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Debbie Dave
December01/ 2017

Did Debbie “Frau” Yow Do Good?…

Wheel-Fire-Rocks & Twitter

In today’s pre-Apocalyptic World dominated by clicks and view and Ws & Ls, I don’t need to string you out and force you to read deep into this column for “what does BobLee think?” I can tell you up front…

IMO… Yes, Debbie “Frau” Yow did good keeping Dave Doeren aka DD aka DaveWho FromWhere as NC State’s Head Football Coach.

Dave Doeren seems like a very decent fellow.  …His program is certainly improving.  In a business full of thug-aletes, his players don’t seem to be.  …He beat UNCCH the past two years.  …Whatever the $$$ details… who really cares?

For as much as it was up to her and Chancellor Randy and to The NCSU BOT for their rubber stamp… Yow played the game of Coach’s Liar’s Poker as best she could have with the cards she was holding.

College ADs… City Managers… School Superintendents… Baptist preachers… and your son’s Little League coach are going to have vocal critics regardless of what they do.  Deal with it or go do something else.

Any discussion of sports fan knee-jerk reactions in a pre-Social Media world is akin to discussing transportation pre-Wheel… or cooking pre-Fire… or warfare pre-Rock.

Everything changed with the invention of The Wheel… Fire… Rocks… and Twitter.

There were Board Monkeys before there were fan message “boards”; but only their families, next door neighbors and work associates were “blessed” to hear their raging opinions. Now, thanks to Re-Tweets and the ALLCAPS key their outreach is Galactic.

Somewhere in the vastness of WolfpackWorld there IS a goober (maybe even two or three of’em) who is certain sure that Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden had agreed to be Co-Head Coaches for Free and were simply waiting for Frau to call… she never did. Said goggle-eyed goober wants everyone to know that. …

Jim Ritcher

“PR17” was ready to retire to become NC State QB Coach For Life… Torrey Holt will handle the WRs… and Jim Ritcher will leave American Airlines to coach “Centers”. But Frau never called’em.

Around Thursday noon that opportunity was lost…

Dave Doeren will remain as NC State’s Head Football Coach for at least the next five years or until he loses two in a row to UNCCH, whichever comes first.

The financial details DO NOT MATTER. In this era of $36,000,000 Indoor Practice Facilities and $20,000,000 Crisis Management Attorneys… financial details in Big Time College Sports simply DO NOT MATTER.

The Costs of Big Time College Sports mean ZERO to rabid fans.   In the same way that the Dow Jones Average means ZERO to Trump-hating liberals.

The urgency of your team dominating a “hated rival” ranks right beside a spouse or child hovering at death’s door… the world class surgeon tells you there is ONE possibility to save him/her but it will cost….. You don’t even let him finish…


Adding X number of zeros to the NC State Football payroll for Dave and his staff means absolutely NOTHING to any NC State fan. How many of you know what that payroll figure was two years ago… or two days ago… or care what it will be two years from now?

Not a one of you knows or cares.  Nor do rabid fans at any Power-5 school.

Why should you care?  The lights will stay on… the grass will get mowed… the campus trash will get picked up… your alma mater will persevere regardless of how much the Tight End Coach is paid… Trust Me!

IF DD falters i.e. it’s early November and NCSU is still not bowl-eligible… that is “Falter”… Losing two in a row to UNCheats is definitely “falters”… Frau’s successor will get really really nasty e-mails demanding he/she contact Cowher / Gruden NOW…

THEN the buy-out $$$ will get mentioned on local talk shows blah blah yadda yadda… but even then Financial Details Don’t Matter.

Somehow Bobby Purcell cajoles the $$$ from somewhere and the next Era of NC State Football begins… Frau’s name is uttered in vain for “a terrible deal” back in November 2017. Such is the plight of every AD.

Had DD somehow lost last Saturday, we ALL know NONE of this would be happening.  Yes… UTenn would still be a laughingstock but DD would not have been part of that train wreck.

Had DD been 10-2 and headed to a NewYearsBowl6 … then there woulda been at least a dozen Tennessee fans, maybe, on the planet who didn’t say “Who thPaul Cryste Hell is Dave Freakin’ Doeren?” earlier this week.

FWIW… how many UTenn loonies know who Paul Cryst is?  Do YOU know who Paul Cryst is?  I do.

Yes… Dave Doeren “Beamered” Tennessee. He (his agent) used “an offer from UTenn” to get Frau to up the ante.  When Frank Beamer “Beamered” Dickie Baddour, there actually were UNC fans who wanted Beamer at UNC.

