Of all the gin joints / colleges in all the towns in

November13/ 2014

The Great Unpleasantness has become unpleasantier.   It wasn’t “all over” with those unpaid parking tickets way way way back when…. or with The Martin Report…. or with Ken’s Report.  There are children entering pre-school who were unborn when Marvin hit SEND.  Those children are now old enough to ask: “Mom, what kind of name is Tydreke?”

AND NOW…. To paraphrase Bogey’s Rick Blaine:  “Of all the gin joints (colleges) in all the towns in the world…..

….. a cheating scandal erupts involving a Sports Ethics class – specifically designed for athletes at a charming little elite Ivy League institution in Hanover, New Hampshire.  BobLee, you don’t mean DARTMOUTH?   Yep  (LINK) .

This Dartmouth scandal has nothing to do with a certain charming little Chancellor in South Bldg.   But who can blame those bloodthirsty ABCers for ROTFLTAO? …. C’mon Man!BREAKNEWS-(1)

♦ ♦ ♦

HISTORY WAS MADE just minutes ago…. I heard from MaryW at 3:54 PM Today (Thurs).
She just completed a phone interview with Voice Of America – Asia.

FINALLY…. Those 8,000,000,000 Freakin’ Chinese Now KNOW about The Great Unpleasantness.  How much they CARE is TBD.   But they now KNOW.
Absolutely True Story.

♦ ♦ ♦

Looking on the bright side; maybe this will divert attention from Tydreke Speaks.   Or from Matt & Bryn Speak About Tydreke Speaks.   Yeah, right.

This Glorious Mess is an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet for every species of bloodthirsty ABC lynch mobber, Madeleines, Hamchunks, board monkeys, Holocaust-deniers, rubberneckers, and Franklin Street Ostrichs.   Curious bystanders with no deep-seated partisanship either way (there actually are some of those by the way) are now shaking their heads in amazement.   The body count just keeps mounting.

Re:  Tydreke Speaks (LINK)….  and Matt & Bryn Speak (LINK):

Even without construing Butch’s ill-chosen “then go to Harvard” comment; Tydreke Speaks merits its own chapter in this Monty Python melodrama.

What is involved in getting a degree in Communications from UNCCH?   Communications is a common major at many institutions and is very popular with FB / BkB student-athletes across the country.  Judging from Tydreke Speaks, it is not the same as Public Speaking or Public Relations.

♦ ♦ ♦

NOTE:  When our Kid enrolled at Univ Missouri seven years ago it was for their very highly-rated J-School.   Higher rated than even UNCCH’s, but who’s keeping score?   In her second semester Kid expressed concern over campus scuttlebutt that “J-School is hard” with “lots of special projects, etc”.   She was thinking of changing her plans and majoring in Communications.   Oh?

We (Blondie & I) calmly replied that if that was indeed her choice, she could return home and “do that” at a local Community College.   She reconsidered.   Kid subsequently graduated cum laude from the prestigious Univ Missouri J-School….. proving especially adept at “special projects”.   YIPPEE!  Score one for “shrewd parenting”.  🙂

♦ ♦ ♦

Based on Tydreke Speaks, I have my doubts that the Communications curriculum at UNCCH is overly-taxing academically-speaking.   I’m sure the Official ABC Research Dept can and will verify that initial perception.

As “interesting” as Tydreke Speaks was, I was equally interested in Matt & Bryn Speak.   I’ve never met Matt Merletti, Bryn Renner or Tydreke Powell.

I do recall that Matt’s Dad is in the US Secret Service and Bryn’s Dad is/was a high school football coach in Chapel Hill.  That leads me to assume Matt & Bryn came to UNCCH MUCH MUCH better equipped to cope with the prevailing socio-academic environment than did Tydreke from little A-hoskie NC.

That Matt & Bryn caught on quickly and did indeed take full advantage of the complete UNCCH experience is not surprising.  Neither is it surprising that Tydreke apparently did not.  As Rashad McCants did not. ….. The Matts and Bryns ain’t the problem.  But you know their Ode To Butch had the IC goobers turning happy backflips!

Prior to Marvin hitting SEND, a lot of Carolina Way Kool-Aid-aholics would have naturally assumed Matt & Bryn were “typical UNC student-athletes”.   Recall my mother always happily assumed Rusty Clark was a “typical UNC Basketball player”.   Both being warm fuzzy, albeit rather erroneous, assumptions.

I’ve been told that “Mary” knew Tydreke Powell on an athlete-tutor basis.   Mary probably knew of Matt Merletti and Bryn Renner too.   Matt was a co-captain and Bryn, of course, the QB.   Everyone knows the QB.   Do you think Mary had to use phonics flashcards to help Matt or Bryn “learn to read” college level textbooks?

Matt & Bryn certainly think very highly of Butch Davis.   Tydreke does not share their opinion.   Matt & Bryn & Tydreke were teammates.  They apparently were not soulmates.

Can UNC field an ACC-competitive football team composed of 80+ “Matt & Bryns”?  

♦ ♦ ♦

ANOTHER NOTE:  Kid’s very special fella – “Danny” – played WR in college just four years ago.  Danny was a BMOC mega-jock in high school in Indianapolis.   He had scholly offers from several Big Ten schools.    He elected to attend D-3 Wheaton College.   Wheaton’s most famous alumnus, before Danny, was Billy Graham.  Danny graduated with honors from Wheaton and absolutely loved his student-athlete experience.   He talks about his coach at Wheaton like Matt & Bryn talk about Butch.   Wheaton isn’t eligible to Go To Shreveport.  Being a college football / basketball student-athlete can take many forms.

♦ ♦ ♦

IF UNC COULD field an ACC-competitive FB team of all Matt & Bryns (and Dannys), they would.   Matt & Bryn are very Low Maintenance.   The Tydrekes and Marvins and Rashads and Greg Littles; well, they’re NOT so Low Maintenance.   But they are very very good football players.   Matts & Bryns don’t even need Mary or whatshisname that hates Mary so much.

UNCCH’s faculty, admins and Chancellor Folt (from Dartmouth!) are pondering the future direction of Carolina Football and Basketball.   One hopes they will consider the futility of Dick Crum’s lament.  Dreaming that they can be:

“…. Harvard (or Dartmouth – ouch!) during the week and Oklahoma on Saturday”

If UNC’s powers–that-be insist on continuing to play the silly Harvard / Oklahoma charade then The Great Unpleasantness will simply go on…. and on….. and on….. and on.  Regardless of how hard the NCAA’s hob nail boot eventually stomps on’em.

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