BL: One Game for a Team… One Giant Leap for a Program!

ND Stadium
October24/ 2017

… Outlined against a blue, gray October sky

One Game for a Team… One Giant Leap for a Program !

The Doerenian Grays meet Destiny.  Who will blink?

…. amid The Echoes?

“Doerenian Grays” ??? What tha….

The Portrait of Dorian Gray is a famous novel (i.e. “book”) by Oscar Wilde published in 1890s. A man named “Dorian Gray” manages to retain his youth while a portrait of him mysteriously Dorian Gray“ages”. It has all sorts of deep philosophical nuances.

For those of the millennial persuasion, a book is a collection of pages with writing on them found in places called libraries or book stores or grandmother’s attic. … “A nuance” is… who knows? A fancy word pseudo-intellectuals use to appear pseudo-intellectual.

Doerenian is a clever play on Dave Doeren (DD). … Grays refers to the new team color i.e. gray of Wolfpack Football uniforms as decided by the players and OKed by Bob Kennel. Ergo… The Doerenian Grays.

No.  NOT as incredible a BobLeeism as Chancellor Chihuahua.   That perfection may never be reached again.

So anyway… The Grays are headed to South Bend for what could be One Giant Leap to Top Ten and a likely trip to The Freakin’ Orange Bowl. The Freakin’ Orange Bowl has eluded Triangle-area hated rivals FOREVER.

Yes, Grobe’s Deacons somehow got there in 2006.  That was such an anomaly that even the long-suffering 8,000 Deacon fans on Earth think they dreamed it. Riley Skinner swears they did go… but he also swears he didn’t send his girlfriend the nekkid selfie so…

I’m sure every little Wuff board monkey on very Wuff fan site has done extensive If A beats B beats C beats D then… that have The Grays playing and trouncing Alabama, Georgia, Penn State, TCU, blah blah and making MaryAnne Fox’s infamous pledge COME ALIVE.

Board monkeys with endless What Ifs are why Muslims will not completely takeover America until at least 2030… or until someone finds a cure for Roy Williams’ vertigo.

That SoCar “L” won’t go away. The FlaSt signature win isn’t so signaturey now… neither is the Louisville W. Good?  Yes, but not Guaranteed Major Bowl Good.

A “W” Saturday will carry weight heading into NOV 4th – Dabo Day @ Carter.

The winner of The Swofford Bowl is not guaranteed a Final Four slot since it will for sure have one “L” and Dabo’s “L” was to a whozit.

Doerenian’s Grays COULD be 10-2 with NO trophy… NO Swofford Bowl and a trip to WhoCares Bowl… certainly NOT Christmas in Shreveport but… anything short of a Real Bowl is “just another bowl” with crappy swag from Best Buy.

If the highlight of this season ends up being But we crushed UNCCheats 68-0 that would be a shame… IMO.   A “W” amid The Echoes this Saturday goes a long way to insuring that outcome not being the case.

NOTE:  If you are going, and you oughta, get to your seat 20 minutes before kick-off.  The entrance of the ND Band & The Irish Guard is Waaaay COOL! 

“THE Victory March” WILL raise the hair on the back of your neck.  It is That AWESOME played by That Band in That Stadium and, of course… Outlined against a blue, gray October sky…

Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame,
Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
Send a volley cheer on high,
Shake down the thunder from the sky.

…a tradition like no other.

Park in the Giant Shuttle Lot north of town and bus to campus.  South Bend knows how to Do Gameday.  Trust Me… Trust Them!  Visit the bookstore… buy a t-shirt… take pics of TD Jesus like EVERYBODY DOES. There is a reason EVERYBODY does it.

Will 10-2… crushing UNCCheats… and a WhoCares Bowl swag bag merit DD getting the Brass Ring Contract? Not my call.

I am viscerally opposed to (1) Brass Ring Contracts and (2) fancy Indoor Practice Facilities and (3) other yucky aspects of Big Time College FB and BB. I do enjoy saying “I told you so” when these knee-jerks backfire on schools that do them. History favors regrettable knee-jerk backfires.

