutes mini-segments)…. but Skip & Stephen A Exchange Pontificating Rants IS ESPN’s Most Popular DayTime Show… and has been for several years.  You may not like it or the co-hosts but a lot of viewers tune in…. for whatever reasons.

First Take

Today ESPN announced that Skip Bayless is leaving ESPN when his contract is up in August.  His last First Take will be the end of The NBA Playoffs…. probably in early July.

This announcement produced the same outpouring of  intense“Skip Hate” that any mention of his name elicts anywhere two or more goggle-eyed / no-life “board monkeys gather to spit on each other.

He co-hosts THE Most Popular in terms of daily viewers ESPN daytime show…. and EVERYBODY Hates Him…. and all those same “EVERYBODYS” also Hate his co-host “Stephen A”.

Does the full absurdity of those statistics not amuse you?  EVERYBODY Loves To Hate Skip (and Stephen A) so they tune in religiously day after day to do so.  cha-ching…. cha-ching.

I don’t like local media mogul Jim Goodmon so I don’t watch his local TV station WRAL-TV5.   I don’t like The N&O so I haven’t subscribed to its failing newspaper in ten years.  Am I missing something about the joys of masochism?

Do these Skip-haters buy their shoes two sizes too small just to experience foot pain.   Do they allow their milk to go sour because they prefer sour milk…. or rotten eggs?  Begging, of course, the eternal question – Who Are These People?

What GooberNation will never realize is that every on-air personality – radio or TV – cultivates an on-air persona that he/she can maintain and, hopefully, result in viewer/listeners tuning in regularly.  I certainly did that on Good Sports as did Art.   It can be “good cop” or “bad cop” or “know-it-all” or “contrarian” or “goofy guy” or whatever.  With an ESPN, a staff of “consultants” participate in determining that persons.   First Take is the perfect case of…. “OK guys.  Be over-the-top and provocative.  Piss’em off to keep’em tuning in.”

No mention of were Skip will land as he leaves Bristol in his rear view mirror.  FS1 is a good guess but there are several other Not-ESPN sports channels out there.Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless won’t be unemployed very long.  Pre-ESPN he was a print-journalist for 20+ years in Dallas, San Jose and other metros.   Is a multi-million $$$ salary still his #1 motivator or some other form of media involvement?  Don’t know.

Hopefully for ESPN’s sake they can find someone as profitably unpopular as Skip has been for them the past dozen years.

Here is the full article about Skip Bayless leaving ESPN.


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