The Good – The Bad – The Crazy SOBs

June25/ 2014

  There are a lot of folks caught up in The Great Unpleasantness (TGU) either as Prime Time Players…..  spear carriers….  kinda-naive bystanders… and many many in the bi-partisan Peanut Gallery.

A lot of good people are swirling about in all this, more than we acknowledge; and…..  Some not so good sneaky sumbitches, with significantly warped institutional ideologies, playing loosey goosey with situational ethics.  Most are just people with opinions shaped by the stronger opinions of others and deep-seated biases in various directions.

Today – for Entertainment Purposes Only – we take an askance glance at these proceedings…..

The Age of The Internet offers anyone with a keyboard and modem access to more incredible bull**** than ever before in the history of mankind.    If my buddy Albert really wanted to get all those Godfather references he could go to any Godfather site and learn to always “take the cannolis”.  He could… if someone would introduce him to Mr. Google.

The Internet is the playing field where I compete every day.   In a decidedly perverted way, I like it’s 24/7 ruthless absurdities.   A modern day Tower of Babel where Truths are like snowflakes.   No two are alike.  How do we know that?

If no two snowflakes can be alike, can’t Dean be as pure as his loyalists say he is?

I’m “in a rut” on TGU.  These are excitingly volatile times in TGU and my #1 objective is To Entertain.   Not To Educate.  Or shape opinions for/against “Carolina”.   If someone think “all Tarholes are abuncha _____” or “they’re all jealous of us ’cause we’re so wonderful”  that’s their problem.  Not mine.  I’d rather see a Purple Cow or a hard-core Blue or Red one than be one.

Being a cyber Paul Revere alerting local militias to incoming eeeevil is a role assumed by MANY keyboard kowboys.  Not me.  Click here to be Entertained.  “Agreeing (or disagreeing) with me” is never a requirement.  Understanding my obtuse references is not necessary.Colonel_Mustard_by_pieforbreakfast

Sure, I confess. I REALLY DO get a kick out of saying “I told you so” when it turns out to be “Colonel Mustard in the library with a monkeywrench”.

The Internet is Affirmative Action for Intelligence.  Everyone can be as omniscient as they think they are regardless.  Thousands of snowflakes with different opinions…. all being correct. Huh?

Being absolutely dead wrong without a single solid fact to back up said absolute, go on the Internet and find two cross-eyed goobers to agree, yell Geronimo – then hit CAPSLOCK and declare THE EARTH IS FLAT…. AND MAN WILL NEVER FLY.  ….THEY FAKED THE MOONSHOT.   ….PRO WRESTLING IS TOO REAL ….WAINSTEIN WAS HIRED BY THE RAMS CLUB FAT CATS

Or…. Carolina Has Always Cheated in Everything and Always Will Because John Swofford is the AntiChrist

Or…. The Carolina Way is God’s Way Because God Is A Tar Heel and Rashad McCants is Satan’s Spawn.  I KNOW because Dickie Baddour once told my Uncle Fred that it was so.

This scandal has been with us so long that it is easy to overlook its impact on psyches of all partisan stripes.    The most teeth-clenched snarling ABCers never really expected all this to happen.   It was never a worse nightmare scenario for Tru-Blues.  Yet here it is.   It is concentrated here at Ground Zero.

I might have been too hard on Jim Martin.   Yes, The Martin Report was a cover-up relative in scope to Area 51, Vince Foster’s “suicide” and Obama’s birth certificate, but I don’t think Jim Martin intended for it to be.  Nor did those who invited him on campus to do whatever it was he did.  Acting on “lack of” or “mis” information does not a co-conspirator make.

History will not be kind to Governor Jim Martin.  From the moment that infamous presentation at The Carolina Inn was over, snakes and spiders have been crawling out of nooks and crannies.   I’m not convinced Martin was purposely led astray by the Franklin Street Evil-doers; but astray he got.

Nope, didn’t talk to Roy” was very weird.

Trustees and Governors (as in “Boards of”) always have been and will be forever doomed to rank with lepers, pedophiles, referees, ex-spouses and, yes, journalists.  That’s not fair…. to lepers and pedophiles.

The worthy and less-worthy among such esteemed appointees is as random as any barrel of apples or kettle of fish.   I know some mighty fine ones and some others too.   Such appointees traditionally rank among the well-to-do gentry whether thru bootstrapping or silverspooning.  “The Proletariat” are forever prone to be overly critical of “the Gentry”.  Lines likeCoach, is this affecting recruiting? reinforce those negative stereotypes.

Much of this Carolina Crap will NEVER be accepted by a certain faction.  There will be surgeons will both hands in folks’ viscera who still buy TCWay silliness.  Attorneys trying murder cases who truly do believe Dean Smith was born in a manger.

Likewise there will always be nuclear engineers, architects, veterinarians, agricultural moguls, et al who will go to their graves convinced The Old Well is a direct pipeline to the utter depths of Hell.   All who have ever sipped of its fabled waters are brain-dead disciples in Lucifer’s legions.

They all wander thru here.  Not so many radically hard-core Tru-Blue-Believers.  They meet in the catacombs of the old Rat and curse my mamma for having me.  But I do attract a sizable share of not-totally-unhinged Tru-Blues – aka the “have a real life” faction.

Luring-in the fully unhinged faction of Team ABC with a headline tease is easy when I’m feeling froggy.   The full facility hose-down after they visit is usually not worth the fun of reading their spew.

Entertaining as many sorta normal visitors as I can manage to attract is the goal.

Maintaining broad parameters on “sorta normal” is critical to that end.

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