Does 10-2 mean “a real football school” with very deep-pocketed fat cats with blank checks comes after DD? Maybe…

State losing DD would be a God-send to Larry Fedora trying to regain in-state recruiting momentum? DD gone… AND his $36,000,000 IPF to dazzle those semi-literate 18 y/os! Woo Hoo!

Can The Grays get to The OB even with an “L” in South Bend?  Maybe but it will be a much trickier road to travel.

Of BC, UNCCheats and WFU which is the most likely “Trap game”? Definitely BC… with WFU #2.

UNCCH already has a “fork stuck in it” with more forks on the way. Zero scenarios for UNCCH to get within 2 TDs of The Grays on Nov 25th.  Swofford could invoke the legendary 50-0 at The Half Mercy Rule.  Yes, it does exist.

If The Grays beat ND… and beat Dabo… and fall behind BC 0-3 in the 1st Quarter, will some nimrod post FIRE DOEREN?  Sure… a tradition like no other.

IF The Grays lose to both ND and to Dabo… will it somehow be Frau Yow’s fault? Sure… another tradition like no other. Will some other nimrod suggest hiring ECU’s AD Jeff Compher to replace Frau Yow? NO, no NCSU nimrod is that stoopid.

BL..BL… What’s going to happen in South Bend?

Here you go….

Grays jump out to a 10-0 lead. Irish roar back to lead 14-10 at end of 1st Qrt…. Teams trade scores in 2nd Q… Irish lead 21-20 at Half … Irish get 3rd Q KO, driving for score but Grays score on a Def TO… State up 27-21… back – forth – back –forth … 3:00 to go, GrayWolfs down 40-37…

The Drive… Grays have it on Irish 19 with 0:02 to go… Bambard in for FG to tie and send to OT… Snap directly to Bambard… OMG IT’S A FAKE FG… …NO DD NO YOU MORON!

Bambard throws to Samuels in right flat… it’s a race to the pylon Samuels vs two ND DBs “with the angle”.… collision at the EZ pylon… Did he / Didn’t he get in ?? … Official rules TDBUT WAIT… world-record 10-minute wait for Replay Ruling… 80,000 fans holding their breath… twelve different angles inconclusive but…

Ref named Knight, no relation to Jim, rules NO TD – IRISH WIN 40-37. 

Three NCSU fan sites PLUS InsideCarolina all meltdown within 20 seconds.

DD takes responsibility for calling for the FAKE FG… . DD immediately hung in effigy from Bell Tower.

Sunday at 2:00 PM: State calls presser to announce:
Not a Fake FG at all but simply “A High Snap”. DD was protecting his errant deep snapper by claiming he called for The FAKE FG. DD effigy quietly removed from Bell Tower.

But Wait. There’s More….

Grays regroup… Beat Dabo – BC – WFU – crush UNC 68-0.

Win Atlantic / Coastal whichever… Play VaTech in Swofford Bowl.

Grays defeat VaTech for…

First ACC FB title in Modern Era.  OMG OMG

John Swofford has epileptic conniption as he hands Dr Pepper Trophy to DD and Frau.  His congratulations come out “ateghuhzz snort“.  Frau plants a kiss on top of his head.  Little Johnny growls.

BUT, alas, with Two L’s DD’s Grays are denied Final Four ….BUT

Dave Doeren


One team IS wearing Red/White. It’s NOT The GrayWolfs.

Badgers prevail 30-27 in 3OT Thriller.… In post-game presser a teary DD…

… (1) complains, again, about The Carter pass-out policy… (2) flashes the Wuff finger thingy then…(3)  I’ve never been prouder of any bunch of kids I’ve ever coached. 

When team charter lands at RDU, DD is NOT with them  Uh Oh!  A NCSU team spokesman makes terse announcement…

Coach Doeren did not return with us.  He and his family departed Miami International on a private G-550 bearing a GO RAZORBACKS logo.  We have no other information at this time.  We ask for the prayers of WolfpackNation in this time of great concern…


Three NCSU fan sites PLUS InsideCarolina melt down.   Again!

… a tradition like no other.


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