I’m not Mel Gibson or Jimmy Stewart but …

March08/ 2021

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March 8, 2021


I’m Not Mel Gibson or Jimmy Stewart but …

Would it make more sense if I said I’m Not “Benjamin Martin”…… or “Charles Anderson”. The characters played by Mel Gibson / The Patriot and Jimmy Stewart / Shenandoah?  As if the actual title isn’t too cryptic.

The characters – Martin and Anderson – were both fathers during major wars in American – The Revolution & The Civil War respectively.  Both were adamant about their families staying out of those wars … but both men were inexorably drawn in when their sons became fatally involved.

Unlike those two characters … I have NOT been reluctant to become involved in the current “War” raging in America. …

But, I HAVE been reluctant to fully utilize This Page of my website to the war effort. 

That is no longer the case.

Do not assume that because I have total contempt for Liberal Democrats, I must be “Republican – Conservative” whatever the hell that means.

I detest the wholesale corruption of  “the political class” and its media cronies.   All the corrupt scoundrels that profit from it whether “D” or “R”.  Which are the most corrupt is a pointless argument.

I have hesitated to post commentaries that might be combative to ever how many of you are enthusiastic supporters of The Biden / Harris /Pelosi / Schumer Regime and of their policies.  Whether you are simply a hapless victim of TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome – or a true believer in a totalitarian state.

That too is no longer the case.  It’s likely only a handful of you reading this fall into that category.   Some do.

The Biden/ Harris/ Pelosi/ Schumer Regime – and its supporters – pose a serious threat to my grandchildren’s future.  … I take serious threats “seriously”.

What is happening today to “America” – as it was founded and prospered for 250 years – is as diabolical as Hitler’s Blitz of London in 1940-41.   Hitler’s expressed intent with The Blitz was to crush morale and break the spirit of the English people. 

… Exactly the intent of the Biden / Harris / Pelosi / Schumer Regime regarding anyone who dares oppose them.

This website attracts a significant number of viewers.  Only about 5% regularly post reader comments.  If you come here to “escape” what is happening to America … you need to keep on looking for such a refuge from the storm.  Good Luck!

As Benjamin Martin and Charles Anderson did turn their plowshares into swords, I am committing this website to The Cause.  Will one more snowflake cause an avalanche … One more drop of water turn the tide?  Probably not … but I can say I tried.


I started this site 20 years ago with the late Lewis Grizzard as a model.   That is still my model along with a few others of lesser renown.

I intend to do More “Keep Your Fork” … and PDEW … and “Must Be Yankees” … and “Her Name was Cotton” … and “The Keys To The Gym” … and “Pier Fishing With My Dad” … etc.  … More reminders of a less perilous time in America.

This website was intended for Entertainment Purposes.   If I can also provide hope and a haven for those of you terrified at what is happening to America … I will not hesitate to do so.

If you have not checked out The Rush Chronicles … I recommend you do so.   A dozen+ stories about two men who became acquainted by coincidence and remained friends.   One gained International Fame & Fortune … and One had a radio show for 32 years !!  GOTCHA!

OK … Now I can do that column on Professional Bass Fishermen … BobLee’s kinda guys.


MORE of BobLeeSays … HERE


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