“RoadHouse II” To Star Ronda Rousey

September09/ 2015

UFC Mega-star Ronda Rousey set to star in re-make of 1989 “cult classic” …….


If you’ve only read a handful of BLSays, you might have picked up that I’m a HUGE “RoadHouse” fan!!  ….. “Pain don’t hurt” ….

RoadHouse is on that BLSays “Classic Cinema Short List” with “Green Berets” and “Clear & Present Danger” and pretty much anything Chuck Norris has ever done.   “Dalton” the coolest “cooler” that ever was. …. “Be nice until it’s time to not be nice”.

Ronda RouseyNOTE:  Lonesome Dove is not a “movie” per se.  It was a made-for-TV series which moves it to its own category.

Now I wouldn’t walk across the street to see a UFC MMA fight…. unless, of course, I was “in a suite” and ‘had a parking pass”; but I kinda like this galRonda Rousey.   Pretty much every sports fan in America (not named “Albert”) has heard of Ronda Rousey.   Ronda Rousey IS UFC / MMA.   She has managed to transcend the “sport??”.   Without her it’s just:

“two drunk marines in speedos fighting over some dirty-leg ol gal in a sticky-floored beach bar”

One problem I can see is that Ronda’s fights tend to last less than a minute.  Most of Albert’s “say graces” go at least five minutes.

I’m OK with Ronda playing “Dalton” or however they choose to re-do it.   Begging the question who will play the rest of those unforgettable Double Deuce characters……

Wade Garrett ….“This place has a sign hangin’ over the urinal that says, “Don’t eat the big white mint” ……

Cody …. “you play pretty good for a blind white boy.”  Yeah, and I thought you’d be bigger…” .….

Tinker…. “a polar b’ar fell on me!”….

or that nasty little platinum blond skank Denise …. if you’re gonna have a pet; keep it on a leash.”

and, of course, Brad Weesssley.

True RoadHouse aficianados (“Roadies”) know, of course, there was a RoadHouse II in 2006 with DEA Agent Shane Tanner playing “the son of legendary cooler Dalton”.   It was actually pretty good.

I don’t have a clear #1 “favorite line from RoadHouse”, but if I did, it might be….

Morgan: What am I supposed to do? 

Dalton: There’s always barber college.


Ronda Rousey to star in remake of 1989 cult classic ‘Road House’

The 1989 film “Road House” is one of the most beloved films of its generation. Starring Patrick Swayze as the wheel-kicking, bar-protecting, Buick Rivera-driving protagonist Dalton, “Road House” is a film that seems to get more popular with age.


Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze

Admit it, every time you see Dalton throwing boys around the old Double Deuce, you just can’t turn away.

Now, a new generation of moviegoers will get to enjoy the timeless tale of small-town bar rescues and early morning karate sessions.

However, if you’re a fan of man-perms, you’re going to need a tissue.

UFC bantamweight champion and media darling “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is set to reprise the role of Dalton in an upcoming remake of the film, this according to her agent Brad Slater of William Morris Endeavor.

Slater told MMAFighting.com that Rousey has reached out to Swayze’s widow, Lisa Nieme, to get the go-ahead. Swayze passed away in 2009 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Nieme gave the approval, however, a script still needs to be written for the MGM project.

“Rowdy” took to social media to announce the project, calling it a ‘great honor’ and saying she would make sure the remake would be a great tribute to Swayze’s friends and family.

Rousey actually worked as a bartender in Southern California when she returned from Beijing, after her Bronze medal run in Judo at the 2008 Olympic summer games.

She may not have been ‘bouncing,’ like Dalton and Co., but now that she’s an all-world butt-kicker, maybe she can unleash some of that aggression on the silver screen for all those menial tips and bad pick-up lines she had to endure.

Rousey, 28, can already be seen in summer blockbuster’s “Entourage” and “Fast 7,” and soon, she’ll be starring in the action film “Mile 22” alongside Mark Wahlberg. And if that wasn’t enough, Rousey is also set to play herself in the big screen adaption of her biography “My Fight/Your Fight.”

All of this despite the fact that “Rowdy” is remaining active as an undefeated UFC champion, defending her belt multiple times a year. Her next fight is against Holly Holm on Nov. 14 at UFC 193.

Far from a “DNB” if we do say so ourselves.


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