The Crucial – CAM or TEBOW – Litmus Test

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February07/ 2016

Broncos Win SB50….

The Future of Pro Football will NOT pass to HAPPY CAM just yet.

Old White Guy Peyton, in a performance only a Rex Grossman could love, playing just good enough not to lose HOPEFULLY rides off into the sunset – Please Peyton Please!  Peyton did his impression of Old Willie Mays playing centerfield for the Mets…. ouch! …. Archie & Olivia are now the only parents on Earth with Two sons with Two Super Bowl wins each.

CAM’s post-game interview “performance” showed he has A LOT of growing up to do.  Easy to “Grin & Dab” when you win.  I really had not given any thought to how much damage he might do to “his image” until I saw him do it… Cam Newton

Mick Mixson or Jerry Richardson or someone should have looked CAM in the eye before he faced the media and said …. (1) Yo CAM; DO NOT go out there wearing a freakin’ HOODIE…. (2) Give polite albeit short answers ….. (3) Show The World you are A MAN, not a petulant child …. (4) DO NOT wear a freakin’ hoodie with your bottom lip sticking out in a defiant pout …. (5) Act like Luke Kuechly if that is even possible…. (6) Notice that Luke, albeit also distraught, did NOT wear a freakin’ hoodie or pout.

The world will now be divided into two camps.  (1) The Defend CAM Forever because….; and (2) The Grow Up Cam.  You’re 26 and been on a national stage for seven freakin’ years.  You make $20,000,000/year to act like a Professional.

Champions Act Like Champions even in defeat.  Ask Serena Williams or LeBron or Tiger or Derek Jeter… or.  They’re all black athletes who have lost Big Games and faced the media.  The “I gotta be Me” crap is crap.


John “Very Very PC” Skipper (UNC’75)’s ESPN and most of the rest of the “Tell America What It Oughta Think” mainstream media will have to quickly go to Plan B for their post-SB narrative.

The smart money said HAPPY CAM & The Dab Gang would prevail over Old Over-The-Hill Peyton & The Orange Whozits.   But they “played the game” anyway.  And all those advertisers who cashed in their 401Ks to buy access to our eyes tonight….

A Constipation Ad… An Irritable Bowel Ad.… and the ubiquitous Toe Fungus Ad…. oh me, oh my.  Thank The Lord for those Two Jeep Ads and Budweiser….


Over the past two weeks, all we heard was CAM …. CAM …. CAM.   Hardly a word about “Climate Change” or “Muslims Terrorists” or “Illegal Aliens” or “which widows & orphans’s fund Donald Trump stole”?   All that was shelved for CAM-MANIA.

Q:  Has there ever been any Topical Tsunami to roll over like CAM-MANIA?

A:  Well, yes there has; just a few short years ago.   It was TEBOW-MANIA!


Which camps you were/are in re: these two MANIAs is a litmus test for what type of worthwhile human being you (and I) are.  That seems severe but these are perilous times we live in.

Both CAM and TEBOW attended the University of Florida.  TEBOW graduated from there.  CAM was thrown out for stealing a laptop.

Both CAM and TEBOW won Heisman Trophies; and both led their teams to mythical National Championships.

Both CAM and TEBOW possessed skill sets outside-the-norm and were a lot larger than traditional QBs.   ….CAM’s skill set was seen as more adaptable to “the next level” than TEBOW’s.   That has proven to be the case.

CAM is the better NFL QB; but which one You Like Best could determine your place in A New America….

Have I mentioned yet that CAM is BLACK…. and TEBOW is NOT BLACK?   Keep that in mind as we go on here.

Both CAM and TEBOW perform pre-choreographed “maneuvers” when they score touchdowns.

CAM “dabs” (??) and does some sort of “I’m Superman” thing.   Then he gives one of Roger Goodell’s footballs to a child in the End Zone stands.   That pre-planned end-zone choreography bothers some people who see it as inconsistent with “a team sport”, plus neither Bart Starr nor Johnny Unitas ever did it.

TEBOW knelt on one-knee in a prayerful pose consistent with his overt Christianity.  That bothered some people who don’t feel “religion” – unless it’s Muslim – has any business in Sports.  Plus neither Ray Lewis nor Greg Hardy did it.   Neither did OJ Simpson or Rae Carruth that anyone recalls.

TEBOW-HATE dominated any discussion of Pro Football in the olden days before there was a Johnny Manziel or CAM to dominate every discussion of Pro Football.

There were a few pundits and analysts for ESPN, and it’s clones, that did not HATE TEBOW as much as most of’em…. but anyone who did not HATE-TEBOW at least a little was shunned as a “God-squad fanatic” or worse.  History records it as The Tebow Inquisition.

In the last year or so of  The Tebow Inquisition, the “don’t HATE-TEBOWers” voices were pretty much silenced. …. An effort to start a TEBOW LOVERS LIVES MATTER campaign never got off the drawing board.

After only a few months plus the past two weeks…. anyone who does NOT profess TOTAL 110% LOVE for CAM is targeted for an internment camp in Ferguson MO.

We did mention that CAM IS BLACK / TEBOW IS NOT didn’t we?  Just checking… read on.

CAM is proud of his recent son “born out-of-wedlock”.  CAM-LOVERS rejoiced with the proud Baby-Daddy.  Except for one LTTE-writer who, we fear, was promptly shipped off to that camp in Ferguson.

NOTE:  I once asked a close friend of Rev Barber’s to ask him “why black jocks don’t wear condoms”.  He said Rev. Barber did not have an opinion on that.  Do any of you know why black jocks don’t wear condoms?

A month or so ago TEBOW was “a news item” for supposedly breaking up with Miss Universe over a “chastity hang-up” that TEBOW has related to his “Christian thing”.  TEBOW was roundly ridiculed for that.  It turned out that TEBOW and Miss Universe were never “an item” but, what the heck, any chance to ridicule TEBOW is too good to pass up.

Oddly…. RUSSELL Wilson who is also a BLACK QB, as far as we can tell, and has a Super Bowl ring and quite Russel and Ciaraimpressive NFL resume to-date…. also has been ridiculed for some “chastity hang-up” (also reputably tied to his “Christian thing”) in his relationship with a BLACK singer named Ciara who has a son from an earlier out-of-wedlock relationship.  Is all this somewhat confusing?

The current Here’s How You Must Think 24/7 Media Campaign says LOVE CAM OR YOU’RE WHATS WRONG WITH AMERICA.  If you thought it was Illegal Aliens, The Keystone Pipeline or all those white burglars in those CPI commercials…. you were wrong.

If enough people agree to LOVE CAM & HATE TEBOW maybe we can restore America to some mythical period of our national past when “we all got along” ???

Who Knew?


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