Predictable Predilections from Franklin Street

Franklin Street
March12/ 2023
BL Rimshots

March 12, 2023

Duke and Jon Scheyer’s (no “r”) historic win over UVA last night just dumped more salt into the festering wound of UNCCH’s trainwreck season.  Could it be that UNC has become so ridiculously WOKE that God has finally said “Enough … you left wing lunatics are on your own?  Its about time …

The Triangle-area’s overly-caffeinated sports partisans are nothing if not Totally Predictable in their respective reactions to adversity involving the vicarious manifestations of their self-worth.

NC State hard-liners either retreat back 40 years to “just one pair of tennis shoes” or find a convoluted way to somehow blame erstwhile ACC Commissioner “Little Johnny” Swofford. Johnny isn’t around any more but, hey …

Over at The Gothic Rockpile in West Derm, 93% of Duke’s notorious Cameron Crazies simply go back home to Taiwan, Mumbai, Beijing, Seoul, Istanbul or Morristown and are never heard from again.

Never Heard From” will never be said about The Franklin Street Peanut Gallery’s Woke & Whine Society.


Last year’s two late-season butt-whuppin’ demolishings of Satan’s Acolyte is sooo much more better than this meaningless National Embarrassment about The First Pre-Season #1 To Ever Not ________ … well, you know.


Carolina’s hiring of the Triangle area’s first black HBBC – not counting Sidney Lowe and Kevin Keatts – reaffirms how wonderfully “progressive” UNC is.  Ya can’t spell WOKE without U-N-C. 


Bubba needs to bring in notorious NCAA felon Larry Brown as senior advisor to Hubert … and put UNC in NCAA jail within two weeks of his arrival in Chapel Hill.


Rams Club Fat Cats MUST liquidate all their combined assets in order to persuade former Villanova Coach Jay Wright to restore Carolina’s Divine Right to College Basketball Eliteness … Do It Right Now!


Being known as “A Field Hockey School” isn’t all that bad … really.


There really is The Curse of Silent Sam.  Yep, we tried to warn ya but …


Happy 17th Anniversary of The Duke Lacrosse Scandal – March 13!

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