Big News
July14/ 2015

There is GREAT NEW STUFF on The NEW WEBSITE.   Like a Great White moving thru the Seven Seas, we can’t stand still, or back-up…. always moving forward.   Like Chancellor Chihuahua on a Skateboard – LOOK OUT, Here We Come ……

About 98% of the techno-glitches have been de-glitched.  Anyone with Century Link as your ISP might be having issues.  Those issues are NOT on our end, but with Century Link.   Contact us and we will give you a work-around to resolve any CL issues.   Those of you with Android Smartphones might have issues too.  Let us know. …. a few little bugs in the Comment/Reply area but we’re “on it”.   Is there a connection between Century Link…. and Dickie Baddour ???  Do you even have to ask?

The Website Biz is even more complicated than you think it is.  Trying to program compatibility to multiple “platforms” – phones, pads, laps and desktops by multiple manufacturers ….. PLUS all the various ISPs – ATT, Verizon, TWC, CenturyLink etc etc etc …. PLUS all the browsers – IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc etc. The combinations of all those permutations and possibilities are more numerous than a composite list of every Seminole student-athlete arrested in the past 25 years.   THATs A LOTTA permutations!


It will come as no surprise to you…. we received Official Notice this AM that QUIRKY NEWS has replaced “Sliced Bread” as the new standard for “the Greatest thing since _______”.   The response to QN thus far and the potential for what it can become redefines GIANORMOUS.    If we can just somehow combine RecentlyRewardedRoy (RRRoy) w/ Joey Heatherton in one QN we just might meltdown most of the servers on The Eastern Seaboard.   Or maybe Rashad could introduce RRRoy to KhloeK.  That would be THREE Tar Heels for Khloe !!!

…. if you are not checking QN at least twice/every day you are soooo “out of the loop”.   Hellfire…. even “Albert” has figured out how important it is.


There is a brand-new change “up top”.   The “sliders” are gone.  “Horns & Whistles” are nice but thats not why you visit our website.  The “sliders” made it harder to find recent BLSays if you missed one or two.   Now the Current BobLee is “The I-Max Image” at the top.   The three most recent columns before the current column are in that horizontal row beneath The I-Max Image.   For all BobLee columns prior to those most recent four use that Blue Link – More BobLee Columns – beneath the three ….. or go to the Navigation Bar across the top for BobLee Columns.  The Archives Page has EVERYTHING broken down by categories if you are doing research for your doctoral thesis on Incredibly Insightful Internet Columns Since 1999.

As always…. TeamBobLee appreciates your time and your patronage and your Reader Comments.

Your Buddy,



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