Rimshots: Sun Belt * Duke/BYU * The Queen * Tennis ***

September16/ 2022
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September 16, 2022

Rimshots: Sun Belt * Duke Hoax * The Queen * Tennis * * * 

There is a Life Lesson that Time tends to regulate the Enormity of any incident to its rightful level of OMG!!!  The amount of Time required to achieve that equilibrium is in proportion to the true significance of any incident.  

9/11 … JFK Assassination … birth of a child / grandchild … any incident involving “toilet seats” and “taking out the trash” … Wins / Loses in “games” are all examples of incidents across the wide spectrum of relative OMG!!

One’s ability to assess an incident’s OMG! status only comes with length of tooth or time on the planet.  Appreciating the eternal wisdom inherent in The Serenity Prayer being a good measure.

Unless one is a Texas A&M – or Notre Dame – “board monkey” the OMG factor of last week’s football games has already receded into “Oh yeah.  That did happen.  What’s for dinner?”  But it still merits a mention here …


The Sun Belt Thing …

Is The Sun Belt Conference now “a Power Conference” … is it now The Power6?  Let’s hold off on that for a month or so.

Two BobLee Says Incredible Insights come to mind in explaining last week’s OMG Game Results …

Prior to “Deacon Dave” elevating Wake Forest to a very legitimate “on any given Saturday” program, the Rule was Never schedule WFU in September.  Wait until mid-late October. 

NOTE:  Except for NC State of course.  There is NEVER a good time to schedule Wake Forest if you are the Wolfpack. Ouch!

Because by mid-Oct injuries will have decimated their first strings and they will have lesser talents /”walk-on” in key positions especially in the O-Line.   O-Line injuries are 100% Unavoidable PERIOD regardless of the stature of the program.

The true measure of any football team is the relative strength of its 3rd string Offensive Line … because some of those “big’uns” will be seeing A LOT of playing time in late October / November…. GUARANTEED!

NOTE:  Ask Sam Howell if there is a difference between an experienced O-Line and a pieced-together bunch week-to-week.

That now-outdated WFU admonition could now be applied to “The Sun Belt”…. 

Sun Belt rosters simply lack THE DEPTH of their more exalted Power5 cuzzins. Programs such as ASU, Marshall, Coastal Carolina and, yes, ECU certainly have “first stringers” that could contribute to “Major College” teams, but the depth of their rosters is limited.   That lack of depth would be a factor if ASU played aTm in late October etc etc …

The Group Of Five conferences certainly have some very good players.  The Power5 conferences simply have more “good players” and, therefore, will win any “war of attrition” over a 3-month season.

NOTE: My son-in-law “Priest Danny” played WR at Division III Wheaton twelve years ago.  Wheaton is a perennial Div III “power”. 

I asked him “How big were your O-linemen?” “All over 300 lbs” he quickly replied.  Shooting down another myth that “small colleges have small players”.

That all said … take NOTHING away from those Sun Belt “David v Goliath” Victories over Big Time Programs.  KUDOS to everyone connected to those programs.


The Duke Racist Hoax …

Yes, it was all a HOAX.  It = the racist taunts that the black Duke player claims she (and no one else) heard at BYU.   It was every bit the Never Happened Hoax as was Tawana Brawley, Jucisse Smollett, Bubba Wallace, Duke Lacrosse et al were.

BYU conducted an extensive investigation involving anyone within a reasonable proximity to the alleged incident.  No one heard anything.  No one has come forward to validate the OMG report.

Yes … there ARE those within our society who might yell a racist taunt.  “Those types” will exist in our society despite all attempts to eradicate them.  But it did not happen at BYU as alleged. 

Each Racial Hoax weakens the honest attempts to resolve the chasm in race relations in America.

DUKE, as an institution, refuses to accept the results of BYU’s findings … just as Duke refused to accept the results of the Lacrosse Hoax sixteen years ago.

That is a solid repudiation of Duke’s claim to be a credible institution.  They are exposed as faux elitists which matches the stereotype of such institutions.

The failure of Jay Bilas, Coach K and Jon Scheyer to back-off their public support of the student perpetrating the hoax indicates character / integrity flaws in those individuals.  Which comes as no surprise for many of you.

Their respective livelihoods depend upon the favorable support of 17 y/o black kids.  They are willing to prostitute themselves to maintain that favor.


If this hoax had involved a UNCCH athlete how would UNCCH have reacted as an institution?  Certainly many of its self-righteous alumni / fans would have reacted exactly as Duke’s did.


You have probably heard about the reaction of Dawn Staley the WBB HC at South Carolina.  Coach Staley – betting that her recent National Championship gives her the “right” to grab national attention at the expense of embarrassing her employer – USoCar and its fan base – cancelled upcoming games with BYU … despite the proof that NOTHING happened.

Dawn Staley already had “earned” a reputation as an outspoken racially-obsessed coach who promotes racial animosity with her players.  She has now cemented that unsavory reputation.  She is Univ of South Carolina’s problem.  

If I’m not mistaken, Dawn Staley and UNCCH’s notorious “Debbie Don’t Do Lunch” are long time buddies from their UVA days.

Angry Black Women (ABWs) have allowed themselves to become cartoon stereotypes … Jemele Hill – Joy Reid – Whoopie – and now add Dawn Staley. Probably not the result they intended.

Why do people perpetrate these hoaxes?  

IMO, it is a desire for personal gain and celebrity status within the very lucrative Race Industry … There IS a “Race Industry” just as there is an “Abortion Industry” and a “Climate Industry”.

“The media” is quick to knee-jerk to report and support these hoaxes … but never reports the hoax reveal.  With Race Hoaxes … the black community never hears the Hoax Reveal … only the reported injustices which Never Happened.


The Death of Queen Elizabeth …

“Queen Elizabeth” was a global personality for pretty much all my life.  I don’t really understand the whole Royals / Monarchy Thingy but I don’t need to.

The Royals are indeed a goofy dysfunctional bunch; but Elizabeth and Prince Philip seemed to be quite decent people living 24/7 in a fantasy world with which we cannot possibly relate.

That she could be Queen of England for 70 some years and personally avoiding scandal and appearing as dysfunctional as most of that clown troupe is worth our admiration and respect.

Blondie is a bit of an Anglophile especially appreciating how England persevered thru two world wars, The Blitz, et al under conditions we cannot imagine merits our admiration.  Queen Elizabeth personified grace and class through a Long Life Well Led.


Tennis Retirements

Roger Federer announced his retirement this week … and Serena Williams says she is retiring too; but she might “pull a Tom Brady”.

To the extent I follow Tennis which is superficial beyond Wimbledon … Roger Federer seemed to be a first-class fellow as well as a humble champion.  No scandals … no stoopid crap … just incredible consistency at the top of a “highly competitive business”.

Serena Williams’ grand slam titles speak for themselves PERIOD.  The two women that dominated Womens Tennis over the past 30+ years were Serena Williams and Martina Navratilova … both of whom were obviously physically superior to the competition they faced week-to-week.  Thats simply a fact.

The media fawning over Serena Williams is “a bit much” and likely spurred by “white guilt” which “the media” is terminally infected with.  Such are the times we are living in.


Speaking of Tom Brady … news last week that Gisele has “moved out” over Tom’s decision to rejoin “the guys in the lockerroom” for one more year.  Understandable and again … they inhabit a world of Wealth and Celebrity that I and likely you cannot relate to. ….

ARod is “on the prowl” again and Gisele is now living in Miami … Uh Oh!


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