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December13/ 2017

Step Back Off The Ledge…

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Losing a Senate seat is never a “good thing”.   It was not a “it doesn’t matter” situation. It does matter in terms of getting legislation passed in the US Senate which was already difficult.

For the next year, until after the Nov 2018 mid-term elections, it will be very difficult for ANY new legislation to get passed. The Democrats still do not have enough votes to pass anything, but they can and will block pretty much anything President Trump or Congress tries to pass.

THAT is what Roy Moore losing means… PERIOD

Republicans have not “lost the Senate”…
Republicans have not “lost the South” …
Last night was NOT “a referendum on Trump… and Trump lost”

Last night a very marginal Repub Senate candidate who was severely flawed at best was narrowly defeated by a massive Democratic voter turn-out effort in Alabama. Honestly, I am surprised it was as close as it was.

When “Patton Oswald” rallied all his fans, it was a done deal.  Patton Oswald AND Chelsea Handler… I mean REALLY! Twin Juggernauts of Deep Political Insights…

The Republican Swamp Rats went out of their way to destroy Moore, but he was “a dead man walking” even without their “help”.

That “special election” was necessary because President Trump selected former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General requiring the election / selection of someone to take his place.

One can argue whether Jeff Sessions’ performance as Attorney General has been worth losing that Senate seat. Thus far… no, it is has not.

Had the Republican candidate – Roy Moore – not been so severely flawed, he likely would have won easily. Had the “Establishment candidate” that Moore defeated in the primary been last night’s Repub candidate, he likely would have won easily. Assuming the Democrat / Media smear machine did not come up with plausibly outrageous allegations against him… which they surely would tried to do.

Was Roy Moore “guilty” of the sexual misconduct he was accused of. How would I know? How would you know?  Maybe he “did it”… maybe he didn’t. The nature of the charges involving young girls was “yucky”. It doesn’t matter now.

Roy Moore was a goofy, marginal candidate even without the charges… with them he was doomed. Moore was “a dead man walking” when the charges were first publicized.

Does it matter that whatever Roy Moore might have done was 40 years ago? Yes, it obviously “mattered” to enough voters in Alabama that they did not vote for him last night. If he had admitted he “did it” and the proof was unassailable, would you have voted for him? Neither would I.

Political pundits on all sides will slice this result into itty bitty pieces to PROVE whatever partisan point they are determined to prove.

Chicken Dance

For the next week or so the Liberal rats and their little media mice will be drunken hyenaes doing the chicken dance.

It is who they are… it is what they do. You would not like them if you knew them.

They will chortle and snort and gleefully declare (1) TRUMP LOST IN ALABAMA… (2) TRUMP WILL BE IMPEACHED BY CHRISTMAS… (3) A NEW DAY DAWNS IN AMERICA…

(1) No, he didn’t… (2) No, he won’t be… and (3) the only New Day in America is the one Trump is orchestrating.

Last night’s results will energize those rabid dogs to a fair-thee-well for the next several weeks. I suggest you not listen to / watch them. I recommend you NEVER watch /listen to them. They are disgusting deplorable human beings even when not energized.

What you can absolutely count on from last night is that…

The 2018 mid-term election will find EVERY Republican candidate across the country being accused of “sexual harassment” or some specious allegation of sexual misconduct.  Once these people find a strategy that seems to work they repeat it ad infinitum.

Their media trains their base to have a Pavlovian response to certain trigger words… “racist”… “millionaires & billionaires” … “sexual harassment“.

NOTE: Speaking of repeated strategy… you did notice “the black precincts in Birmingham” were the last to report last night.  Like “the black precincts in Durham” were the last to report when Ray/Roy Cooper magically picked up 10,000 votes on PatMc. DUH! … those are called the Bully Barber 11th Hour  Looky What We Found votes.  Chicago Dems has pulled this voting fraud trick for years… so has St Louis. … It is dishonest, illegal and it is what they do.  Until we stop them they will always do it…

The Democratic smear machine is very well-financed and will do / say ANYTHING to gain control of America. They “don’t play fair”…. They have never “played fair”… They play to win at any cost. They know their base will believe ANYTHING their media tells them.

If “our side” played to win, we would win even more often than we already do.  Albeit, “our base” is a little bit harder to bamboozle than theirs is.

Next year’s election were always going to be the bloodiest hand-to-had combat in American political history. It still will be.

The enemy’s first weapon will be “charges of sexual impropriety” against EVERY candidate. Just the charge will be Front Page News in the liberal media. Once a charge is floated, it is forever stuck to the candidate to disprove a negative… That is the grisly reality of where we have sunk as a civilized society.

It’s no biggie… it’s just the future of America…


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