Is “Skippy The Cokehead’s” Crazy Idea Crazy?

Skippy IDEA
March10/ 2023
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March 10, 2023

I was going to hold off on this for a week or so, but it’s being picked up by some podcasters so I better go ahead and weigh in.

“Skippy The Cokehead” AKA Disgraced Former ESPN President John Skipper has proposed an OMG Idea. The ACC oughta WHAT!

On the surface it is ridiculous and will be scoffed at by Flat Earthers and Man Will Never Fly-types and old guys yelling at clouds still angry that South Carolina left the ACC 50 years ago. I don’t fall into any of those categories.

NOTE: One of “Skippy’s last not-so-great ideas at ESPN before his Disney bosses learned of his little nose candy thingy back in 2018 was to give Jemele Hill her own bully pulpit to become “the angry black Joy Behar”. His latest idea is better than that one …. I think.

Skippy thinks The ACC and The Pac EverHowMany should combine into some sort of bastardized Transcontinental Something.

I think it COULD work but not in the traditional college sports conference format.

For BobLee’s Version to work the following has to happen …

  1. Johnny Swofford’s GoR To Infinity Media Deal is shredded which it will be regardless.
  2. Clemson and Florida State bolt to The SEC …”maybe” Miami too but maybe not
  3. Notre Dame bolts to The B1G where it belongs
  4. Arizona, Ariz State, Deione U, and Utah join the Big 12
  5. Oregon & U Dub bolt to B1G … if not, My plan works even better
  6. San Diego State and Boise and Fresno join to create the ”Pac Seven” with Cal, Stanford, Wash State, Oregon State.
  7. The remaining 12 ACC members and the Pac 7 create an Alliance of Mutual Convenience … yes, that term came up two years ago. It’s a good one, let’s use it. TCAMC – The TransContinental Alliance of Mutual Convenience.
  8. A brainiac nerd at Cal-Berkeley creates a scheduling algorithm that has the 12 ACC schools playing eight other ACC schools (including three annual rivals) and three of the Pac 7 schools rotating every year … leaving each school one OOC “cupcake game” for a total of twelve games with never more than two away across country trips each year for the ACC schools.
  9. Each PAC-7 school plays each of the other six and three ACC schools each year for a total of nine. Their remaining three games are OOC. The Cal brainiac nerd’s algorithm will work it out somehow. … If Oregon and UDub stay this works even better.
  10. A semi-annual game between UNCCH and Cal-Berkely will be the Liberal Hell-Hole Game. Both teams will wear rainbow jerseys and both head coaches must cross-dress. At least one referee must be a midget pedophile.
  11. The TCAMC gets two slots in the 12-team CFCP. All games against ACC / Pac-5 opponents count towards a TCAMC Championship w/ top 2 going to CFCP.
  12. A for-real sports network / streaming service comes up with a media deal that guarantees each TCAMC a minimum of $45,000,000 / year. With yours truly getting $100,000 for coming up with the plan. “Skippy” gets a kilo of coke for his part.

Scheduling non-revenue sports for ACC /Pac5 teams will be done on a “what makes sense” basis with no need for multiple transcontinental flights. For instance NC State’s Womens Cross-Country and Men & Womens Tennis teams fly together to Corvallis or Palo Alto wherever. Multiple teams play a common opponent at the same time. Maybe several schools all meet on one campus for Multi-Sports Weekends. Again “the algorithm” will work it out.

Unless anyone can satisfactorily debunk this … I’m implementing the above effective 2024. I get to define “satisfactorily”.

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