Is Bill DeWitt selling the ballclub to…

St.Louis Cardinals owner
July27/ 2017

Is Bill DeWitt selling The St. Louis Cardinals to…

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Gotcha ….  I am an expatriot St. Louis Cardinals fan 850 miles away (Raleigh NC). Via, I watched 152 Cards games last season. So far, this season I am at 98 out of 101 and counting.

If I haven’t seen EVERY 7th, 8th, 9th inning collapse, I haven’t missed more than one. I’ve seen Cecil and Oh get whiplash from watching all their gopher balls leave various ballparks. OUCH… OUCH!

In a perfect world my St. Louis Cardinals win every game. From following baseball for A LOT of years, I know they will lose “around 60-70 of 162 games” in the best of seasons. “That’s baseball”.   Pro teams’ winning %s such as the NE Patriots and Golden State Warriors simply cannot happen in a sport where happenstance rules..

I enjoy watching “baseball”, especially St. Louis Cardinals baseball, to escape from the increasingly toxic sturm & drang of America 2017.

Three-hours watching baseball – even a Cardinals late-inning collapse – is a relief from “the news” regardless of one’s choice of news media.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is frantic to shave seconds off of the length of MLB games. How many short-attention span millennial fans has that intentional walk rule brought MLB? The Elias Sports Bureau can tell us, can’t they?

I say INCREASE the length of games. Regardless of the outcome it is time better-spent than any real-world alternatives.Fly Fishing

Other than fly-fishing on the Snake River with dozens of my favorite audiobooks and DVDs of Road House, Lonesome Dove and the last four innings of “Game Six 2011”. I NEVER get tired of re-watching that… do you?

Many of you BFIBs are very constipated BFIBs these days. You take every Cardinal loss personally and intensely. I don’t.

After a loss, I mutter “Aww crap” and go to bed.

After a win, I exalt “Cards Win… Cards Win” and go to bed.

After Grichuk’s walk-off HR on Opening Day versus the Cubs; it’s been one disappointment after another. For every sliver of hope there have been 4-5 late-inning kicks-in-the-teeth.

So here we are (Thurs) at 50-51 – the Dreaded “Chance to be .500” AGAIN.  A BFIBer version of “Lucy & The Football”.

When “just get to .500” is a late-July goal, are we the freakin’ Padres or The Cardinals by golly?

OF COURSE:  “Our Cardinals” are doing considerably better than:

The Most Successful MLB Team This Millenium… The San Francisco Giants.

The Giants, with Bruce “3 Rings” Bochey in their dugout, are 23 games under .500. OUCH!…

The SF Giants spent bazillions on Free Agents last year to be 23 games under .500 today.

Giants GM Bobby Evans is one sharp “wheeler-dealer”, huh?

Wanna trade “former catchers now managers”?

Where would the Giants be with Matheny?

Where would the Cardinals be with Bochy?

Do we want Bobby Evans or Mo making Blockbuster Trades?


Have you heard a rumor that:

Bill DeWitt is offering to sell the ballclub to either…

Stan Kroenke or Bill Bidwell?

(Just Kidding!)


 A reminder that… Any situation can ALWAYS get worse.


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