BL: Is Laura Ingraham working for The NCDOT?

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February19/ 2018

BL: Is Laura Ingraham working for The NCDOT?

There is so much INSANITY on the loose these days that Andy Warhol has had to reduce his “be famous” time frame to no more than three minutes. I was fully prepared to dedicate the next 48 hours to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham  and wait until Chelsea or Laura IngrahamWhoopi or “Meathead” or Maxine or Michael Moore or PeeWee The Angry Gay Skater or ______ could top “what Laura Ingraham Said”.

What Laura said was sooo stoopid that Sheila Jackson-Lee wants to know who is writing her material

But Nooooo… that would be way too easy. Apparently the STOOPID Olympics are in full swing and the NCDOT has come out of nowhere to possibly snatch “the Gold”.

Or, as today’s title suggests… Could Fox News’ Laura Ingraham be responsible for the In-Yo-Face-State Fans highway signage program? If not Laura, maybe Adam Schiff aka “The Commie Hunter” or CNN’s Brian Stelter.  Talk about two escapees from a carnival sideshow…

ASIDE: This Brian Stelter character with CNN… put aside his terminal Trump-Hate for a second. I know some sorta kinda cool folks who HateTrump with the heat of 1,000 suns. Put that aside… put aside that Stelter is a dead ringer for George Brian StelterCostanza…

Your high school – EVERYBODY’s high school – had “a Brian Stelter”. He was the “kinda strange kid” that even the geeky guys in the A-V Club thought was weird. Whether he “ate boogers” or not, everyone assumed he probably did. He still has acute “climb the rope” terrors from Jr Hi PE… yes, Brian went into a toilet stall to change out for PE. … And don’t even ask about those “two weeks at summer camp”.

I hear Brooke “Boobs” Baldwin once left a rubber snake in Brian’s chair and it required a tranquilizer dart to peel him off the ceiling… Everybody knew “a Brian Stelter” in high school…


Admit it…   You are surprised I think Laura Ingraham’s “shut up and dribble” comment to Lebron James was INCREDIBLY STOOPID? Why?… it was.


I got no love for “King” James. He, Coach “Pop” and Steve Kerr have been off my Christmas card list for a long time… if I had a Christmas card list.

Lebron read his “Trump is an F-in Racist who hates all black folks” comment off the cue card handed to every NBA and NFL player … and then Laura Ingraham made sure 95% of Earth’s population heard it… and her “shut up… and dribble” comment. STOOPID!


OK… lets get to this NCDOT MEGA-SNAFU over those UNC National Champions signs.….

LINK TO … Really Stoopid Highway Sign Idea.

I GUARANTEE if The N&O (are you listening “Damn Dan”?) digs deep enough…

…a 50-ish pudgy pig-faced UNC Tru Blue jackass is involved in this somehow. Pudgy Guy

You all know “this guy” too.

He was Brian Stelter’s only friend in high school. He worships St Dean… He is sure all “State fans” drive tractors… and believes Coach K is Satan’s acolyte. His daddy got him some mid-level do-nothing job with the NCDOT… or maybe Daddy paid for his election to the NCGA from “Some Where” County where he is on some silly committee in charge of Really Stoopid Bad Ideas. It truly doesn’t matter if he is an “R” or a “D”. He is a freakin’loser… and always will be.

He got to sit “in the lower level” for 10 minutes back in 2003 for a pre-season game against the Iceland Olympic team… then an usher made him leave.  He took a selfie as they hauled him out.  He framed it.

That’s the guy that thought putting UNC National Champions highway signs anywhere near PNC arena or anywhere in West Raleigh was a good idea… actually putting them anywhere other than the I-85 Exits to Chapel Hill.  He figured if he could pull this off, maybe at least one UNC coed in the past 30 years would think he was “cool”.

I really really hope “my buddy Chansky” was not involved.  Maybe Deborah Crowder?

Yes, UNC won the 2017 National Championship. No one refutes that. Yes, South Carolina did some signage program for Clemson’s FB NC… maybe for USC Women’s BB NC too. Maybe Idaho and Maine did too… doesn’t matter.

Sticking those signs under the noses of “State fans” was NOT a good idea… it was an AWFUL idea. Every bit as AWFUL as Laura Ingraham’s “… just dribble” comment.   This gives “tone deaf” a whole new meaning!

“Pudgy 50-ish pig-faced loser guy” needs to be found and dragged out to be hung upside from that pedestrian bridge over I-85 at South Pointe. You know the one. Let him dangle for at least three days minimum. Hang him low enough so that every 18-wheeler whacks his pudgy loser body…

So there. If I don’t hear from NIT STAN and Radio Smuggles within one hour from this being posted, I’ll be shocked.

… And not one mention of Baseball.



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