Monday was a REALLY Bad Day for ……

June30/ 2014

Monday was a REALLY Bad day for fans of Obamacare AND Flagships.   I celebrated the SCOTUS decision with AgentPierce in the morning, then hurried off to another “Power Lunch” at, believe it or not, AMEDEO’s.

My iPhone started vibrating around 2:30….. when I got around to checking it, there were already dozens of TruBlues poised on ledges ready to jump.  The Brickyard celebration is tentatively set for 8 PM.   Celebrants are asked to BYO sparklers and bottle rockets.

First question….. will the NCAA goons stay at the toney Siena or an Extended Stay facility.   If it’s the latter …… double Uh Oh.

UPDATE:  Uh Oh…. Tuesday ain’t looking too good either.  Our friend Mary Willingham has filed suit vs UNC for her dismissal circumstances.  Maybe Wednesday will get better ……

The big announcement that “the NCAA goons from Indy are coming back” caused all the usual knees to jerk in all the usual directions.   TruBlues afloat on the Denial River are gathering in small groups singing “Near’er my Dean to thee” while wearing Truth-cancelling headphones.   ABC loonies are gasing up the bulldozers anticipating the long-awaited DDome tear-down.

Charming Little Carol asked “What’s The NCAA?   We didn’t have them at Dartmouth.  Should I order some punch and cookies?”RoyMad

The sportsbook at Caesars Palace has early odds of 4-1 that “Roy will say F-it” before Thanksgiving.   It’s 6-1 if you go with “by Labor Day”.   20-1 for “by Friday”.  He could leave “in a huff” and take “that Helms banner” with him just out of spite.  With ORW pretty much anything is possible.

He (Roy) will be under Job Suicide Watch beginning Tuesday morning.   His shoelaces and nail clippers have already been confiscated.

Football COULD get hammered, but only the really insane ABC nutjobs think Larry Fedora is hiding anything.

The boiler room tele-marketing operation selling season tickets for UNC Football hung out a “Gone Fishing” sign at 4:00 PM.

The Orange County coroner’s office has denied all requests to exhume Charles Kuralt’s body to see if he ate the only copy of Phil Ford’s breathalyzer test.

Ever-Loyal and Totally Clueless Former AD Richard “Dickie” Baddour was busy polishing his vast collection of AttaBoyDickie plaques.   He offered “the media” cups of Kool-Aid offering to sing the 2nd verse of Hark The Sound.

Equally Clueless Former Chancellor “The Meez” was tuning his organ and likewise had no comment.  But did promise to say something incredibly stoopid before this is all over.   No one doubts he will do so.

John Swofford has NOT called the IRS’s Lois Lerner for “that techie that can make emails go away”.  But it’s a rule that Swofford’s name must always be included in every TGU update.

The pharmacist at Sutton’s Drug Store reported a brief spike in sales of Hemlock around 3:00 PM.   A rush order was placed with Hemlock Is Us that should be on Sutton’s shelves long before the NCAA goons do anything.   They report an ample supply of razor blades in stock but noted “that can get really messy”.

How this affects $900/hour Ken’s investigation is unclear.   I still believe his findings will be quite significant despite “being owned by Rams Club Fat Cats” as every ABC is uttering every hour on the hour.

Roaming bands of TruBlue vigilantes searching for “That Damn Deborah” and Uncle Julius have been sighted up and down Rosemary Street and at Weaver Street Market in strange Carrboro.

ABC loons have not YET formally declared that Rams Club Fat Cats “control the NCAA too”.   That should come by Wednesday unless “the Death Penalty” is handed down before then.  It won’t be.

“Rams Club Fat Cats” control not only The NCAA but also the Tri-Lateral Commission AND the warehouse in New Mexico where the Area 51 aliens are stored.   Yes, they do.

At 10 AM Tuesday morning, both the NCSU Bell Tower and the Duke Chapel’s clarion will play a medley of James Taylor tunes backwards.

As for “The Supremes’” decision against Obamacare, “Bozo Joe” Biden and famed Democrat Dingbat Sheila Jackson-Lee held a joint press conference vigorously denouncing Diana Ross and all of MoTown.  …….. think about it.

As I was leaving Amedeo’s after my latest power lunch, I asked the manager if she had heard the news about “NCAA goons returning to The Flagship”.   Indeed, they have already sent All-The-Lasagna-U-Can-Eat cards to “the goons”.   I also inquired where their 58WolfKennel Room was.    She looked at me kinda funny.   I ate my antipasto beneath a pic of Joe Scarpati.

There will likely be updates on all these stories in the days and weeks to come.   Ya reckon.


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