RIMSHOTS 10/13/13

October13/ 2013

Quad-Fecta for State of Missouri !!

Mark Twain, Harry Truman and Jesse James are spinnin’ in their graves.  The State of Missouri racked up FIVE big Ws this weekend – (1) Mizzou Tigers over Georgia….take THAT SEC Loyalists!…..  (2) the much-loved Busch’s Birds-on-the-Bats took Two from the former Bums from Brooklyn…. and both (3)The Rams and (4) Chiefs won too.    Wooo Hoooo!

I’m still fumin’ over…..
I know you ABCers won’t see it this way.  You have a genetic quirk that prevents it.  But those crappy stories in The N&O about Bubba’s and also Charming Little Carol’s emails are pure journo-garbage from the McClatchy / N&O weasels.   The FIA is intended for discovering evidence of malfeasance.  I’m all in favor of looking for AND REPORTING any info about Butch, Blake, Jennifer, Julius, Deborah, the Idiot Baddour et al.   Put THAT STUFF above-the-fold front page; but, to just dig into the emails for “anything” and make tabloidish stories from it is BS.  ……. LINK to previous column on this crap.

Take note ABCers / Wuffs et al….. The N&O’s Publisher Orage Quarles, Editor John Drescher and the ink-stained goons they haven’t furloughed YET, are in ever-deepening financial peril, and will pull the same crap with you too.

Pretty exciting day…..
In Boston sports…. Huh?  Patriots & BoSox.
When all the attention is on what actually happens “between the lines” nuthin’ beats “an OMG Play in a sports event”.

Am I the only one who has thought…..
(NOTE:  My late Mother was a two time “survivor” of breast cancer.  I say that to qualify the following comments)…… I find it “interesting” that The NFL (and NC State too at least for one game) have apparently adopted Breast Cancer as their official Disease Charity for October.   So, you say?  Isn’t breast cancer awful?  Certainly….. and so is Alzheimers, Prostate Cancer, Leukemia, Diabetes and a dozen other awful afflictions we are all liable to have to confront personally and/or in our families.

Fundraising for medical research is a very competitive “industry”.  Monies given to Cause A are monies that Cause B, C, D don’t receive.   I assume the NFL is donating their month-long multi-promotional efforts to promote awareness of the need for $$$$ for breast cancer research and prevention.   If I’m head of fundraising for any of the other Top Ten such causes I’m knocking on Roger Goodell’s door and wanting September or November or December or The Super Bowl for my worthy cause’s free promotion.

Maybe it would be more appropriate for The NFL to promote curing Alcoholism/Drunk Driving, Drug Abuse or Unwed Fathers (ya reckon)…. OR Dementia From Concussions.   Of course those causes don’t have a snazzy color.

“Gee Adrian maybe if………”
Am I also the only one who thought “Gee, Adrian (Peterson), maybe if “your son” had his biological father around, he would not have been beaten to death….”.    One report of the infant’s death said “a child that Adrian Peterson thinks might be his son…..”  Thinks might be”??

Have we reached the point now with these muscled-up millionaire sperm donors that they consider “number of out-of-wedlock kids” to be a bragging point….. like “how many Rolexes I got”??  Yeah, I’m probably the only one who thought about this.

Cardinal fans…… feelin’ the hate…… ☺
I counted at least three national blogs / commentaries last week complaining about “those DAMN (over-rated) Cardinal fans”.   I LOVE it when the flatheads and beady-eyed crowd across the country get soooo angry their eyes bleed.

St Louis is an under-the-radar metro-area in fly-over country.   Unless you’ve spent any time there (and I have and I do) alls you know is The Arch and Stan Musial.   OK, Wuffs followed the Rams when Torrey played for them.   It’s a great place to live…… except, of course, for the inner city which has, duh!, been under strict Democ/union rule for decades and could “go Detroit” soon.   Outside that urban combat zone, it’s very cool with lots of good solid Midwesterners.   CardinalNation stretches for 150 miles up/down The Mississippi….. thanks to KMOX and Harry Caray and Jack Buck.

Cardinal baseball fans have been “great fans” for 70 years.  Just ask CNR.  CNR knew Pepper Martin and The Dean Brothers AND STAN.   If their fans’ loyalty to their Cards bother you…… well you can jest kiss a Clydesdale’s butt.   Birds-On-The-Bat …… YIPPEE!

Those stoopid Duck Dynasty beards in baseball….
I have had facial hair for 30 years.  I get why guys do and don’t.  So I am qualified to say IMO those stoopid House of David – Amish – Duck Dynasty beards on the BoSox and a few others scattered around really look dummm.   I’m sure there is some silly clubhouse rallying point to’em but they are dummmm.   I don’t watch Duck Dynasty by the way but I understand the show and the family.  The beards work for them.  Stan Musial would never have one.

NEVER before in NFL history…..
Yesterday was historical for the NFL and for Triangle-area Football.   Alumni QBs from State, Duke and Carolina all saw game action on the same day.   Certainly State has three starting QBs these days….. and yestereday TJ Yates played for Houston AND Thaddeus Lewis played for Buffalo.  Amaze your buddies with that little trivia nugget.   Yes…. there were days in the mid 60s when Roman Gabriel, Sonny Jurgenson and Norm Snead (WFU) all played…. but I said “Triangle-area schools”.

The ACC’s Haves & The Rest…..
Looking like it’s FlaSt, Clem, The U and VaTech and everyone else fight over who goes to Shreveport.  I’ve already explained all this.   It will still “matter” in our little Triangle when the backyard rivals square off later on…… but the ripples of “matter” won’t spread more than 100 miles in any direction…. if that.

My Alma Mater is planning some whizbang Zero Dark ??? game promotion for Thursday night.   May Gawd have mercy on our poor misguided souls.   I keep reminding myself “that idiot Baddour is NOT in charge“.  No doubt some goofy doofus unis designed to impress some semi-literate thug-alete in New Jersey.   This all has the OH NO! potential to make us forget the ECU game really fast.   Zigga Zoomba!

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