Blondie: RINOs, Think Tanks and other Things that REALLY SUCK!

March02/ 2019


.March 2, 2019


Think Tanks… YUCK, PTUI!Blondie alone


For my peeps in NC, this is like… … Rabid Never Trumpers John Hood and Rick Henderson leaving the ineffectual Locke Foundation to start a “Trumper- Scoffing” print magazine, ….. paid for by “hoodwinked” (!) sweet, little widda ladies who have been left a lot of money by their capitalist husbands.

How sad this is. It gives me no pleasure to see the grinding down of conservative commentary in America.

For most of my life I have supported, shared and appreciated National Review, Weekly Standard, and The Locke Foundation. They have been contributors to the core of my conservatism. Sadly, they failed to evolve with the times.

The think tank model no longer works. All it does is throw out words that never lead to actions.

True conservatives were sick and tired of incrementally giving in to leftist on a whole hosts of ideas for 4-5 DECADES.

After giving Elected Ones more than enough power to make the changes, they did not.  We took a flier that Trump would make changes and solve problems, instead of just talking about them.

We turned our minds and ears OFF to these so called conservative pundits. We did not listen to their Trump invectives.

Trump won. Trump solves problems. Their business model is collapsing.

All that said it is not surprising that I like this funny piece about odious Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes by fellow North Carolinian John Nolte.

  • You REALLY oughta follow John Nolte on Twitter … @MakesFunOfOthrs

In the meantime, I urge you all to stop reading, linking, liking, sharing and donating to National Review and Locke Foundation or the think tanks in your state.

We have to find better ways and these groups eat up millions of dollars, which is all wasted.

Given the choice of donating to:  (A) “a Think Tank” or to (B) a GoFundMe for Ocasio-Cortez’ othodonture… it’s a toss-up!



Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes to Launch ‘Trump-Skeptical’ Site

John Nolte 1 Mar 2019 Breitbart

Jonah Goldberg, the guy who helped kill National Review, is leaving to launch a “Trump-skeptical” site with StJonah Goldbergeve Hayes, the guy who helped kill the Weekly Standard.


NOTE: This picture of Jonah Goldberg looks like he just received a Be My Valentine insta-gram from CNN’s Brian Stelter”… OUCH! – BobLee


“Trump-skeptical.” You mean like CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, Mother Jones, Vox…?  Yeah, that’s a business plan.

“Trump-skeptical” is basically Never Trump’s version of “bi-curious,” which means Goldberg and Hayes intend to complete the transformation.

National Review must be thrilled to unload Goldberg, a talented writer who has not had anything new to say for three years. We get it, Jonah, we get it — Orange Man Bad and anyone who disagrees is not a true Christian or conservative and– DEAR GOD, MAN, WE GET IT!

Reading Jonah Goldberg is like having a roommate who won’t talk about anything else until you agree to hate his ex-wife as much as he does.



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