Absolutely NO Democrat was responsible

November12/ 2014

In a rare convergence of partisan agreement, every itty bitty sub-group in that Glorious Big Tent of the Democrat Party has officially and adamantly declared: “We (insert name of weirdo sub-group) are NOT responsible for the Historic Not An Indictment Of Obama Humiliating Butt-Whupping that Democrats took last Tuesday”. ….. “no way, no how were “we ______” responsible at all.”

This includes but not limited to…. the blacks, the gays, the gay blacks, the muslims, the gay black muslims, the femi-nazis, the gay, black femi-nazis, the aborted gay black femi-nazis, the illegals, the gay Hispanic illegals, the Barber mini-mobs, the lesbian ministers in the Barber mini-mobs, the smelly hippies, the journo-weasels, the gay, black journo-weasels, the tenured gay, black muslim academics, plus all living relatives of Jim Hunt and/or Jim Goodmon. NONE of the above were in any way “at fault” for the embarrassing debacle…. or so “they” say.

That leaves only one responsible party = all the thousands of duly-registered voters who adamantly rejected The Democratic candidates (and their faux-messiah). Damn all those pesky duly-registered voters.

We would have compiled this all-encompassing post-election audit of all these itty bitty weirdo Democ sub-groups but they keep changing names and re-inventing themselves.

Really…. this messa liberal wiggly worms have been acrawling all over one another in a quite bee-zarre game of musical chairs. The last group of disenfranchised lunatics still standing when the music stops gets all the blame.

His Emminence Rev “Bully” Barber was the first to claim No Responsibility Whatsoever for the Historic Humiliating Butt-Whuppin’. Speaking on behalf of his 80-100,000 (wink, wink) freaks, loonies, dry-humpin’ hippies, wombats, dingbats and Reverend Rubye and Gabby; the self-deluded papal head of the NC Democrats was adamant that he nor nary a one of his traveling freakshow had anything to do with it A ‘Tall.

If you are keeping score…. The N&O’s RobRielleWho Christensen was #2 in claiming absolutely no responsibility for it. Bully beat RRW by a little over two hours.

“Bully” Barber hooted and hollered and glowered and stared and hooted a lot more that he and his quite delusional army of quite confused, albeit angry, disciples were denied the right to vote by all sorts of nefarious means by me and you and Art Pope and George Bush and Thom Tillis and Clarence Thomas and whoever runs Carolina Plott Hound and…. it was a very long list. Being “on a Bully Barber Blames List” is somewhat of an honor shared by a very long list of people. Bully Barber blames a LOT of People. More by the day it seems.

Anyhoooo… Bully avoided any/all specifics of how we all kept his angry disciples from voting. Avoiding specifics is a favorite tactic of Bully’s. His very own personal media of McClatchy / WRAL journo-weasels never press him on specifics. IF they ever did, they too might make it on to his long list of People Bully Barber Blames.

With Bloviating Bully leading the way…. representatives of all the many many many other Democ sub-groups quickly “me-tooed” that “they” were not responsible either. Being “responsible” is way too close to being “accountable”. Exhibiting “Accountability” either individually or by group is a concept officially off-limits to any Liberal Democrat. To do so risks losing one’s self-righteousness and unofficial MENSA membership. NO Lib/Dem would dare risk either of those. What would they have left?

With every oddball freaky sub-group denying any responsibility, that leaves Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. “Schultz” ??? Gotta wonder if lovely Debbie is akin to Sgt Schultz of “I know NUTHING!” fame.

With Lib/Dems following a monumental butt-whuppin Somebody gets thrown under the bus. It’s symbolic and allows every one else to feel good about themselves. “Feeling good about oneself” is another advantage of being a liberal. Or so I’ve been told.

By golly, if no one else is going to speak up and lay claim to it, I will…..

I, AgentPierce, am claiming Total Responsibility for the Historical Butt-Whuppin laid on those no-account lyin’ liberal scoundrels last Tuesday. I did have some help from that guy over at Carolina PlottHound. 🙂

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