AP: America 2017 is NOT a Bobby Ewing Shower Scene

Bobby Ewing
December12/ 2017

America 2017 is Not a Bobby Ewing Shower Scene

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Is there anyone who does not know the phrase “a Bobby Ewing Shower Scene”? It refers to a famous storyline in the series “Dallas” in which an entire season of episodes NEVER HAPPENED.

The Dallas writers realized they had taken the show’s characters down an unpopular rabbit hole of over-the-top soap opera histrionics. So they went further over-the-top pretending none of “it” ever really happened while Bobby Ewing was showering.

If only we could rewrite America’s recent history so simply. How far back we go to start over is a matter of endless debate.


If you have stumbled in here… just so you know… I am a staunch opponent of The American Liberal rank & file.  I loathe them and everything they purport to stand for.   I appreciate that their contempt for me exceeds mine for them.  yawn…

I see “Liberalism” as a far greater immediate threat to America than Islam and its Jihad. I don’t think much better for Republican politicians. They are only slightly less loathsome than Democrats.

I support Donald Trump with all his flaws… and they are numerous. I am convinced without Donald Trump, America today would be a lost cause. Hillary Clinton following Barack Obama would have already destroyed what slim chance America has to “survive” in these very troubled times.


I’m writing this on Tuesday morning – Dec 12 as…

“The Fate of All Mankind” and of “Generations Yet Unborn” rests perilously in the hands of Alabama voters”… at least according to the insane screeching of the Liberal Media Machine.

I have no respect for anyone employed by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, NPR, et al. My contempt could not be greater.

Watch their eyes to see if CNN journalists are blinking some form of POW morse code – I really don’t believe the crap I’m spewing… please rescue me from this insane asylum.   Perhaps they have a form of Stockholm Syndrome?

Nope and nope… They despise me and anyone like me because “me and we” voted for and support Donald Trump. Nothing that will happen in Alabama today or next November or November 2020 or November 2024 is going to reverse that.  The die is cast.

Ted Baxter

I realize these comical Ted Baxters and absurd Ron Burgundys are mindless sycophants controlled by more insidious puppet masters. But I can’t excuse them. At some point they must be accountable for their actions. “Personal accountability” is a phrase they neither understand nor acknowledge. Which, in no way absolves them.

Enough about them…

You are tired of this 24/7 hand-to-hand political combat. You want it to end.

You want to beat your sword back into a plowshare and tend to your family and to your livelihood. We all do… at least all of us like-minds do.

You want to relax after a hard day of “hunting & gathering” whatever you do be it corporate jungling, small businessing, homemaking and mothering, et al. and be entertained… not inundated by never-ending not-so-subliminal political propaganda.

Remove all politically-motivated activity, subliminal and otherwise,  and we still must deal with Cancer – Alzheimer’s – pure evil for the sake of evil – reverse care-giving – child-raising – bad luck … and last but not least Murphy’s Law. That is a pretty full To-Do list all by itself… Before Political BS is piled on top of it.

Looking back… what we considered “political discord” 20-25+ years ago was trifle. A lot of pontificating, posturing and mindless huff & puff. At the end of the day… The Swamp was The Swamp. 97% of Politicians of both sides were self-serving fops stuffing their faces and pockets at the tax-payer trough.

Administrations came and went… legislative majorities flipped and flopped… SCOTUS decisions were 5-4 … 4-5 … 4-4-1 … with the appropriate teeth-gnashing and wailing from both sides of the aisle. As long as the pork barrels were overflowing what’s a few billions in graft and corruption.

If only we could guarantee 100% political gridlock… if only we could.

“The media” was composed of blow-dried vacuous trenchcoat-wearing clowns and clownettes. We tolerated them; paying little attention unless there was a hurricane acoming.

Dan Rather was a lying sack of crap – Ron Burgundy’s evil-twin except Ron was a harmless fool. The Washington Press Corps were the original “clowns packed into a tiny little car” led by the lovely (?) Helen Thomas. … but who cared. There was no internet. There was no social media.

Regardless of how active YOU are on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. If you, personally, don’t know the difference between “a Friend”, “a Like” and “a Retweet”… Social Media is a very significant factor in the moral and social climate of America.

If you are a stubborn old coot who pooh poohs this Tweety stuff your grandchildren talk about… it IS a significant factor in the social / moral climate of America.  Your participation or not notwithstanding

How it evolves… how it is regulated or not-regulated… what form it exists in 3-5-10 years is A BIG DEAL.

Net Neutrality is a very confusing name for a complex important issue.  I am AGAINST IT.  You should be too.

If you are reading this you have some daily dependence on a computer. You likely have a cellphone which is much “smarter” than you are.

May God have mercy of your naïve soul if you still depend on “a newspaper” for your daily “news”. Regardless of your so-called political leaning, if you still subscribe to a daily newspaper I know the very narrow limits of your awareness.  You have never heard of George Soros, Saul Alinsky, Juanita Broderick or the Obamic phrase “bitter clingers”… or Fusion GPS or Uranium2.

“America 2017” has passed the Point of No Return. Whatever the future holds for this country… what “used to be” America 20-25 years ago is no longer an option.

“America 2017” is not a Bobby Ewing Shower Scene. It has happened… it is happening… it evolves each day… headed to some Great Getting Up Morning By & By…

I am not suggesting you grab your musket and assemble in the town square. I have no right to suggest that.Zombies

The Barbarians ARE at the gate… you only have to decide which side you think are the barbarians.

I am confident in my choice.


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