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Fourth of July
July04/ 2019



About six months ago I vowed to keep THIS Web Page as free of partisan politics as America’s Front Page will allow me to.  I’m still holding to that vow… as much as America’s Front Page will allow me to.  When the full blown street riots and neighbor vs neighbor cul de sac battles commence, I may have to disavow that vow but we will burn that bridge when we get to it…. probably next Spring or early Summer.  There will be ample notice given… I promise.

Before we get into today’s juicy title subjects shown up top…  Are you wondering what BobLee Says about …


Selling Alcohol at College Sports Events…

Disclaimer:  I am neither a Proponent nor an Opponent as regards Selling Beer at College Sports Events.  Since I no longer attend College Sports Events, I care only because I do enjoy cashing in my I Told You So chips.

The Official BobLee I Told You So on this one is ….

It will have about the same effect on College Sports Events as my no longer attending them does which is No Noticeable Effect Whatsoever.

Proponents of  – We gotta sell beer at ACC sports events in order to survive – pushed for legislation permitting this for Two Reasons….

(1) It might curb the very noticeable drop in on-site attendance everywhere not named NC State and Clemson.  … in other words, folks who used to attend football games will start doing so again despite the fact that – because I can’t buy watered-down over-priced beer there – has never been anyone’s reason for not attending.   So, it won’t curb anything.

(2) It will increase concession revenues.  It won’t to any noticeable amount.  They might say it does but even superficial forensic accounting will expose that BS.  If the amount of beer sold IS a noticeable revenue boost then IT will risk creating the #1 concern that Opponents fear…

Opponents fear that…

(1) Being able to buy beer at college ballgames will surely result in wholesale drunken rioting in the stands.  Women and children will be in grave danger as over-inebriated hooligans will roam the stands leaving mayhem in their wake.

Yes… the same sort of unfettered hooligan rioting that women and children now endure each Sunday at NFL games.  BUT… BobLee, unfettered hooligans aren’t a problem at …..  .  Yeah, I know.


A little history lesson here … 5-6 years ago, college sports observers noticed more and more empty seats at games despite VERY strong TV ratings and other interest-measuring methodology. … So focus groups and brain-storming sessions were held all across The Fruited Plain about What To Do?… What To Do?.

A long forgotten junior staffer in some innocuous college athletic dept said “We need to have More Better WiFi…”.  That immediately became a nationwide mantra …. More Better WiFi … More Better WiFi … More ….

Athletic Directors googled More Better WiFi ‘R Us and spent A Buncha $$$ on Star Wars-esque gizmos that guaranteed More Better WiFi in their stadiums… so NOW…

Coed Susie can text Coed Terri 30′ away to tell her that… Coed Luci is wearing really gross lip gloss.. 

But, alas, the number of empty seats increased.


Plan B was two-fold …. (1) Gotta sell beer in the stadiums … and (2) Shorter skirts on the cheerleaders.

College Sports is now in Phase One of Plan B.   Meanwhile cheerleader uniform manufacturers are hard at work designing the next generation of skirts that are basically dental floss thongs and glitter.

OK, I know what you’re thinking.  BobLee, if you’re so smart, … WWBLD…. What Would BobLee Do?

Not that complicated buddies and babes.  It simply involves answering One Question…


Who is Most Important – The TV Fan … OR … The Galoot Spending Several $100s Attending The Game?


Whatever THAT answer is… design your product to appeal to Him/Her … and “the other guy” can like it or lump it.  Alas, what appeals to one does NOT appeal to the other.

Kickoff Times that accommodate the seasonal comforts of on-site fans DO NOT allow TV Fans to watch multiple games continually from Noon to Midnight from Labor Day thru Thanksgiving. … and vicey versy.

Games in sweltering hot weather should start in the early evening.  Games in cold frigid weather should start during the warmest part of the day.  What part of THAT does College Football not understand?

They DO understand, they simply don’t care.

Oh… and on-site fans HATE those interminable TV Timeouts.  On-site fans don’t care that “lots of commercials” are necessary to have the games on TV that make the Mega $$$ for the conference TV contracts.

TV fans don’t care about commercials because they simply switch to another game… or go pee… or open another bag of chips… or …

The on-site fan twiddling his thumbs and cussing the TV TimeOut guy on the 20 yard line MIGHT be appeased / distracted by the cheerleaders wearing the glittery dental floss thongs… but that has yet to be test-marketed.

