Louisville Bans Itself…… Pitino Flabbergasted!

Rick Pitino
February05/ 2016

Oh Podcast GuyBoy Oh Boy…. A PODCAST Plus COLUMN Combo.

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It’s February, so it’s time for the annual:Rick Pitino

“Prominent ACC BB program with a Hall of Fame coach” announces a post-season ban for various shenanigans “that it says it knew absolutely nothing about”…. wink, wink, giggle, giggle.

Last year it was Syracuse and Jim Boeheim.  This year it’s Louisville and Rick Pitino.  Yes, “next year” could be / might be Roy’s Boyz; but we won’t know that until Spring and/or until Hell freezes over.

Louisville’s self-imposed penalty essentially admits “the $10,000 ho-gate” stuff went on with / without Rick having a clue.  Hey, it’s 15 guys and Rick is only one man.  How can he know everything ???? …. wink, wink, giggle, giggle.

Will Swoff’s Really Big ACC EVER have a full All-15 teams ACC Tournament?


GREAT STORY:  Earlier this week I was having lunch with some hard-core TruBlues …. real Choo Choo-ites.  Most WERE TCW True Believers until I led them kickin and screamin out of the Darkness into the Light of Reality.  Reformed Karolina Kool-Aid drinkers are a fun bunch.

We were joking about the Silly $20,000,000 “We Gonna Have One Too” IPF which, thru my on-going tutelage, they all see as total “hooey”.

So one guy asks:

…. Hey BobLee, didn’t Louisville win a National Championship a few years ago using $10,000 worth of cheap ho’s?  
…. “Yes”, I noted, “that appears to be the case.”
…. “And now ‘we’ are going to spend $20,000,000 on a fancy barn to try and win a championship, right?”
….. “Yes”, I said again…. seeing where he was going.

….. “Allowing that you need a lot more semi-literate studs to win in Football than you do in BasketbGirls Girlsall…. wouldn’t maybe $50-75,000 in cheap ho’s about do it?   Larry could buy A LOT of ‘dirty legs’ over in Durham for $50Gs.” …. instead of that “fancy barn”; set up a double-wide – throw in a buncha mattresses and some Barry White tapes.  BINGO!


The table erupted in hoots and hollers.  One of the fellas lives in Durham.  He seemed pretty sure that Crystal Mangum could round up a coupla busloads for $20,000 and a coupla cases of MD20/20.   Of course the name “Fats” Thomas quickly came up.

We left it that one of the fellas, a retired UNCCH BigWig, would run our idea by some current UNC BigWigs…. and report back to the group in a few weeks.

As the following article about Rick Pitino’s reaction et al relates…. Rick used the old gambit:

“These boys didn’t get no nookie…. how come they gotta suffer for those other boys that did get nookie?  Not that I know anything about any nookie being gotten.  I’m just sayin’”

…. we have paraphrased Rick’s exact words using the “hey, it’s the Internet” excuse.



Louisville self-imposes postseason ban for men’s hoops in 2016


Louisville has imposed a one-year postseason ban for its men’s basketball team amid the NCAA’s ongoing investigation into an alleged recruiting scandal at the school.

The school announced the sanctions at a news conference Friday afternoon. University president James R. Ramsey acknowledged that it was “reasonable to conclude violations have occurred in the past.”

“I recognize that this is a significant penalty for our program,” said Ramsey, who was accompanied at the news conference by longtime coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich.

Pitino said he informed the players of the decision about an hour before the news conference. The postseason ban hit hardest for the team’s two leading scorers, graduate transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis, both of whom came to Louisville so they could play in the NCAA tournament for the first time in their careers as seniors.

Pitino said that after he informed the team of the news, Lee and Lewis cried and the rest of the players hugged them.

“This is certainly a night of extreme pain,” said Pitino, who called the news “a complete shock.”




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5 years ago

And we all thought “I know nothing” Schultz from Mash was in the deepest archives!

58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel
5 years ago

BL, had not read the comments on some of your Quirks including the Carolina Football Coliseum. Hadn’t realized that someone outside yourself had wondered whether I had disappeared. Not quite. In three weeks I will turn 80, but if I had been born 7 hours earlier would only be 20 :>)) It has lead to my personal curse of what to do with a 20-year-old mind trapped in an 80-year-old body !! Things have been busy over the past month beyond the new churches in Charlotte. Last Sunday the Charlotte Mayor spoke at our new Missiongathering Christian Church startup (in… Read more »

5 years ago

Since HOF’er Pitino was kept in the dark about the internal investigation, he said the self imposed sanctions are “as harsh as anything I have ever seen in college basketball.” Oh my!

58 wolf kennel
58 wolf kennel
5 years ago

Feel like I’m drinking from a BobLee literary firehose. Wow, you have been busy chronicalling the vagaries of collegiate sports and the lower socio-economic world in which we live. I don’t have any reader brilliance to respond here, but did want you to know you are fully read.
Unbelievable subject material well documented with a twist. Very much appreciated. Have a Super Bowl Sunday. Go Panthers!!

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