“Bully” Barber & The Big Box Hoax

Barber Box
April27/ 2016

On Monday…. Famous Flim Flammer & Media Darling Rev. William “Bully” Barber standing behind a wall of empty cardboard boxes, flapped his arms and yelled a lot.  Huh?


I waited a day to post this.  To see how many of you might be aware of it before reading this.  If already aware, how that awareness came about.  I bet NOT via any Raleigh-based mainstream “drive-by” media outlet.

Monday was HB2 Rock’em Sock’em Day at The North Carolina General Assembly a/k/a “Jones Street”.   Both For and Against activists were on-hand to express their quite different opinions on the controversial legislation that has The State of Vermont and a handful of “well-aged entertainers” “in a Huff”.   Including, “Ringo” Starr and someone named Demi Lovato (??).

I know Ringo’s real name is Richard Starkey; and have no clue what a “Demi Lovato” might be.  That is a clue to my demographic category.  I bet very few folks are familiar with both Ringo and Demi.

The Good Guys supporting the old-fashioned concept of “Guys and Gals going to separate public rest rooms” gathered north of the NCGA on Halifax Mall.  The “others” in favor of go wherever you feel like going when you feel like going gathered on the South side of The NC Legislative Building.

The Good Guys numbered “about 4,000 or so” or “some”.  The “some” estimates came from employees of WRAL and The N&O.   The “about 4,000” came from God-fearin’ Americans who were actually there.


NOTE:  Monday AM I had a brief Twitter exchange with Julia Sims a WRAL News reporter.  I fired a cheap shot at Jim Goodmon and she Julia Simsdefended him as I would expect her to do.  I asked if Jim’s longtime toadie and “logistical expert” – Peter “at least 80,000” Anlyan – was going to be working this Bully Show.  She wasn’t sure but doubted it. …. Julia was good-natured and very professional about it all.   I did not ask her to give my regards to Lurkin’ Laura or to Binky.


Barber Glare

The “others” led by His Eminence Rev. William “Bully” Barber numbered from “a enthusiastic multitude” to “some”.  “Some” in this case coming from “people who were actually there”.  “An enthusiastic multitude” came from headline writers with local media outlets.

The Good Guys gathered mid-morning.  Bully’s mini-Mob waited until all the satellite trucks were on-hand and Bully confirmed their live feeds were going back to their HQs.   Photogs, as always, ordered to take very tight camera shots to not divulge true size of the mini-mob.

You may not like Rev. “Bully” Barber – I, for one, don’t – but he’s no fool.  “Bully” is all about getting oodles of media coverage for his carnival sideshows.  Luckily for “Bully” his co-conspirators – WRAL & The N&O – are more than happy to oblige.

Many of my fellow God-fearin Americans make the mistake of attacking Bully’s oversizedness.   Yes, Bully is indeed “a big’un” but focusing on his weight diverts attention from his far more dangerous quality as a Master Flim Flammer.  “Bully” Barber is no fool.  Sun Tzu in his Art Of War warns against “underestimating one’s opponent”.   Heed Sun’s warning my friends.

If you know how to find this website, via Carolina PlottHound or otherwise, you know I have posted numerous insightful commentaries on Rev “Bully” and his Raging Carnival Sideshows going back ever how long “Bully” has been poundin’ that portable pulpit outside the Legislative Building…. four-five years corresponding to how long Republicans have held a majority in said NCGA.

God“Bully’s” On-going CrusadeAPS_SUB_rogues_barber

“God & Bully Hate Republicans & So Should You

….or Bully Will Tell God to Send You Straight To Hell”


…. is at least four years old.   In that length of time I suppose some sin-laden Repub supporters have indeed Gone to Hell but I doubt Barber had much to do with that.  “Bully” will claim otherwise which no doubt pleases Jim Goodmon, Chris Fitzsimons, Roy Cooper, Gary Pearce and every one still employed by the local McClatchey newspaper.  That last category – remaining McClatchy employees – is now down to an ever-dwindling “some”.

Lets get to The Big Box Hoax….

See all those cardboard boxes that Bully’s minions stacked up so pretty as EVIDENCE of “at least 200,000” –WOW 200,00 – signatures of outraged NC citizens DEMANDING that HB2 be undone IMMEDIATELY.  Impressive photo-journalism ain’t it?  Picture worth a 1,000 words…. right?  Stacked up so nice for “the media” to use as headline fodder.

See That Picture of all those boxes and you have to figure that insignificant group of misguided racist-homophobes over on Halifax Mall or the only ones in North Carolina NOT demanding HB2 be abolished RIGHT NOW. Clever Bully…. Very Clever…. but there’s an oops.

Yeah…. it turns out there was only “a box and a half” of actual signed petitions with over 2/3 of those from “out-of-state”.   Maybe from Vermont state employees?  Wonder if Ringo or Demi Lovato signed up?

That stack on the right are all from “out-of-state” which in bogus-petition-speak means “an LGBT boiler room likely in DC-area”.  The short stack on the left are “in-state”… many of which are also likely bogus too.  There is always a LOT of “bogus” and “faux” when one is dealing with radical liberal factions…. that “the media” somehow NEVER verifies.

The rest were just empty boxes used as “props” for yet another Bully Barber HOAX.  These Bully HOAXES are getting up to “at least 80,000” according to Peter Anlyan Math.

Liberals simply Lie A Lot.  Fish gotta swim…. Birds gotta fly…. Liberals gotta lie.  It’s a fundamental Law of Nature.

Hey AgentPierce, couldn’t / shouldn’t “the media” have verified all that?  You’d think so wouldn’t you.   Rev. William “Bully” Barber has “the state-wide media” so intimidated if he told’em to gargle thumbtacks they would do it.  How ever BAD you think it is…. it is WORSE.  Tell me again why you keep subscribing to The N&O and watching WRAL?

And then there’s….

Bully and the not-really-real ministers.… Every “Bully Show” has 4-5 “ministers” -“clergy” – “men/women/tranys-of-the-cloth” (wink wink) quoted eagerly by a sycophant media as agreeing with Bully that fer sure Almighty God Hates Republicans. …. What that sycophant media does NOT tell you is:

  • 92+% of those “ministers” operate out of storefront churches that are wig / nail salons during the week; and
  • Their ministerial credentials come from the back of matchbooks.  Really?  Yep “really”.Rubye

A year or so ago when Bully’s Gang did a hostile take-over of Speaker Tillis’ office one of the primary “hooters” was the unforgettable “Reverend Ruby” who it turned out had both an impressive arrest record as a bunco artist and outstanding Gabby Hayeswarrants “downeast”.   I miss Reverend Ruby.

And there was “Gabby Hayes” who headed up some oddball mini-cult over in Carrboro.  I miss “Gabby” too.

Neither Ruby nor Gabby were the two that NCGA Security caught “dry humping in the corner” of Tillis’ office during the hostile take-over..

WRAL and The N&O didn’t tell you about Ruby and Gabby OR the dry-humpers did they?  Nope.

“Like last night’s chili and cheap beer”…. “Bully” Barber WILL BE BACK.  You can count on that…. arompin’ and astompin’ and apoundin’ that podium.

AND…. cagey ol’ Bully will always wait until the satellite trucks are all in place and sending live feeds out to the networks.


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