I recently discussed all this with my pal of multi-decades Little Ricky Packard – LRP.  LRP played Linebacker for Bill Dooley alongside Burly John Bunting… but up and married a Wuffie-gal (Miss Diane) PLUS he is a Clintonian and  frat bro with “Mr Wuff” Bobby Purcell.  LRP has conflicted loyalties but, like me, is pretty cynical about the whole Hated Rivalry foolishness.

LRP and I played out the following scenario of an NC State loyalist deciding WHAT TO DO with beer being sold within the confines of Carter-Finley Stadium.   If it offends you, be assured that LRP doesn’t care …


”Lets see here… I can walk a coupla 100 feet out that gate over yonder to my Wuff-Red SUV with the 26 Wuff flags flying off of every window and drink my beers and likker and eat my BOJ’ chicken all of which I bought at normal retail prices … OR … I can stand in that line over yonder with all them meth-head yahoos for 30 minutes to buy one beer that will cost me twice as much as that BOJ’ Family Pack AND that case of Coors waiting out yonder in my Wuff-Red SUV… Etc Etc Etc … WHAT TO DO?  WHAT TO DO?”


Will Boo Corrigan fulfill Dave Doeren’s Heart’s Desire … which is, of course, to Lock The Gates at Carter-Finley and Not Let Anyone Out at HalfTime?  I’m betting Boo Won’t Do That.  It’s easier to replace a Head Coach than replace 60,000 fans.

Theres More


OMG… I’ve run outta room and… I haven’t told you what I think about Women’s Soccer and The Nike Shoe Brouhahas.  OK… real quick


Women’s Soccer Brouhaha…

If Megyn Rapinwhozit had JUST NOT SAID “F****** White House” she would been “just another constipated angry Trump-hating Lesbian”.   Lord knows there’s plenty of them.  Yawn.

Her original issue about gender pay equity for USWNT versus USMNT actually had validity.  Go figure … that validity was BLOWN TO BITS when she said  “see above”.

But she DID SAY “F******” and – VOILA – she became a constipated potty-mouthed angry Trump-hating Lesbian.  That ONE WORD caused 50% of America to really Not Like Her & the USWNT a LOT.

There’s a lesson in there.  But that lesson will be ignored… and future such incidents will be forthcoming.

Alex Morgan – AKA… “the Really Pretty Heterosexual Soccer Girl”- said she doesn’t like “Trump” either.  When asked why, Alex said:

“… I don’t know.  That’s what I was told to say or all my angry lesbians teammates will beat the crap outta me… Our team showers are awkward enough as it is without me getting beat up over whoever “Trump” is.”


The NIKE “Betsy Ross Shoe” Brouhaha…

Most of you reading this REALLY don’t like Colin Kaepernick.  I don’t either but I don’t think about him or his ilk all that much.

But this is TOTALLY A NIKE DECISION.  Kaepernick called Whoever replaced Phil Knight and said…

“My Radical Islamo-fascist girlfriend Nessa says I’m suppose to tell you I am offended by some “Betsy something” shoe you are getting ready to release.  So I’m telling you…”.

At that point Whoever Replaced Phil Knight coulda/shoulda said…

“That’s nice Colin, now you and your Radical Islamo-fascist girlfriend Nessa Go Pound Sand.” … But NIKE didn’t say that.

NIKE’s prime market is “Urban Youth”.  That is a euphemism for “Black kids in The “hood who buy $200 shoes endorsed by NBA guys”.   Risking losing 63,000,000 “mostly NOT urban youth” customers was not a risky risk for NIKE.

“Urban Youth” have no clue who Betsy Ross was unless she was that 3rd gal in Destiny’s Child. … You know Beyonce – Kelly Rowland – & Betsy Ross.   You didn’t think I knew about Kelly Rowland did you… and without googling too.  Sometimes I amaze myself.

Posting social media “threats” to Boycott NIKE over this is kinda like a New Year’s Resolution… it might last about a week.  96% of those saying they will Boycott NIKE weren’t buying NIKE stuff anyway.  NIKE knows that.

Wonder what local “NIKE Boy” – Ol’ Roy Williams – thinks about all this.   Ol’ Roy gets paid more $$ by NIKE than Kaepernick does.   Ol’ Roy likely has no idea who Betsy Ross (or Kelly Rowland) is or was.

Ol’ Roy cares a LOT about “Urban Youth” though… at least ones with at least 4-stars.


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