Within VolunteerNation neither Peyton Manning nor that she-trainer he mooned twenty years ago could pick Dave Doeren out of a series of five mug shots of DD… Matt Lauer’s favorite nubile NBC intern… Nick Saban’s barber… Commodore Vanderbilt… and Clay Travis.

The Paul Finebaum said he would not know Dave Doeren if he walked down the main street of Knoxville wearing a “I’m Dave Doeren” t-shirt!  OUCH!

The 36 hours that the words Dave Doeren and Tennessee Football were appearing in the same sentence was Twilight Zone material. Did it really happen? …Says who?

On a list of Never Really Happened – But You Think It Did… this “Bobby Ewing Bobby Ewingshower” is right there next to Roy Williams to coach The Lakers… and UNC Found Not Guilty of Anything.


MAYBE there will be a Dynasty Upheaval in The ACC. Sports Dynasties DO end. Ask Nebraska… ask Texas… ask UCLA BB. Maybe Florida State is entering Purgatory… maybe that’s why Jimbo is about to skedaddle…

Instead of just FSU, Florida and Miami diving up Florida’s abundance of semi-literate 18 y/o phenoms… there are now UCF… USF… FAU… and even The Butcher at wherever FIU is.  Maybe Jimbo sees easier pickings in Texas?

FSU slips… Louisville, with Petrino, is standing on a banana peel… Dabo’s and his Six Flags Over Death Valley is not going anywhere; but DD is one Bambard shank (and that laptop!) from thumping “Dabo” so who knows…

Is NCState under DD on the cusp of anointment as a legitimate Top Tier ACC Juggernaut? … Will Silent Sam really go away?

The knock on any NC-based FB Juggernaut has always been too many schools divvying up not enough in-state phenoms. NC is not the phenom gold mine that Florida is. Can DD overcome that?

Will Swofford retire soon… and a new era of “Damn Refs” make critical calls from a different set of orders.

If not… well, there is always that Cowher/Gruden combo just a text message away.


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3 years ago

blah…………….blah. I dare you to post this. You are a thin skinned blow hard with absolutely zero credibility.

3 years ago

Oh the HEADLINES…..and the trivitilation of some…. Senate Republican (after switching John McCain’s meds and implanting a mind control chip) HAVE THE VOTES…..TRUMP TAX REFORM….at any cost… Stock market revels for two days and net worth’s increase. Maybe out to sell on the RUMOR…. General Flynn is NOT GONNA BE IN (the pokey) since he rolled and now is doing his Tweetie Bird imitation. Stock Market Recoils…..down 300 points….but closes within 40 or so points. Net worth’s take a small third decimal place hit. Happy DAYS are still here…but the Prez’s SIL may be on the hot seat… OPPS….forgot about… Read more »

OldWuf Vet
OldWuf Vet
3 years ago

That was a scary 48 hours being thrust in the middle of the Univ of TN social media world. A couple of things I picked up: 1. Vol fans tend to be a little violent 2. Many of them don’t spell well 3. We may be a crazy fanbase, but we ain’t SEC football [email protected] crazy. We must keep our really rabid monkeys locked away. As usual, you are on the money with your analysis. I think it was fairly well played by both sides. Frau gave what she had to and DD didn’t do anything too obnoxious. It’s also… Read more »

OldWuf Vet
OldWuf Vet
3 years ago
Reply to  BobLee

The UT Twitter eruption kinda reminded me of some of the online snowflake outrage incidents. It will be copied by entitled fan bases for years to come. There will be a session at a future AD group meeting “How to Avoid/Navigate a Twitter Revolt During a Coaching Search”. I can almost see the 2 highly paid PR guys doing the PowerPoint.
3 years ago

Maybe they will achieve some sort of significance so that they can hang some banners…

58 Wolf Kennel
58 Wolf Kennel
3 years ago

Shucks, this is classic BL. And enough inside knowledge that he knows what he’s talking about on a broad basis. Elaine and I in California for her last visit with two sisters. Received word on Doeren and wrote Randy and Debbie my appreciation for “maintaining” Coach Doeren whom I’ve always said is an NC State kind of person similar to my old coach Earle Edwards. And this despite the snarky N&O DeCock reporting. I’m well satisfied with the Administration, the team, the coaches, and the direction of NC State. And that’s well beyond the traditional homerism of the day, and… Read more »

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