The Senator, The Witch & The Media Goon….

October13/ 2013

With due respect to C.S. Lewis and his Chronicles of Narnia ‘s The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe….. the Capitol-area’s political insult-athon reached heretofore new depths of absurdum the past few days.

We had a state Senator (Martin Nesbitt / Asheville), a “Witch” (Dr. Aldona Wos) and a Media Goon (Jim Goodmon dumpster-diver Mark “Binky” Binker) all tangled up in a quite silly pile of name-calling, butt-covering and business-as-usual for Goodmon’s goon squad……

The Senator The Media Goon

Last week Dr Aldona Wos – Secty of DHHS – appeared before a joint house-senate committee to answer questions about her department. It being a joint committee that means there were Repubs and Democs in attendance….. and, of course, the afore-mentioned “Binky” and his fellow media toadies and toad-ettes.

Dr Wos has been under unprecedented media attack because her department DHHS ….. (which stands for Dept of Health & Human Services for you low information voting disciples of Bill Barber and readers of The N&O) …… is “a mess” and the Democs and the local media goons wanted to publicly humiliate her even more than they have been the past month or so.

DHHS has been “a mess” for decades. Enough tax-dollars were wasted in that bureaucratic sinkhole under Easley & Dumplin’ regimes to send every public school teacher in NC on a two-week Caribbean cruise…… twice a year.

I use that ridiculous teacher-analogy because that is the silly game the media goons use to describe any state expenditure under McCrory.

According to the journo-lizards at The N&O and Goodmon’s Goons…… “every dollar spent by the McCrory Administration (on anything) takes food out of the mouths of teacher’s babies and forces them to sell their hair to Indonesian wig-makers.”

…… and, yes, there are some dim-witted dingleberries around the state who actually believe that crap. If any teachers actually believe that crap then public education in NC is in a sorrier mess than we imagined.

The monies currently being incinerated in DHHS’ all-consuming bureaucracy is considerably LESS than a year ago under Guvy Dumplin. A fact conspicuously absent in all media accounts.

I’m not sure Dr Wos is the right person to wrestle DHHS under control. I wish we could clone about three more Tony Tatas to clean-up these Augean Stables piled high with 40 years of Democratic sludge and septic stink….. but we only have one Gen. Tata and he is trying to clean-up a similar mess in DOT. “DOT” is Dept of Transportation for you Barber-ians.

Even General Tata would have to deal with “the we-bees” who infect every nook & cranny of NC State government. “We-bees” are state-employees-for-life who cannot be fired and therefore have zero incentive to be productive. Their motto when handed any “directive” to improve efficiency is to giggle and toss said directive in the circular file while snorting “we be here when you be gone”…… ergo “the We-bees”.

Yes, 98% of incompetent we-bees are Democrat lifers. What other ideological mindset would be so deadset on being lazy, shiftless and “entitled”?

So, during the Kangaroo Court proceedings designed to embarrass Dr Wos, Governor PatMc and any Repub they could throw their net over…… the phrase “a witch hunt” was used to describe said Kangaroo proceedings.

Senator Nesbitt (who is the State Senate’s MINORITY Leader ….. I do love to say MINORITY leader) promptly made an aside to the “witch hunt” reference.

NOTE: Nesbitt’s primary Asheville-area constituents are the scraggly hippie commune Bill Barber called-in to fill his mob ranks when the Carrboro mob stopped showing up on Mondays.

The local media goon (“Binky”) attributed a snarky insult of Wos to Nesbitt at the very end of his report to get in yet another dig at Wos. Sure, nobody reads anything on beyond the misleading inflammatory headline. But it was picked up by various Non-left-wing media and Martin Nesbitt found himself defending himself from something Binky said he said…. but he never said.

Carolina Plott Hound and The Daily Haymaker began chronicling this foolishness (LINK) – causing WRAL’s “Binky” to go all froggy trying to un-say what he said Nesbitt said. A real “pro” that Binky.

The more Binky tried to undo what he had done, the stoopider Binky appeared and made Nesbitt appear. His total lack of journalistic integrity no doubt earned Binky a nice bonus from Mr. Limo-Lib aka Jim Goodmon.,

In truth, it was all a non-story from the get-go. Every Republican elected and appointed official is used to being insulted by their Democratic counterparts and, certainly, by the weasels at The N&O and by Jim Goodmon’s Goon Squad of “Binky”, Laura Leslie et al. It’s who they and it’s what Goodmon hired’em to do.

Oh, Martin…. just so’s you know, if you are among the 10,000s who will be reading this from Murphy To Manteo and I’m sure you will be, I woulda ignored the non-story until that nitwit dork “Binky” went froggy. You have “Binky” to thank for embarrassing you.

I hope those of you who followed this circus parade of fools the past several days have enjoyed it as much as I have.

For the record….. if, instead of posting this commentary, I had bought a lottery ticket and if I had won….. I “could have” taken EVERY public school teacher in Wake County to Golden Corral for supper tonight.

But I didn’t. I’m such an eeeevil Republican…… me bad!

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