More Flagship Flatulence from UNCCH

February05/ 2016

Those not-so-lovable pinheads heading up The University of The People…. a/k/a The Harvard of The South….  a/k/a “The Kingdom of The Silly Smurf”…. a/k/a “The Flagship on The UNC System….  have done done IT…. AGAIN.

Chancellor-ette Carol “Chihuahua” Folt in the wake of yesterday’s Big Bucks for BigWigs Expose today (Friday) announced the “will hire” of a ….

Chief Jan

Chief Integrity & Policy Officer.   …. Insert hilarious reference to Jan Boxill HERE.


Hark The Sound of More Administrative Flatulence from the leaking septic field known as South Building.

Not one BUT TWO “internal working groups” (YIKES!) recommended this new hire.   No mention whether these were “ad hoc” or “blue-ribbon” committees but I betcha they were DIVERSE committees.

Which brings us to speculate on “qualifications” for this new MUST HAVE Hire ….

Sexual Preference: ….anything but Hetero
Race:  ….anything but Caucasian
Religion:  ….anything but Christian
Gender: ….preference shown to “not sure” and/or “multi”
Degree:  ….anything endings in “_____ Studies”
Size: ….if over 5’2” don’t bother
Political Affiliation: ….if you have to ask, don’t bother
College: ….Dartmouth would be nice.Carol Folt

UNC’s Chief Integrity & Policy Officer will report directly to Madam Chihuahua.  Oh Goody!

UNCCH’s vaunted Vice Chancellor Joel Curren ($300,000) has been assigned responsibility to find a very high-priced Integrity Consultant to assist with this critical decision.   A budget of “whatever it takes” as been assigned to this latest absurdity.

When all is said and done…. one question remains:

WHY do ANY of you sumbitches still support this ivy-covered Insane Asylum?

Consistent with SaidWhatMedia’s policy…. we do not offer LINKS to any N&O article because (1) We really don’t like them.

That said… I can picture Jane Stancil (one of the very few real reporters left at that place) giggling her butt off trying to write this article.



UNC to hire chief integrity officer

By Jane Stancill

UNC-Chapel Hill will hire an administrator to oversee integrity and policy at the university in the aftermath of the long-running athletic and academic scandal.

The move was announced in a letter from Chancellor Carol Folt to the campus posted on the university’s website. The new hire was Carol Foltrecommended by two internal working groups that for months have studied policies and ethics at the university.

The newly created position, called the chief integrity and policy officer, will be a senior administrator who reports directly to Folt. Todd Nicolet, associate dean of operations for UNC’s School of Government, will serve in the position starting Feb. 8 on a temporary basis until the job is filled permanently.

An ethics and integrity working group completed its report in November. Another, a policy and procedures working group, will finish its report by the end of the month. Both recommended that the university hire a senior administrator to oversee matters related to integrity and policy.

Folt said the working groups said the university has strong programs on ethics and integrity but did make recommendations to make resources more visible to the community.

The groups were convened after the 2014 Wainstein Report revealed the extent of the scandal – 18 years of fraudulent classes in the then-African and Afro-American Studies department that were disproportionately populated with athletes. The university received notice from the NCAA of five major allegations and was placed on probation by the commission that accredits it.


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