Governor Andy in Albany … & The Oprah & The Royals

Andy & Oprah
March13/ 2021

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March 13, 2021

Governor Andy in Albany… and The Oprah & The Royals

As America’s Handbasket continues its inexorable descent into Lucifer’s fiery depths … let us speak of recent reaffirmations of mankind’s / womankind’s / itkind’s unworthiness to be considered “the ultimate evolution of the species”.

If “we” are the best that 10,000s of years could evolve into … I wonder what species is in 2nd place … or 8th place ???

Unless you are among the millions that actually did vote for “whatshisname in the basement” and “the razor-totin’ woman” and you get your “news” from almost anywhere but HERE … you have probably heard that Fredo Cuomo’s big brother Governor Andy in Albany is in a bit of a sticky wicket.

NOTE:  “Fredo” Cuomo is a disparaging nickname given to Godfather Mario’s youngest son – Chris.  It is derived from the weaselly “Fredo Corleone” character in Godfather.  It really pisses Chris off so we use it a lot.

Six months ago The Corrupt Left-wing Media was all aflutter praising Governor Andy in Albany because – unlike “whatshisname in the basement” –  Andy Cuomo was appearing on TV every day lying about all the grandmas and grandpas  he was sending to their deaths with The Chinese Flu.

… Andy looked so gosh darn “gubernatorial” back then

The Terminally Corrupt Left-wing Media LOVED Governor Andy then.  Now … not so much.   Now its March and the media swooning has turned into “Cuomo?  What’s a Cuomo? Is that a Dr Seuss character”.

Don’t get confused re: duplicitous Democrat governors.  Andy Cuomo did not ridicule “black people” by appearing “in blackface” back in college – that we know of.  Thats the duplicitous Democrat governor in Virginia.

Nor did Andy enthusiastically champion giving pedophiles full access to little girls’ restrooms.  That is the duplicitous Democrat governor in North Carolina.

… And, of course, there are those duplicitous doozies in Michigan, Illinois and California.  There are enough duplicitous Democrat governors to  (insert some silly example of doing something).

Governor Andy in Albany was caught “sniffing aides” … Oops …NO, my bad.  The Perv Sniffer is Ol’ Joe in the basement.

Did Governor Andy have illicit sex with “Fast Willie” Brown … NO – that was Kamala The Razor-totin’ Woman.

Oh, I know … Governor Andy in Albany was The Serial Flirter.

“Flirting” is not necessarily a bad thing UNLESS one is a 63 y/o slimeball governor and the flirtees are vulnerable young women young enough to be his granddaughters … then it gets “yucky”…. even by amoral Lib/Dem standards.

As of Friday, Andy’s serial flirting finally exceeded the “allowable” limit.

“Six” is apparently the maximum number of nubile aides that a slimey Democrat Governor is allowed to “get yucky” with.

It’s now up to 7-8 “aides” … increasing faster than Dominion software votes after midnight. 

NY Senators Chuck-U Schumer and “the other one” are calling for Slimey Andy to “just go away”.   Which likely means Andy WILL “just go way”  … kicking and screaming his version of “… the definition of ‘is”.  Hey, that worked for Slick Willie… Remember HIM?

Meanwhile “Geraldo” is conducting a man-on-the-street poll in Times Square to see how many New Yorkers recall if it was former Governors George Pataki or Eliot Spitzer that got caught with “the high-dollar hooker”.   The correct answer is Spitzer.

When New York’s Governor is soooo yucky that New Yorkers forget about NYC Mayor “Bill The Commie” De Blasio … you KNOW it’s pretty bad.

Maybe Dominion Software can come up with an app to keep track of sleazy New York Democrat politicians …

Let’s face it America … do we really care about umpteen sleazy liberal democrats when Meghan & Harry are imperiled?  OMG !!!

Disclaimer:  I did NOT watch “Madame O” a/k/a “The Oprah” and her heart-wrenching interview with The Duke & Duchess of Sussex.   But I did consult my Go-To on all matters “Royals” – The Kid in Wisconsin. 

Kid’s Mom – Blondie – shares our daughter’s fascination with “The Royals”. … The only “Royals” I ever cared about were George Brett and Dan Quisenberry.

I would NOT watch “The Oprah” if she did a YouTube on Guaranteed Ways to Catch 5-lb Bass Without a Boat … and I REALLY want to know how to do that.


Given a choice of “sit next to on an 8-hour bus ride” between The Oprah – Hillary Clinton – Nancy Pelosi – or “Lizzie Borden holding a bloody ax” I would opt for Lizzie every time.  Wouldn’t you … be honest?

97.5% of the I feel so sorry for poor Duchess Meghan crowd also ……

Think that…  AOC and Greta The Climate Troll are Awesome.  Uh Oh!

Anyone looking for proof that America is indeed staring into The Abyss and The Abyss is laughing … need look no farther than the fact that Meghan Markle – AOC – & Greta The Climate Troll have millions of clueless “peeps” … who probably vote.  Some multiple times … some might be related to you.  Uh Oh!

England’s “Royals” are weird … very very weird.  But remember The English voted Winston Churchill out of office three months after V-E Day.  Churchill – The Man who single-handedly saved their arrogant asses from The Nazi War Machine.

Piccadilly ain’t the only “circus” over there.  The DNA of “The Royals” is more screwed up than The Hatfields & The McCoys.  The English’s affection for a goofy monarchy is their bizness … like driving on the wrong side of the road and crop circles and Stonehenge and …

I was a fan of “Suits” and very cool Harvey Spectre and that red-haired gal.  I thought Meghan Markle’s character was whiney.  Meghan Markle is whiney.

I THINK … Meghan Markle’s Problem is that Kate Middleton AND her sister “Pippa” are waaaaaay cooler than “I’m half-black” Meghan will ever be.


As for “Harry’s problems”… Charles is his father.  Enuff said … Harry never had a chance to be a functioning adult.  Pinocchio had better odds of being “a real boy” than Harry ever did.

“Poor Meghan The Victim” will dump Harry within two years and “celebrate her blackness” by dating the 4-5 NBA guys that The Kardashians haven’t gotten around to … yet!

A final word on The Oprah … she taught Barack & BigMo how to capitalize on white guilt among suburban soccer moms.  As America’s first Affirmative Action Billionairess, “Madame O” has always been much better at THAT than she ever has been at losing weight.


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