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February25/ 2019

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Other than THAT, Robert Kraft… PLUS +


I vowed I would not post another column until The World went JUST ONE DAY without proving that Charlie Darwin had his evolution theory completely backwards… and his heirs issued a blanket apology to monkeys. Reparations to monkeys for 160 years of implied insults is, thus far, not being discussed. … But I quickly realized I was painting myself into a corner. So, I disavowed…

Lets do a Potpourri column. Tilt the topical cornucopia and see what pours out.


Robert Kraft did WHAT…

Have you and your spouse and/or social / professional acquainti come up with a reasonable WHY would a billionaire with six Super Bowl rings frequent a strip mall massage parlour (wink, wink)?… assuming that Robert Kraft did indeed do so?

If the preliminary news reports ARE indeed true … and Lord knows we don’t just assume THAT any more… do we Mr Smollett?

I don’t feel sorry for Robert Kraft. I am an Actions Have Consequences kinda guy. This action’s consequences are pretty disastrous to 77-years of notable achievements.

Two or three more SB wins will not erase this incident from Robert Kraft’s public obituary. Whether it should or not is another debate. It’s 2019 and all media is Tabloid Media now and there is certainly no shortage of Supermarket Headline Fodder.

I know NOTHING about “massage parlours” (wink, wink) or paying for sexual acts or “human trafficking”… or being a billionaire owner of the most successful sports team of the Millennium.

Palm Beach is a Money Is No Object Enclave where the price of pleasure / perversion is never a concern… but “Reputations” ARE.

Is under-inflating footballs and spying on opponent’ practices a “gateway” to frequenting strip mall massage parlours?  Who knew?

Is it a “I’m bulletproof… I’ll never get caught” thing?  Is it a “high risk” that “WHAT IF I did get caught” thing? I suppose Bill Clinton would know…

Prior to last week’s BREAKING NEWS, a lot of people hated Robert Kraft for the usual reasons “a lot of people” hate anyone who is very successful… especially in sports. The more successful, the more hatred is ginned up apparently.

I’ve never understood that; but I don’t understand Gravity … Electricity … or Oprah’s popularity either. Being “a friend of President Trump” is, of course, an added incentive to hate Kraft for some folks.Bezos

Jeff “Mr. Amazon” Bezos, who is NOT a “friend of President Trump” at all… has also had a recent sexually-related incident. What I don’t know about “massage parlours” (wink, wink) pales beside what I don’t “get” about taking “dick pics”.

I have conducted an unscientific poll of about a dozen acquainti and, thus far, I’ve found NO ONE who “gets it” either. I have NOT polled Prince Albert, JudgeBob or The Bob Kennel on this one.

Lets move on from such YUCKY STUFF…


Chattanooga and The Hundred Years’ War…

I’ve been on a heavy “listen to books” regimen of late. It really helps me disassociate from the reality that The World as I have known it is vanishing faster than (insert something that vanishes really fast).

I’ve found a great crime series set in Chattanooga TN. How many of those can there be? The Harry Starke series by Blair Howard should appeal to those who enjoy Stuart Woods’ Stone Barrington or even Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch. Especially the former.HarryStarke

The PR blurb for “Harry Starke” compares him to Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher??? Harry Starke is as close to Jack Reacher as Harry Potter is to Reacher. Why does every author publicist have to use the Reacher comparison? Harry is a wealthy Private Investigator who gets every gruesome crime that takes place in Chattanooga. There are at least twelve so far…


I’m also into historical fiction with a series by Bernard Cornwell involving an English archer during The Hundred Years’ War between England and France. You may recall a great series about Robin Hood I read last year. This one is similar. I’ve never known much about those centuries. Apparently people did not get along any better THEN than they do NOW… Surprise!


Zion… Zion… Zion ???

Yes, I saw “the Zion Shoe Thing”. I never miss a game where Spike Lee might be, do you? If I was advising Zion, I would advise “shutting down”, leaving Duke and moving back to Spartanburg. Hire a rehab staff and a personal trainer and negotiate a shoe deal.  Regardless he will not be at Duke long enough to know how to spell it you spot him the “-uke”.

I can’t recall even two of Duke’s One & Dones from the past 6-7 years. Not that that should matter to anyone except me.


Baseball Stuff …

I don’t miss not hearing what Manny Machado had for breakfast. Now that Manny is a Padre, his every action is no longer an OMG! The OMGs are now totally “Bryce Harper just sneezed and it sounded like “Philadelphia” or maybe “San Francisco”.

I am sooo over MLB’s Free Agent Crap. I realize MLB pundits have 24/7 to fill with something. I’m just tired of the Free Agent somethings.

The $$$$ amounts don’t bother me. MLB is a multi-billion $$$ business and the best players on Earth should benefit from that. The MLB rules on free agency / arbitration etc need tweaking. I hope level heads can work that out over the next few years. I’m not optimistic that will happen.


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