How Many Clemson Fans Think…

Clemson Win
December30/ 2019


Dec 30, 2019


How Many Clemson Fans Think that…


WOWWas that Clemson vs Ohio State game “Something” or what?

Like most folks, I thought tOSU would simply be too much for The Fighting Dabos… The Buckeyes would wear them down in the 2nd half and win by 20+ like they did twice with “My Badgers”.  If I had been asked the “Who do I WANT to win?” question, I would have said Clemson because no one except tOSU fans ever pull for tOSU.

I’m not sure why that is… but it is.  If tOSU played Alabama/Nick 98% of America would hope a giant asteroid hit midfield midway the 1st Quarter.

tOSU has a huge fan base because they are a Huge School with bazillions of alumni and a long reputation of Football success…. but I don’t think they have many WalMart fans.  Why is that?

NOTE:  I was “at The Horseshoe” when NC State played OSU 12-15 years ago.  It is a very impressive GameDay Experience.

A lot of fans, I assume, also don’t like Dabo because … (1) he has created a For Real Juggernaut … (2) he has a goofy name and he usually acts like “a Dabo”.  And, of course, he keeps mentioning “God” and that really pisses off 50% of America depending upon who one follows on social media these days.  Frustrated fans of other ACC schools have, I’m sure, a litany of reasons they “HATE Dabo because …”.  Whatever…

When REALLY successful people act “over-the-top” as Dabo often does, they are immediately accused of “being phony”.  I think Dabo really is “Dabo”.  If you disagree, that’s OK.

Dabo's cap

My only issue with Dabo involves the ball cap he wears every game.  It’s not really a criticism, but a “how come”.   Even before he reached Official Juggernaut stature, he was wearing an orange ball cap with an extra long brim.  Either that or his head is really small.

At $9M/ year and an operating budget larger than Canada, he can afford to have NewEra make him custom-made caps with extra-long bills.  Every time I see it I think he is a snook guide in the Florida Keys.  Be sure to notice that in the National Championship game.

It was a Terrific game and had the one component that every competitive activity MUST HAVE these days …. CONTROVERSY.   The #1 Best Tweet I saw after the game was … tOSU has contacted Adam Schiff to have “the Refs” impeached.  Hey, referees are “whistleblowers” so why not?

“Blaming the refs” is a tradition that predates the forward pass and face masks.  IMO, The “targeting call” was a no-brainer.  The bobbled pass / fumble was “iffy” and coulda gone either way.  Officiating crews for “big games” are the “best” from a non-involved conference.  I don’t know how Replay Officials are assigned but it does not matter.

Any time a close call goes against “your team” some of “your fans” (not YOU of course because YOU are a mature adult…) will SCREAM “The Fix is in… the refs were told to be sure – XYZ team – wins… blah blah yadda yadda…!” … sigh, yawn. … again, referee conspiracies predates the forward pass and face masks.

I don’t understand TV ratings but I bet “the TV suits” would prefer LSU vs tOSU.  But what do I know.

Clemson fans are derided by opposing fans because deriding fans of really successful teams is what fans of less successful teams always do.  Clemson Football fans seem just fine to me.  They have always supported Clemson Football and their % of “uncouth galoots” is no different than the “uncouth galoots” ratio of any Power5 fan base.  That said, I do have one question…


How many Clemson fans think that…

Dabo’s last name is Sweeney?


Actually, his last name is SWINNEY.  “Sweeney” is a more popular name but it is not Dabo’s.   No clue how many Clemson fans will see this; but how many of you non-Clemson fans thought his last names is Sweeney… instead of Swinney?  … TruBlues are still wrestling with Doherty / Daugherty / Doughery and Gutheridge / Guthridge.

The NatChamp pre-game press conferences with Dabo and Ed Orgeron should be classic.  Both head coaches are “characters”.  I prefer “characters”.

Yes… the two white QBs won.  The two AfAm QBs lost.  THAT will give USAToday Sports columnists plenty to gnaw on for a few weeks. … sigh.


The two Final Four games are the only “Bowl games” I have watched so far.  Yes, I WOULD have watched Mack2.0 versus Whoever They Played but I was en-route home from Madison on Friday afternoon.  I will watch The Rose Bowl  – “My Badgers” vs Oregon – and I might watch Alabama vs Michigan… or maybe not.  We’ll see.

Over Christmas, Pastor Danny and I were discussing our respective fan interest.  “PD” is still coping with Wheaton’s weird loss to St John’s.  The team that eventually won the Div-III National Championship – North Central –  lost one game this year.   Danny’s Wheaton Thunder beat them 35-21 back on Oct 5 so that made that weird loss to “the Johnnies” even more painful.

As regular BLSays readers know… I don’t follow The NFL or NBA any longer.  I’m NOT “making a statement” or “protesting” anything.  I simply realized several years ago that neither appealed to me any longer.    I don’t follow College Basketball any longer for the same “I simply don’t” reason.  Those “don’t any mores” go in the same category with “I don’t go to fast-food restaurants any more”.  It’s the right decision for me.

In chatting with Danny, I realized I cannot name a single player for whoever the NC State MBB coach is now.  Keats?  Isn’t this his 3rd / 4th year?  The last Wolfpack BB player I can name is Tony Warren … he had an epic game against Marcus Paige 5-6 years ago.  Actually I do recall Dennis Smith but that’s because… well, you know.

UNC had some kid who was going to be the Next Big Deal but I think he got hurt.  I can’t name any RoyBoy of the past 3-4 yeas.  No clue at all about Duke Basketball these days. I would never have imagined that 20 years ago … BUT… 

I CAN still name the 1957 UNC startersthe 1982 UNC startersthe 1974 and 1983 NC State BB Champions… and the Laettner – Hurley – Hill Duke teams.  Is it an “age thing” or what?

All that said… I lead a pretty full life, in my opinion.  I’m always “reading” 2/3 books /week and I watch a lot of documentaries on Amazon Prime and Curiosity Stream.  I ably assist Blondie in attempting to keep Western Civilization from falling into The Abyss… FWIW I’m not at all confident we will be successful. … AND…

I continue to be The 2nd Smartest Guy on Facebook and Twitter.  Alas, EVERYONE Else is tied for THE Smartest.

IF your New Year’s Resolution is Get Involved with Social Media… Rethink that.  Stay  with old favorites like “Lose Weight” … “Clean Out Your Closets / Attic” … “Learn a foreign language” … “Adopt a homeless dog or cat”.


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