AP: ..Those Crazy Black Women ! If I only had a nickel…

Frederica Wilson
October22/ 2017

AP: ..“Crazy Black Women” ! If I had a nickel for every time…

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It happens every time the Democrats send out one of these CBWs (Crazy Black Women) like Pauxatawney Phil on Groundhog Day. I start getting calls, emails, texts and even show ups at the front door…

“AgentPierce, where do they (Democrats) keep getting these Crazy Black Women? …. If it isn’t Mad Maxine Waters… it’s Sheila Jackson Lee… and now this latest screeching loonie… some “whack job in a silly hat” from Florida named Frederica Smith Wilson.

Ms Frederica Smith Wilson represents Florida’s 24th Congressional District. Florida’s 24th is notorious as….

…the most heavily Democratic district in both Florida and the entire Southeastern United States. … Bet you are SHOCKED!  … How does one say “Gerrymander” in Floridian?

That answers the inevitable question… who votes for these nutjobs? Same voter demographic that keeps electing the afore-mentiond Maxine Waters (D-South Central LA) and the irrepressible Ms Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Houston TC).

… nothing ever changes in their districts EXCEPT their elected representatives seem to prosper. Uuummm.  Apparently the constituents don’t care.

Another question I keep getting (WHY do people think I know ??) is … “How come these CBWs all look so BIZARRE?”

Personal appearance is “personal” and there’s no accounting for what “look” an individual choses to project. I have had a beard for 40 years. Lots of folks get tattoos these days. Some, I hear, opt for nose rings, etc.

Apparently Ms. Frederica Smith Wilson – a.k.a. this Florida CBW – has over 100 of those bejeweled cowboy hats. They are her trademark. Go figure…

Q: AgentPierce; do the mover/shakers in the Democratic hierarchy “approve” of these quite bizarre people representing “them”?

A:  The Democ hierarchy does not think of “The CBWs” representing them. They are “special”.  So “special” none of’em ever get invited to Nancy Pelosi’s DC mansion for tea.

For going on 60 years the Democrats have “used” African Americans as “cannon fodder” to create disturbances and generally go around “pissing in any punchbowl” they find. These ridiculous Crazy Black Women are just the latest rendition of that time-tested strategy.

They turn’em loose to “do what they do” for a week or so.  Then round’em up and store’em in a rubber room in one of Marion Berry’s old “party houses” in Anacostia.

The Dems official name for it is “Turn Loose The Clowns”.  Talk about “clowns’… remember Mayor Berry !!!

It usually works because “the media” also sees these loonies as great B-roll video. Just stick a live mic in their face and let’em SCREECH and Howl.   If they come dressed as “Moms Mabley Does Phyliis Diller” all the better.  They usually do.

Q:  Does it ever occur to the CBWs that they are promoting a stereotype of over-the-top nutjobs?  Frederica Wilson

A:  If that did occur to them… Who cares? They get lots of media coverage and their constituents back home cackle and hoot. “Cackling and hooting” is apparently “a good thing” in their culture.

Q:  Will we see more CBWs?

A:  Absolutely.  A left-wing casting company in Hollywood has reps constantly scouring malls and such for CBWs… and CBW wanna-bees.

A special costume shop has racks of outrageous crap that Dolly Parton wouldn’t wear on a bet. CBWs love it.

Since Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey shut down last year… all their Clown wardrobe and make-up had to go somewhere… doesn’t it?

I did an earlier column about Maxine & Sheila J-Lee. Everything I said then still applies…. LINK.


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