Are The ChiComms “Smarter” than We are?

February13/ 2021

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Are The ChiComms “Smarter” than We Are?

Preface:  I have never been to China.  If you have you may have a better perspective on this question.  Feel free to share it.

IF “we” have anything in common with Lib/Dems other than opposable thumbs, it may be Systemic Arrogance.   “Americans” have a built-in arrogance that “we” are “smarter” and “better people” than everyone else on the planet …because We SIMPLY ARE.  Aren’t we?

Is your concept of “the Chinese” … bazillions of little yellow people in “coolee hats” toiling in rice fields …unable to pronounce the letter “L”.  When it comes to “building a border wall” they wrote the freakin’ book!  … Charlie Chan, Hop Sing, gunpowder… and egg rolls?

Do you know the difference between Chinese – Japanese – and Koreans?   Chinese – Japanese – and Koreans do.  Each firmly belief “they” are far superior to the other two Oriental ethnicities “because”…  There is a Global Pandemic of Systemic Arrogance

Today’s Question… Are the Chinese Communists – i.e. “ChiComms” – “smarter” than we are.  Are their political leaders “smarter” than our current political leaders?  Don’t laugh.  I’m serious.

Supposedly Chinese are Inscrutable  = “impossible to understand or interpret”.  Which is said about Joe Biden speeches.

Is the Dems’ insane Trump Vendetta orchestrated by inscrutable forces in Beijing?  The ChiComms have “bought” 95% of American politicians – Ds and Rs – for what to them is “chump change”.   Except for Donald J. Trump.  For all his provocative bombast, DJT proved more than a match in their 3-dimensional chess game for World Domination.

DJT is 007 to their Dr No / Goldfinger / Largo / Blofeld et al.   ELIMINATE TRUMP and their strategy to “own America” is back on schedule.

Let’s completely dismiss that I might be correct.  Otherwise … America’s Future gets very foreboding.


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