Getting A Free Pass Because ______!

September10/ 2015

Let’s see here:
“We” can’t criticize Obama because….. “He’s half Black.
“We” can’t criticize Hillary because…. “She’s probably a woman”.
“We” can’t criticize BullyBarber because…. “He’s black AND on A Mission From God”.
“We” can’t criticize John McCain because “He was a POW in Viet Nam.” Huh???

By my calculations, that only leaves me, Rush, Art Pope, “that guy that runs Carolina Plott Hound” and “that Daily Haymaker guy”.   Maybe we add Mitt to our OK To Criticize group since he is “a member of that Utah cult”.

I’m not complaining about being in that motley crew at all; but who is in charge of handing out these “free passes”?

Again, I totally “get” why “the media weasels” LOVE slamming Donald Trump. Donald LOVES to be slammed by the weasels.. It’s a whole Sado-Masoc Thing. Donald successfully moved the media weasels off the Confederate Flag obsession, sacrificing himself to do so.

Trump, whether YOU love or hate him (your choice either way or in-between), is two things the media weasels are not …… very successful and very smart. That double-barreled jealousy drives the media weasels into full rabid rage.

Trump “smart”??? But but but AgentPierce, Trump says such provocative things, how can you say he’s “smart”.

Because he knows before he says “those things” how the weasels’ knees will jerk.

Do I always agree with his judgment in many of his recent Trumpisms? No, I often wish he would ratchet back a tad, but then he wouldn’t BE DONALD TRUMP.   His “other recent remark” about “his faith or lack of” was probably unwise too.   Only Obama (and Jeremiah Wright) can get away with blaspheming God.

I have never considered Donald Trump a legitimate Prez candidate. IMO, he put himself “out there” so that the media weasels would come arunning and hang on his every word….. which, of course, they did and do. Media weasels are more predictabe than Capistrano’s swallows. Trump can say anything he pleases and the weasels can’t do anything but screech how HORRIBLE HE IS which they have been doing for 25 years any way.

Twenty-five years and the best they got is David Letterman doing worn-out “Trump’s hair is soooo ——- that ——- .” I mean REALLY? That “Trump’s hair” jokes still resonate with Lib/Dems and whatever demographic has followed Letterman the past 20 years is a question for Charles Darwin.

Donald Trump’s hair….. Hillary’s kankles ….. and BullyBarber’s weight are sooooo “dead horse joke targets”. Henry Waxman’s nostrils, on-the-other-hand, are always fair game. But that’s just my opinion.

Lets discuss John McCain….. why not. America apparently is today.

Upfront: My dad served in both WWI (artillery) and WWII (engineers)….. retired as Colonel in US Army. He cherished his army experiences. ….. I, on the other hand, got a high draft lottery # and never served a day in armed services. Didn’t shoot off a toe, get flat feet or puncture an eardrum…. just had a high lottery # and was never called. Tried to enlist in Air Force in late 70s but they were downsizing.

I get a lump in my throat when I see young soldiers in an airport.  Souza marches inspire me.

I have never visited Viet Nam. I have never flown in or crashed a Navy jet. I have never been a POW nor ever spent a night in a municipal jail much less any form of prison…. other than 10 years in corporate America which I don’t presume as relevant. I cannot imagine what five years in a Viet Nam prison would “be like”.

My abject long-standing disrespect for John McCain as a prominent Republican has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with his POW experience. Just as my abject disrespect for Obama and “Hillary” has nothing to do with race or gender.

Barack Obama gets to stomp the Constitution and undo 250 years of “America” because….. his father was a womanizing Kenyan conman????

Hillary gets to be POTUS because….. she probably sits down to pee???

McCain gets to be a political weasel for 30 years because he was a POW???

McCain is saying Trump owes ALL Veterans and their families an apology for Trump criticizing him (McCain). I say McCain owes all veterans an apology for wearing his “But I was a POW” on his sleeve for the past thirty years to cover his disgraceful service as a US Senator. One has nothing to do with the other.

John McCain “was” a war hero.
Bill Cosby “was” America’s most beloved comedian.

I hold McCain largely responsible for Obama’s victory in 2010. Republican ran “an empty suit & Sarah”. McCain’s pathetic campaign made Bob Dole appear to be an astute politician by comparison. His acknowledged mistreatment of Sarah Palin also goes on his “record”.  I read up on John McCain when he was stumbling and bumbling in 2010.  He has overtly “played the POW card” his entire political career.  “Real Heroes” don’t do that.

I’m convinced NOBODY voted “for” McCain in 2010, even his wife. We all voted AGAINST Obama.

I do love it when the media weasels get all Support Our Military when it suits their whacked-out agenda. Remember them comparing John “Swift Boat” Kerry to Audie Murphy and Sgt York when “the Truth” was otherwise. Now the weasels are firing their artillery at Donald Trump for DARING to call out RINO John McCain.

I’m all for McCain being accorded all the benefits of his military service including burial at Arlington Cemetery with a riderless horse and a lonely bugler blowing taps.

I’m also all for the citizens of Arizona throwing the bum out on his ear in the next election.

I appreciate that many will not agree with my POV on John McCain.  That’s fine.  I don’t gat A Free Pass either.

Meanwhile the same media weasels blasting Trump say nothing about:

Planned Parenthood running “a chop shop” with baby parts.


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