The Crash & Burning of “PLUGS” Biden

February09/ 2020


Feb 9, 2020


The Crash & Burning of “PLUGS” Biden

BL alone

No One… not Wife Jill… not Blacksheep Son Hunter… not any of the Incestuous Biden Crime Family… not anyone in Itty Bitty Delaware … not DNC Officials … not DNC Operatives … not The Yellow Dog Dem Media … certainly not Barack Hussein Obama … not Michelle “BigMO” Obama … not The Quite Mad Witch of Chappaqua … NO ONE.

NO ONE EVER Expected Joe “PLUGS” Biden TO WIN the 2020 National Election.  Rather…

They All Expected Donald J. Trump TO LOSE The 2020 National Election. … 

And “PLUGS” would be “a safe choice” to return America to The Deep Swamp.


Wait… Whoa … Slow Down BobLee

Whats this “PLUGS” Biden thing?  Fill us in BobLee.


I figured everyone with the courage to read this website is a Hard-Core EIB DITTO-Head … with at least a 20-year listener merit badge.

About 15+ years ago Joe Biden “had some work done”.  Work of “a follicular nature”. 

Plugs Plugs

Joe Biden Got Hair Implants.  Joe Biden Got PLUGS!

It was obvious Joe was “having the work done”.  Rush noticed it and nailed Joe with the nickname “PLUGS”.

When Rush “nails” a nickname on anyone he uses a railroad spike.  Just ask Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg… or David “Rodham” Gurgen… or “Chuck-U” Shumar… or …

To make it even better-er… it was soon learned that Joe HATED the nick “PLUGS”… so, of course, Rush went out of his way to use it on-air at every opportunity.  That was 15+ years ago.  Plugs… Plugs … Plugs … Plugs ... LOLOLOL. 

Now you know why “PLUGS” was quick to bash Rush getting The Medal of Freedom.… and his HAIR is another reason “PLUGS” is so jealous of Donald Trump.

Now you, and 20,000,000 EIB loyalists, all know The Legend of “PLUGS” Biden.


Back to “PLUGS” Not WINNING …. But Trump LOSING in 2020.  The Dems strategy was that Trump would simply Explode or Implode from Extreme Unfiltered Trumpification.

DJT’s unfiltered provocative shoot-from-the-hip style would eventually BLOW UP on him… and America would go EeeeWwww at the gooey mess… sweep it up… and vote for someone / anyone who “looks the part” and sorta “acts the part”.

Of the choices sent over by Central Casting… The Joe Biden – from 20 years ago – seemed ideal.  That Joe had a nice lean “statesman” appearance.  Several decades prancing around The Senate but keeping his pants up and no midnight skinny-dipping in the Tidal Basin (ala Wilbur Mills!) … at least that no one caught him doing.

Alas, “That Joe” had the beginning of a form of Tourette’s Syndrome where he blurts some thing really stoopid for no apparent reason.  Remember The Indians at the Delaware 7-11s.  The hair-sniffing “PLUGS The Perv” was creeping into his photo ops a bit but not into Every Picture that it gradually got to.

The Dems figured they could have a Damage Control Team assigned to Joe 24/7 and, with The Media sure to provide cover for anything his controllers missed … it should work.

Meanwhile PLUG’S Midnight Buck Nekkid Run-Abouts in his Delaware Mansion backyard were increasing in frequency.  Paying off the neighbors not to “go to the tabloids” became a pain for PLUGS’ “keepers”.

Was this odd behavior tied to PLUGS’ TWO brain surgeries?  Could there be some One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest action going on with PLUGS?

PLUGS’ crack about “This Obama fella is a nice clean one…” or whatever he blurted was REALLY close to That’s It Joe.  You’re Toast but the media hushed it up as best they could.


From 2008 to 2016, of course,  “PLUGS” was Barack’s Caucasian Lawn Jockey outside The White House East Gate.

Trot the “white guy” out for the occasional “hair-sniffing photo-op” with Whozits From East WhoCaresWhere … send him to The Ukraine for whatever felonious mischief Bidens do in The Ukraine … and be sure to edit anything he says to a live mic.

Meanwhile BarackBigMOEric “Stedman” Holder … and Valerie “Jihad” Jarrett were dismantling 220 years of “America”.

Obama always knew PLUGS was a dim bulb even for “a white guy”.   That’s WHY he chose him for his Lawn Jockey / VP… but NEVER endorsed him for the Dem nominee? You figured THAT out haven’t you?


“PLUGS'” not-so-slow morphing into a For-Real Loose Cannon went unnoticed with everyone’s attention on Bombastic Donald Being Bombastic Donald.

When the Dems did send PLUGS out on the Campaign Trail… Everyone realized “the 77 y/o PLUGS” was hardly statesman-like.  His obvious “plugs” were compounded by his equally obvious “eye-work” which made him the beady-eyed double for Jeff Dunham’s grumpy old “Walter” characterSee Up Top.  Not quite Mount Rushmore potential.

Then PLUGS went full-bore biting the heads off of live mics… with a regularity that Ol’ Roy Williams would envy.  Threats to the media covering PLUGS to carefully clean up his gaffes and full-blown rabid rants became daily.

The stress of The Hunter/Ukraine Scandal EXPLODING pushed Creepy Ol’ PLUGS closer to pulling a Thelma & Louise any day.

Finishing 5th out of 4 in Iowa or whatever the final miscount will be REALLY kicked the grumpy old coot ass over tea kettle.  Losing badly to Bernie The Commie… Little Pete The Gay Mayor… and Sacaja-Warren has dumped PLUGS in a hole deeper than an ICBM silo.

Today – Sunday, Feb 9 – “PLUGS” went Full Crackers at a softball question lobbed to him by a reporterette in New Hampshire.

The Political book at The Stardust in Vegas as it “even-money” that PLUGS will be GONE by March 1… or sooner.

The Only Question IS

Lechter Mask

(1) will PLUGS walk off under his own power… or

(2) be carted off – ala Hannibal Lechter – as PLUGS snaps and snarls… But, Its MY TURN, DAMN IT


Leaving the Dems with The Cranky Old Commie … Little Pete … Screaming Lizzie … and Mini-Mike.  Cute Lil’ GI-Tulsi is just off camera,  AND, never forget The Quite Mad Witch of Chappaqua… and BigMO …

And Donald?  Well, he just keeps on “Being Donald” which seems to be working out pretty good so far.




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