“Marinate In Their Hate”

Matinate in their Hate
February14/ 2021


Feb 14, 2021


“Marinate In Their Hate”

A quick speculation into what to expect as “America” stumbles into the Stygian darkness of Post-Failed Impeachment 2.0

The Deranged 80 y/o Jr Hi “mean girl” chews her lower lip and leads her cadre of “flying monkeys” back to their lair.  NOTE:  Clever use of a Wizard of Oz reference.

Witch Monkeys

North Carolina Republicans scour thesauruses for derogatory terms to describe Sen. “Dickie” Burr. “Disgusting POS” is the most popular in these first 24 hours since he joined “The Mitt /Murkowski Gang”.

Numerous For Sale signs have appeared on Burr’s front lawn in Winston-Salem’s toney Old Towne enclave.  Burr doesn’t care.  “Dickie” has fled Camel City for his new oceanside manse on OBX.

As for the rest of The Swamp … nothing will change.  Nancy, Chuck and Creepy Joe and their “flying monkeys” will continue to feed the fires of Pure Toxic Hate for Donald Trump and the 80,000,000 of us who support him.

“Marinate in Their Hate” is all they’ve got.  “Hate” was the total focus of their 2020 Campaign which did achieve its objective … thanks to their Whatever It Takes motto.

If DC Dems have no other strategy but Hate Trump and His 80,000,000 Supporters … their “news media” could not change its focus even if it wanted to which it doesn’t.  Those fops and fools will forever Hate Trump for revealing them for the fops and fools that they are.

Alas … On-line Censorship and Corporate Intimidation Will Increase.

That leaves their rank & file … your acquaintances.  “They” will continue to bombard you with How can you continue to support that horrid evil criminal blah blah blah…?  I deleted any/all of those from my daily orbit several years ago.   If you cannot or choose not to delete them from yours … you have my sympathy.

“They” are, for the most part, miserable human beings who, like their leaders, choose to Marinate In Their Hate.  My on-going mantra to you isDO NOT Allow Them To Steal Your Joy. …  Stay Strong My Friends!


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