Russell’s New Mansion = MORE Wuff Bling !!

Wilson Mansion
September10/ 2015

Russell Wilson buys opulent Seattle Mansion (with a skylight !!) …. about three miles from Bill Gates’ MEGA GIANORMOUS Mansion on Lake Washington.

The former Wisconsin star QB (who also attended NC State) recently signed an $87,000,000 contract with The Seahawks so he could easily afford the $6,800,000 / 10,700 sq foot house “with breathtaking views of Lake Washington.

Gates’ Mansion has 66,000 sq foot for those keeping score of such things.   FWIW…. Tom Brady’s LA Mansion has 22,000 sq ft and costs $11,000,000 PLUS “has a moat”.   Tom also has a mansion in Boston plus a “posh NYC penthouse”. …. Oh, and Michael Jordan has his old 55,000 sq ft  digs in Chicago’s toney Highland Park still on sale for $14,000,000 priced down from original $25,000,000.

In case you’re wondering, Russell’s new home has SEVEN bedrooms so when he and sweetie Ciara are done watching reruns of Sanford & Sons …. or “that last play” from the Super Bowl” OUCH…. Ciara has many choices where she can sleep so as not to violate their well-publicized chastity vows.

When asked about his new crib, Russell grinned and (probably) said: “I have to keep up with the garish oplulence of The Wolfpack.  Oh, I paid for this all by myself.   I didn’t need Bobby Purcell to shakedown any WPCers.  Ciara and I can’t wait for Bob Kennel’s housewarming gift.   I have one of his snazzy Turkish scarves, but Ciara doesn’t…. yet.”

Referencing, we suppose, NC State’s  (1) fancy new jock dorm ….. (2) The Hindenberg Hangar ….. and (3) The re-do of Murphy Mansion complete with charging stations.   Russ’ manse WILL have charging stations too…. we presume.

Wilson’s new digs were featured in a video with dramatized narration. WHOA! … and has a walk-in pantry AND a skylight.   For the record…. The Hindenberg Hangar ALSO has its own “video with dramatized narration”.   No word on whether they use the same narrator.



Report: Seahawks QB Russell Wilson buys $6.7 million mansion near Bill Gates


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson purchased a $6.7 million waterfront mansion along Lake Washington a month after signing his $87.6 million contract, TMZ reported Wednesday.

Wilson Mansion

Property records indicate the home was sold Aug. 31 to Duchess Investments LLC, a company registered in Washington on Feb. 5, four days after the Seahawks’ loss to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Excise taxes of $119,000 were added to the sale price, putting the total cost at over $6.8 million.

Wilson’s name does not appear on the records, but a source told The Seattle Times the week after the Super Bowl that the Seahawks quarterback had formed a company to buy a home once his new contract was finalized.

Wilson, 26, signed a four-year, $87.6 million contract July 31. The day the deal was announced, Wilson said he planned to buy a home in the Seattle area.

TMZ also says that Bill Gates’ mind-bogglingly expensive estate, which has its own Wikipedia page, is about three miles away on Lake Washington.

Because some homes/mansions cannot adequately be described in a pamphlet, Wilson’s new digs were featured in a video with dramatized narration. No doubt, there is adequate room for a large trophy case.

The two-story, 10,700-square-foot home has seven bedrooms, 6.75 bathrooms and sits on two-thirds of an acre of property with views of Lake Washington, downtown Seattle and nearby mountain ranges. It comes with five fireplaces, a wine cellar, skylights and a walk-in pantry.

The home, which was built in 2008, has annual property taxes of more than $66,000.


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