Liberal Loonies “In The News”

October15/ 2013

Some days “the news” is like flushing a covey of quail. You’re walking thru a field and all of a sudden WHOOOOSH a whole messa quail fly up and you just point and shoot…. odds being you’ll hit some of’em. “They say” you are suppose to aim at one, but “just point & shoot” is all’s you can do some days like today.

We got Roy “No Rings” Cooper….. and some mystery couple in Raleigh – aka The Campbells – bankrolling the school board campaigns of left-wingers….. and Rielle “RobWho” Hunter grabbing a few more seconds of her Warhol allotment….. and A BLACK GUY gets arrested and…….

Looks like local LEOs were successful apprehending that North Raleigh Do-Rag B&E crook. Kudos to Wake Sheriff Donny Harrison and RPD for tracking him down. Yes, of course, he has “a few priors”. Can you say “as long as your arm” !!! So far Big Bad Bill Barber has not commented on this latest Black on White crime…. we are holding our breath, Bill.

A repeat felon (in a do-rag) prowling the streets of North Raleigh ??? Hope everyone has one of those home security systems that detects do-rags or you’re SOL. Has Bill Barber ever commented on those other dozen or so “gonna kill us some whiteys” murders the past few weeks? Oh, he hasn’t, thought sure he would….. NOT.

Saving those golden vocal cords for the next Constipated Hippie Romp & Stomp eh Bill?


NC Attorney General Roy “No Rings” Cooper has officially hung the “Gone Campaigning” sign on the door of the Attorney General’s Office. Roy is now running for Governor in 2016. Whoa Pierce, that’s not for another three years. Yeah, I know and Roy knows but a fella’s got have his priorities and ol’ Roy sure has his. Those of you who voted for Roy last November ……. well, tough luck.

Anyone in NC having business with the state’s AG….. please take a seat, grab some magazines and settle in. It’ll be quite awhile.

Roy’s “gone acampaigning” spewing toxic venom at duly-elected officials for the next three years. That’s a lot of venom, Roy. ……. But but but AgentPierce, that’s not right! So call the state’s top law official to complain. Oops, that be Roy.

Will Roy be doing all this polit-galivanting at state tax-payers expense? He’s a bone-deep entitled Democrat. What do you think?

Maybe Dumplin Perdue can get Roy a Frequent Flyer account on BuzzyAir outta New Bern. Maybe Easley can hook Roy up with McQueenAir ??? Rumor has it that Dumplin’ is a flight attendant for Buzzy….. “Rice Krispy Treats anyone?”


The “they” at Duke are upset with their basketball team for playing with guns up at West Point….. yawn….. and:

The “they” over at UNC-Ch are upset about their football team’s slogan glorifying violence…. yawn again.


Hey Rob Christensen GUESS WHAT? Rielle Hunter has surfaced again. Surely YOU remember Rielle, Rob. Back when you were EMBEDDED in Johnny Edwards Presidential campaign, Rielle was that little trollop you kept seeing doing the “walk of shame” at 5 AM from Johnny’s hotel suite. You know….. the one you said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about until two weeks after every other media source on Earth had written volumes on it. Yeah Rob…… that Rielle.

Yo Rob….. has The N&O given you any more self-serving Crackerjack NewsHound awards lately? You oughta have as many as Les Nessman by now.

Rob Les

Rielle has revised her book to add a chapter where she says she’s sorry….. and to thank Rob for, well, thank Rob for avoiding eye contact with her for “that entire year” on the campaign.


Speaking of journo-weasels…… I learned this week that Keung Hui is still hanging around The N&O. Surely that feckless dweeb isn’t actually getting PAID. I figure Gerrick Brenner or Cash Michaels must be paying him to shill for them. No way Quarles and Drescher are still paying “Keungy” when they’ve furloughed so many “real reporters”.

Keungy latest cover-up of liberal shenanigans involves Ann & John Campbell. “The Campbells” have dumped in the neighborhood of $50,000 into the campaigns of extreme left-wing candidates for the Wake County School Board. Now don’t you be comparing “The Campbells” to Eeeeevil Art Pope because……. well because Keungy Hui says he wishes you wouldn’t.

“The Campbells”, bless their hearts, are just darn fine regular folks who happen to really really hate Republicans, Conservatives, the word Tea, home-schooling, vouchers, and anyone named Art…. and me too now. Yep….. “just darn fine regular folks” aka “deep-pocketed Limo Liberals who really really care about children” – according to Keungy Hui – ace cub reporter of The N&O.

An inside source at The N&O told me I “made Keungy cry” several years ago. Poor poor widdle Keungy….. Any of you who still visit The N& (and WHY do you?) please tell Hui that AgentPierce said Hi. A “real pieca work” that Keungy.


Oh oh oh …… recall “Binky’s” blooper about Martin Nesbitt? Someone sent me a post that WRAL’s “Binky” put on his facebook page telling himself and whatever friends he has how incredibly sincere and just so darn nice he is. He wants to be a shining role model for his kids. Okee Dokee Binky.

Think about every hard-core liberal you know. Doesn’t EVERY darn one of’em claim to be kinder than Mother Teresa….. a better human being than Ghandi….. and, of course, more intelligent than Einstein. Purer than the wind-driven snow and so gosh-darn sanctimonious.

Ain’t that just amazing. EVERY single one of’em. WOW!


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