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February19/ 2018

UNCCH Snowflakes in Total Meltdown because …

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What could be more knee-slapping hilarious than a full-scale OMG Snowflakes Meltdown? Don’t even say “kitten videos” or “surfing squirrels”. When the melting snowflakes are over at The University of North Carolina Media & Journalism School… and said meltdown involves A CONSERVATIVE SPEAKER… OMG OMG OMG… it truly does not get any more hilarious.

Said Eeeeevil Conservative is Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. Tucker has been invited to speak at the annual UNCCH MJ School Forum sponsored by The Park Foundation.

ASIDE:  What sub-species of liberal loonies never fails to live down to their most  absurdly ridiculous stereotype?  Is it (1) the hyperbolic race-baiters (Al Sharpton, “Bully” Barber, Maxine Waters, Joy Reid, et al)… or (2) the oh-so-fragile “Snowflakes”?  YouBlondie can vote with your comment below…

Mr Park (deceased back in the 1980s) and his family once owned a bunch of TV stations and generously contribute to both UNCCH’s M-J School and especially to NC State – Mr Park’s alma mater. The Parks are not fire-breathing “crazy right-wingers” at all but several of them certainly are not the Far Left loonie nut jobs that slither about in the UNCCH MJ School.

A bit of background here… it was either 4-5 years ago that The Park Family created a similar OMG over at UNCCH. That time involved an invitation to Fox News’ Dana Perino.  BobLee and I attended Dana’s presentation.

BobLee, being BobLee, was good friends with The Daily Tar Heel Editor at the time. An awesome young lady named Nicole Comparato. Nicole, now an Honors graduate of Univ Miami Law School is a rising superstar with a prominent Downtown Miami law firm… I digress. Should I mention that Nicole was, at the time, a “closet Conservative” which is the prudent strategy around UNCCH, especially around their M-J School… a rat’s nest of left-wing snowflake dingbats.

Nicole regaled BL and me with the anecdote that the Dean of The MJ School, a quite hard-core left-wing loon, had told her staff to “try and be polite” to the Parks (… because we want their $$$… but NOT their opinions) and to Dana Perino “even though we certainty do not agree with their radical politics”. Nicole, of course, DID agree.

Dana’s presentation was quite professional. She knew the lay of the land. Her comments had zilch political references. She talked about her experience as Press Secretary to POTUS George W. Bush… and, knowing Dana, probably anecdotes about Jasper her dog. I have blocked out the Jasper stuff… yawn.

Fast forward to this current OMG – Tucker Carlson Dilemma. The Park Family is well aware of the snowflake meltdown over this. They also know they contribute enough $$$ to invite whoever they damn well please.  NOTE: The Parks are quite probably as dysfunctional as so many mega-wealthy 3rd generation families.

… the UNC M-J school Dean will sit very uncomfortably on stage with her granny panties in a wad trying o squeeze a polite smile thru very tightly clenched teeth. Ya Gotta Luv It!

Tucker may take a few softball shots at his hosts… all in good taste and humor. Knowing, of course, that liberal loonies and snowflakes HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR… making it all the more incredibly marvelous.

There will surely be a mini-gang of obscenity screaming snowflakes outside the auditorium doing what dysfunctional snowflakes do… weeping uncontrollably and holding misspelled protest signs.

Here is the report of the Great J-School Snowflake Meltdown as reported recently in The Daily Tar Heel.


MJ-school announces Tucker Carlson as this year’s Park lecturer, sparking debate

When the UNC School of Media and Journalism announced conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson as this year’s Park Lecture speaker, Twitter exploded. Angry responses poured in from disgruntled former and current students.

Complaints centered around Carlson’s far-right slant. After defending the “It’s Okay to Be White” campaign in November, Carlson was labeled as a white supremacist by many. And once Carlson called immigrants “people who snuck into our country and are demanding rights and money,” many added “racist” to the mix as well.

“With so many journalists doing admirable work to discover and disseminate truth, you select an unabashed propagandist?” Anna Hester (@annachaseunc) tweeted. “This J-school alum is disappointed and ashamed. You can do better.”

Beyond criticisms of his character, Carlson’s editorial role as a cable-news commentator also ignited frustration on Twitter.

“As an alumna, I’m appalled that the journalism school would promote Tucker as a distinguished speaker and model for students,” Ruby (@rubymiene) tweeted. “He is a racist and exhibits no true journalistic principles. Is this where donor dollars are going?”




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