Opinions Without Consequences

October15/ 2013

HOLY CHOO CHOO!  Say it ain’t so Chris Hanburger.   For the first time ever since Andy Griffith sucked up his big rennerblackuni2-300x270orange watching football “amid those lofty pines”, the Home team will be in all-black unis this Thursday night…. and on National freakin’ TV too.

Somebody check that stadium naming agreement with Old Man Kenan.  Specifically paragraph four on page six…… “shall never ever wear all-black uniforms EVER.” …… What’s next?  Fracking down The Old Well! ….. Clemson winning a Bkball game in Chapel Hill ????

I know of one kinda odd bunch of “world’s greatest Tar Heel fans” who are in Year 26 of a nasty cuss-fight over the REAL PMS color for “Carolina Blue”.   Gotta figure that bunch ain’t going to be none too happy over this.  That bunch hasn’t been none-too-happy since Marv tweeted etc three years ago so it’s not like it will totally ruin their day.

Ye Ol’ Dean (of Dome fame) supposedly used 5-6 different shades of C-Blue depending on the specific purpose at the time.  A darker contrast with white being preferable on TV, etc.   But Dean…… never sent his hoopsters out of the tunnel in all-black.  And besides….. Dean is Dean and who in The County of Orange would dare say a discouraging word to a man named for a Dome?

This new guy from Mississippi hasn’t built quite the mountain of “because I said so” cred that “Dean” had.  The Butcher caught flak for wearing a navy visor for criss-sake….. then ButchWorld blew up and “the navy visor” wasn’t that bigga deal any more.

Interesting Anecdote….. I was standing with Matt Kupec (yes, THAT one) when Butcher led his team onto to Kenan’s hallowed turf in all-navy unis.   Matt went ballistic.   Some will undoubtedly “go ballistic” when the all-blacks run out….. but I won’t be standing with Matt Kupec this time.   Funny how you remember certain “where I was when ………”s.

Of course, it’s not what Matt thinks….. or BobLee thinks…… or even the swells in TheBlueZone….. or the academic dandies with Charming Carol From Dartmouth up in the Chancy’s Box.  It’s all about what 17 year-olds on ESPN’s Top 100 list think.  Before you say “who cares what they think?” wait til the game with The U is over.

Is it “the uniform” or is it the athletical proclivity (?) inside the uni?   Let that debate commence.

BobLee says what needs to be said in a “quickly going viral” commentary on Chapelboro.com

(CLICK for LINK) – Opinions Without Consequences.  Check it out…..

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