“Was Sherman’s March ….” – And – “Do YOU think AOC is…” ????

Sherman's March
February09/ 2020

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Feb 10, 2020


“Was Sherman’s March ….”? and … “Do You Think AOC is …”?


PREFACE:  Folks ask me a lot… BobLee, should I get involved in social media – Twitter and/or Facebook?  I answer with this story about one-time Baseball Phenom Josh Hamilton.

In his first season of professional baseball… A Ball… Josh went with a teammate to get a tattoo.  Josh, with a strong aversion to needles, just went along with his buddy.  His buddy insisted Josh get a small tatt on his bicep.  The tattoo guy gave Josh “something to minimize the needle pain”.  That “something” was a hit of “meth”.Josh

THAT sent Josh Hamilton down a very dark road that almost ruined his life… and – despite a few outstanding MLB years – kept Josh from “being Mike Trout before there was a Mike Trout”… and will keep Josh The Phenom out of Cooperstown.

Social Media lurks on the “addiction” scale between “meth and glue-sniffing”.

Ergo… If I suggest you “get involved with social media” I could be keeping YOU out of Cooperstown.  So… NODo NOT get involved with social media…


I AM active on both Twitter and Facebook.   My involvement is akin to Doctors Without Borders going into 3rd-4th World Hellholes “because somebody has to”.  It puts me in touch with sub-species of humanity that would cause Charles Darwin to give up on Evolution in favor of lawn bowling.

I will say there ARE around two dozen “kinda sorta normal” kindred souls wandering the Twitter/Facebook Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland.  I am privileged to be connected to all two dozen of them; in addition to all the Abby-normals.

I make this sacrifice to alert you to Stay Away.  This past week, I posed a question on Facebook … it went something like this…


As a Military Strategy and based on available weaponry …

Was there really any difference between Sherman’s March To The Sea and Dropping The Bomb on Hiroshima / Nagasaki?

Both were, admittedly, Drastic measures designed to bring a quicker end to what would otherwise be prolonging many more years of awful wars.  


Posing “Make’em Think” / What Ifs on Facebook is a complete waste of time at best … and “askin’ for trouble” at worst.  One goes to Facebook to either…

(1)  Find folks who think exactly like you do… and then pretend you and them represent EVERYBODY IN AMERICA.  Or

(2)  You go to throw verbal rocks at angry pit bulls (i.e. – people with different opinions than yours) …  hoping the pit bulls’ choke chain is about 3′ shorter than ever how far you are from the jaws of the pit bull you are pissin’ off.


I have around 3,000 Friends/Followers on Facebook.  Not counting the two Croatian hookers – Sasha and Inga – pretending to be sorority sisters at Bob Jones University.  I have another 800 or so Followers on Twitter.  I do absolutely nothing to “attract Followers” except post a lot of incredibly entertaining stuff… kinda like this.

So, back to Sherman’s March VS Bombing Hiroshima.  Of my 3,000+ Facebook “Friends” NOT ONE is in Japan or of Japanese origin that I know of.   Uh Oh!

Most of my Facebook “Friends” are – like me – Southern Good Ol’ Boys (GOBs) and Good Ol’ Girls (GOGs).   I knew that going in, but figured “what the heck”…

My favorite (!) response was from Pete in Peachtree City.  Pete claimed Sherman’s March was MUCH WORSE…  ’cause that sumbitch killed Americans… and lots of innocent wimmen and kids…”.

Ignoring the “killed Americans” part, I noted that “a lot of innocent wimmen and children – i.e. non-combatants – were vaporized by The Bomb”. …   I think Pete muttered Harrumph but didn’t post it. … Pete might be related to Johnny Carson’s Floyd R. Turbo.  I didn’t ask.

Another poster noted There is a damn good reason that…  Nothing in Atlanta and/or Georgia is named “Sherman”.  FWIW, there is nothing in Georgia named “Saban” or “Dabo” either.

I googled Hiroshima / Nagasaki looking for a Harry S Truman Expressway or a “Give’em Hell Harry” Sports Bar… nope… nada.

I had Absolutely No Agenda with my question.  The comparison just came to me a few weeks ago. … sigh.

If YOU have an Opinion on The Question please post a comment.


NOTE:  I guess I should tell you what happened when I asked My Facebook Followers … “Do you think AOC is pretty?” … THAT one went over like a pregnant pole vaulter too.

With my FBook bunch… thats like asking State fans if they Think John Swofford Will Go to Heaven.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez went from being totally anonymous 18 months ago to a media-created Force of Nature whose EVERY uttered syllable creates STOP THE PRESSES gridlock across all of Obama’s 57 states.

Every time I see a Today AOC said …. I think of the Peter Sellers character “Chauncey (the) Gardner” in the movie classic Being There.  “Chauncey” was Forest Gump before there was Forest Gump… a simpleton who The Media treats as a Deep Intellectual Thinker.  Of course, compared to many in The Media – AOC IS.

Every AOC said… creates 10 of 1,000s of social media knee-jerks … “She’s dumber than a fence post” … “She’s a human spork” … “She oughta go back where she came from” (The Bronx ?) etc etc etc.   That last one is when she is confused with that really angry Muslim gal with the bee hive on her head.


Saturday night I was e-mail jousting with TheBobKennel.  Don’t ask… it was every bit as – Oh For Heavens’ Sakes – as you can imagine.   The UNC / Duke game was on.  With 4:30 to go I noted to TBK … it looks like Ol’ Roy is gonna win the Two “He Better Win” games … like Mack did.  Oops, not so fast my friend…

Within 30 minutes of the OMG WE LOST ANOTHER ONE… roving gangs of angry LowerLevel TruBlues were scouring Franklin Street looking for either Larry Brown or George Karl. Some things ain’t ever going to change over there.


After “Electrical”… “Plumbing” is my least handyman proficiency.  The bathroom sink has been draining slow and slower… obviously clogged somehow.   Google told me to… Pour several tea kettles full of boiling water down the drain.

I did so three times.  It was still clogged but after the 3rd time… the bathroom drain admitted it was a witch !!!

The 4th time did the trick.  Fueled with confidence, I may go for “replacing the toilet seat” next.

Tim:  You can explain the “…admitted it was a witch” joke to Prince Albert.  Say Good Night Gracie.


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