Most Controversial Playoffs EVER… again.

2017 CFP
December04/ 2017

Most Controversial Playoffs EVER … Again!

It is early December.  You know what that means. Time for 99% of sports fans in America to screech…


WE MUST EXPAND THE PLAYOFFS… to 8-16-32-64 teams.

I notice that the EXPAND THE PLAYOFFS crowd and the PAY THE PLAYERS gang both use the word “OBVIOUS” in all their screeches. Whenever I see the word “OBVIOUS” I know whatever seismic socio-cultural change is being DEMANDED is not… “OBVIOUS”.

There is always another POV but the OBVIOUS gang hopes to stifle that POV by yelling “OBVIOUS”.

I watched most/all the Conference Championship games. I didn’t see anyone “kneeling” which, IMO, was a good thing. There were Winners and there were Losers. When a team, and its fan base, get this far, expectations are high. Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams are rampant.

A coach that loses a Conference Championship game is NOT as popular with his fan base as he was just before that game. Tough business…

Three of The Final Four are “consensus” picks. The 4th one… not so much. I appreciate that the tOSU faithful are not happy little Buckeyes. I think I’ve heard all the convoluted arguments for why Alabama is in… and Ohio State is not. I am pretty sure that no one is going to change their minds because, of course, it is OBVIOUS that their team deserved to be “the one”… and they are probably correct.

tOSU was better than my Wisconsin Badgers. I don’t blame “the damn refs”. I am still proud of “my Badgers”.

Whatever % of Ohio State fans have been programmed to HATE TRUMP probably blame Condi Rice for OSU being cheated out of The Final Four. Condi Rice is no longer on the Playoff Committee but some ABC reporter might have said she was. You know how those ABC reporters play loose with “facts”.

I have, from Day One, been just fine with “Just Four”. I remain just fine w/ Just Four. I love CHAOS and Just Four tends to assure CHAOS.

Originally, I liked Just Four because of “academic reasons” and the issue of Semester Breaks with mid-late December games… and academic eligibility of “student-athletes” who traditionally stop even pretending to be “students” in their final eligibility semester. How could a “senior” who stopped going to class in mid-October be declared “eligible” to play for that school after that semester?

The NCAA recently declared that academics was not in its “pervue” so who cares about academics any more… or really ever did?

There is also the issue of additional rounds of games in mid-December putting burdens on fans to attend those quarterfinal games. Then I realized why should I care about that

IF The Grapevine Gang (without Ms Rice) wants to expand to 8… or 16; I don’t care. I am just fine with Just Four. Some school’s lunatic fringe is always going to be pissed off regardless… that’s how lunatic fringes roll.

Am I the only one who realizes three of the four teams have “Red” as their primary school “color”?  Isn’t “Red” a euphemism for Russians?  OMG!!  The Russians are hijacking College Football too !!! We’re DOOMED!

If Lincoln “The Kid” Riley wins a NC in his first year as a Head Coach at Oklahoma… should he retire?


NC State is going to The Hyundai Sun Bowl in El Paso. As the Sun Bowl Executive Director stated…

“We realize that no one starts their season hoping to be selected to The Sun Bowl”.

I immediately liked that guy. 

I’m sure he was speaking for every NC State fan on Earth. Every State fan that travels to El Paso should get 6 months of All The Lasagne You Can Eat at Amedeo’s.

That goal line fumble vs Wake was probably the difference in which side of The Mississippi, NC State would end up on.

It is “a Bowl Game”… the coaches get those extra practice days to develop replacements for all those seniors… and the players get big goofy sombreros, lots of tacos and a tacky Sun Bowl watch. It is what it is.

The Sun Bowl has been around for 50 years and has a “sort of legitimate” corporate sponsor. This year’s motley collection of goofy bowl corporate sponsors may be THE SILLIEST EVER. “Poulan Weedeater” would hardly break the Top Five this year.

I wonder what Dollar General and some of the others actually pay to be name sponsors?

UNC loonies can’t say anything since they went to El Paso last year… and are going NO WHERE this year.

Meanwhile at The Duplin Winery…

You all know how much I loooove anything to do with “recruiting”. NOT! Several folks sent me stuff about a really stoopid incident (supposedly) involving some woman connected to The Duplin Winery going Bat S*** on Twitter at the kid Payton Wilson who recently switched his commitment from UNC to NCState.

The Duplin Winery gal’s name is Angie Fussell (@heelndpills) whose husband (Dave) is co-owner of the winery. Ms Fussell’s twitter account extols her intense devotion to UNC Sports.

Payton WhiteApparently this Payton Wilson kid (who is a white middle-class kid from Hillsborough for anyone wondering) is a 4-star linebacker. He had “verbally committed” to UNC, but several weeks ago “un-committed” and immediately committed to NC State.

In his “commit to NCState” tweet young Mr. Wilson made a snide uncomplimentary reference to a stereotype of UNC FB fans.

… Being from The Triangle-area he was certainly familiar with local fan base stereotypes.

Ergo, why did he ever “commit” to UNC originally? I don’t know.

His snide jab at UNC fans (supposedly) ignited this Duplin Winery gal who appears to be in her 40s. She (or someone with access to her Twitter account) fired off a quite profane / obscene tweet at Payton Wilson The NC State “commit”.

Oh, have I mentioned that the Duplin Winery gal has “a rap sheet”. As a licensed pharmacist (UNC Pharmacy School graduate) she was once found guilty of some serious drug prescription violations that resulted in her losing her pharmacist license… but NOT her right to tweet stoopid crap… IF the tweet did indeed come from her.

Duplin Winery gal’s husband Dave claims someone hacked her twitter account ergo those obscene comments were not hers. Which is the smart play for Dave… whether it is true or not. Again, I don’t know.

Meanwhile WolfpackNation has, of course, declared a full-scale grassroots boycott of Duplin Winery. Take THAT Duplin Winery Carolina fan gal.

This incident reeks with enough “how come he/she did thats” to qualify as “a Hoot”. A reminder that Charles Darwin might have had his evolution theory backwards. Maybe “the monkeys” should sue him.

In Year One of Bunting versus Amato, wasn’t there a brouhaha involving a highly-rated recruit from Northern Durham that Bunting was sure he had… until Chuck sent over a pizza the night before “signing day” resulting in the kid flipping to NC State. Wonder where that guy is these days?


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