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Sept 6, 2022



When I said last week that I look forward to College Football season for the pure Entertainment value of the games I did not imagine the Entertainment Pandemic that would be this past long weekend … YOWSA!

This past weekend’s series of games rivaled last years NFL Playoffs for pure That Was Fun To Watch!


From ODU v VaTech to last night’s Fighting Dabos v GaTech, I had absolutely nothing at risk but the time I chose to invest in watching … not a penny bet … not an iota of self-worth at risk.   I chose well.  I’m not expecting each week to match this collection of “Well I’ll be Damned … look at THAT!”

Before we re-digest all the heart-stopping buzzer-beaters … lets take a moment to acknowledge a new tradition over in West Derm … at Duke University.

Holy Nifong, Batman … Apparently every sixteen years Duke University is going to make a public Fool of itself by being bamboozled by a Faux Racial Incident.

Surely, you, me and the rest of the world recall the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Scandal … Mikey Nifong … Crystal Mangum aka “honor student and single mother of two” …  Bunny Hole Escorts,  the pot bangers, Malik Zulu Shabazz and his New Black Panthers… et al.  And, of course, yours truly as “boots on the ground” reporting LIVE to 20,000,000 listeners on EIB.  THE Most Embarrassing Journalistic Pratfall in the sordid history of The News & Observer.

This most recent 2022 version doesn’t quite rise to that historic level … what could?  This latest – The Black Duke Volleyball Player and the racial taunts at BYUthat never happened…”   

When I read the very first report on OutKick of “what didn’t actually happen at BYU” I immediately called “WHOA, slow down … there’s gotta be more to this.  It doesn’t pass the smell test..” 

And, of course, I was correct; but also of course ESPN and its slimey ilk were already in full Rant & Rage drowning out what actually happened.

Multiple interviews, videos and on-site reports from BYU students, security officers and impartial spectators thoroughly discredited the supposedly traumatized black Duke volleyball player … but not before Duke – including Coach K – issued embarrassing quotes condemning what never happened at BYU.

USoCar AD Ray Tanner allowing his whitey-hatin’ WBB coach to cancel their series with BYU was a spineless decision by a fella I thought had more gumption that that.

Somewhere in upstate New York … Tawana Brawley just smiled and said “Hi folks, remember me”.  And, of course there’s Jussie Smollett too. … and for sure … there WILL be more such Faux Incidents because “the media” ALWAYS falls for them. … sigh.

OK … back to those INCREDIBLY entertaining college football games.

What happened in Norfolk was hardly a surprise … it happens every time a VaTech team NOT coached by Frank Beamer plays there … the once-Mighty Hokies got beat (again) by ODU. 

Its too early to say the new VaTech coach WhatsHisName is “on the hot seat” …but it was an auspicious debut for sure.  The Hokies’ descent into college football irrelevant mediocrity is an example of “a once for-real giant of a program going to sleep”.

Saturday’s trans-state noon doubleheader at Greenville / Boone was a coupla HUMDINGERs Fer Sure. 

Yes … both Proud Triangle-area Power-5 ACC Schools “won” … but their respective fan bases aren’t doin’ any chest-thumpin’.

Most NC State fans likely took my advice NOT to book hotel rooms for the CFP Championship Game just yet.  Good thing, huh?  Those lofty pre-season expectations came within a frog-hair of unmitigated disaster in Dowdy-Ficklin.

A wayward ECU FG at the buzzer dooming a poor mother’s son to on-line death threats by the usual human hairball element within the Pirate (every) fan base.

A LOT of Wolfpackers will simply never believe in Dave Doeren.  After ten years, if he still hasn’t won their confidence, he never will.  Tough bizness …

On-line death threats following close game miscues have become commonplace in the digital age.  They are mentioned in The Book of Revelation among End of Days precursors.  Don’t buy green bananas.

I was wearing out my remote switching between Greenville and Boone as there were early indications that both games was going to be Lallapaloozas … and they both were indeed.


Meanwhile up in Boone … Gene Chizek’s reputation as a Defensive Guru took a lambasting that could affect his future at UNCCH.  Giving up 4-5 TDs in a game is one thing … giving up 4-5 TDs in one quarter is another whole level of YEEEE HA!.

Drake, The latest edition of the Maye Family at UNC,  seems to be settling in pretty well. Sam Who? … Sure, he has yet to face a Power5 defense and won’t this week either but look for his back-up to enter The Portal any day now.

I can’t recall ever seeing a 4th Quarter offensive circus quite like what happened in Kidd Brewer Stadium.  Have you?

Again … not having an emotional connection to any team … it was ENTERTAINING!

Should I remind one and all that I have both ECU and AppState – and the “Big Four” – in my BobLee’s Boutique ACC when the realignment smoke clears.  

Speaking of on-line human hairballs …  both LSU and Clemson fan base nitwits were active over the weekend.  NO … neither Brian Kelly nor Dabo got death threats but their faithful ain’t too faithful.

I don’t HATE anyone in sports be they players, coaches, commissioners or broadcasters … but there are certain individuals whose on-screen personas I don’t much care for … LSU’s Brian Kelly is one such.  I never cared much for him at ND nor now at LSU.  

I think Kelly’s time in Bayou Country will be short-lived and very expensive for LSU to put an end to.  Ed Orgeron seemed a perfect fit for LSU but his lengthy collection of severe personality disorders did him in … propositioning a Trustee’s pregnant wife at a gas pump is on most short lists for “don’t do that”.  Brian Kelly won’t do that but he also will NEVER fit in down there.

Meanwhile … even The Mighty Dabo is not immune to fan discontent … the Klemsun hairballs were about to “get a rope” last night before their much-maligned QB finally got it together sort of.  

Based on this past long weekend … I predict NCState will go 8-4 … Mack 2.0 will check-in at 7-5 … Duke at 4-8 … WFU at 8-4 … FSU at 8-4 … ECU at 8-4 … AppState at 9-3. 

NOTE:  All predictions subject to mid-season revision.


Aaron Judge will not catch Roger Maris but will hit 60 HRs and sign a $50,000,000/year contract with the Mets.

Did you see where Russell & Chiarra Wilson bought a $25,000,000 Mega Mansion in Denver with only Four bedrooms but Twelve bathrooms !!!!  I’m not in the Mega-Mansion game but that ratio seems odd to me … oh well!

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